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This is a very differnt hike than I have ever done in all my years. It was absotlely gorgeous.

We did the Narrows Hike at Zion National Park in November. The temp was about 55 degrees. comforatble hiking weather. The river is also that temp which is cold!

We rented dry pants and conyoneering boots from Zion outfitters... that was a mistake. Their equiptment does not keep your feet dry. Our feet were numb a few miles in.

We learned we should have rented from Zion Guru by La Quinta Inn as thier dry pants are fully connected to the sock/ foot part keeping everything totally dry!

If this were middle of the summer, it may have been a different story. Your feet should stay cool no matter what season as the river stays cooler but if you don't care about having wet feet in the summer, go for it. You may even opt out of dry pants in the middle of summer but bring wooden walking poles and conyoneering boots. they grip the rocks well! (these can all be rented).

We used long wooden walking poles which were very helpfull navagating the above knee parts of the river so we didin't slip and fall in. Most poeple used them, some did not.

Some poeple brought kids in that elementary school age. I would if it was one adult to one kid ratio. Same with older adults. I wouldn't bring an older adult that has any balance issues or is even a little unstable physically.
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加利福尼亚尔湾27 条分享
This is by far one of the most amazing experiences ever. I’ve been to many hikes, but never have I hiked through the river. I highly recommend visiting during this time because you can see little icicles on the cliff sides. However, you will need the proper gear because without dry bib, hiking staff, and waterproof hiking shoes, you aren’t going to get too far. I also recommend going at 7am to catch the first shuttle up to the temple. The river’s current and height picks up a lot during the after noon and the morning isn’t as crowded as the afternoon. The whole visit will take 6 hours+ so make sure you have a full day available! I would definitely come back here if I’m in Utah again!
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶153 条分享
2022年11月 • 好友
4th time visiting the narrows and will keep coming back. The magic of Zion np changes with each season and each time coming back is as if you are visiting a new park. Make sure to rent the gear outside the park and bring enough for at least 4-6 hours hike!
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Michael C
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Such a beautiful section of Zion. It can be challenging but tons of fun. Definitely a place worth visiting while at Zion.
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Super promenade les pieds dans l'eau ! Très Jolie paysage !

Nous avions loués des bâtons et des chaussures à l'entrée du parc (attention ce n'est pas donné .. ). Les enfants ont adoré l'expérience ( Mes deux filles sont tombées à l'eau, fou rire garantit ! )

Par contre nous sommes partis tôt pour éviter la foule. Peine perdu, à 7 heures du matin, le parc était déjà noir de monde, (j'ai trouvé qu'à notre retour à 11h00 il y avait un peu moins de monde ... )

Tout le monde c'est quand même super bien amusé, je recommande !
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Mia V
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2022年9月 • 家庭
So beautiful, every one needs to see God's creativity . We rented the boots and thermal socks, the hike is not bad at all , I had lower back surgery and thought I was in over my head lol but I DID AWESOME.
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John H
马萨诸塞波士顿85 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We began our Zion exploration somewhat disinterested in hiking The Narrows. It would have been a huge regret had we not changed our minds. The evening before we rented water shoes, neoprene socks, and walking staffs from Zion Guru so we were ready to head out first thing the next morning. The air was chilly so of course we were concerned the water in the Virgin River would be freezing. Nope. The water temp was fine, even when it got deep.

We began our hike by thinking we’d walk in for an hour and see how we felt. We ended up walking up river for three hours. The scenery was unbelievable, and it was like looking at a new vista every single time we turned a corner. After three hours in we stopped for a brief break, had some protein, and began our hike back out. Because we were now walking with the river’s current we hiked out in just over two hours.

What a great way to spend the first half of a beautiful day. The Narrows is such a unique hike, and while it’s important to look down to watch where you’re stepping, you have to stop and look up because it’s so gorgeous. The water shoes and walking staffs made all the difference as some portions of the hike you feel like you’re walking over wet bowling balls.

If you are in Zion we would highly recommend hiking The Narrows.
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Bonnie D
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On October 5th, myself, 67 yrs old, my friend, also 67 and my nephew, 38 yrs old, hiked The Narrows. It was a sunny day, water temp was 57 degrees and the flow rate was 47 CFS. Took the shuttle around 8:15am, which was nearly empty. Rented socks, boots & pole and stepped into the water a little before 10am. Water didn't feel all that cold. In fact it felt good after walking 1 mile in the neoprene socks & boots! We hiked past the fork to Orderville Canyon and continued into Wall Street. As the walls got taller and it got darker, there were less and less people. Very cool! We ate a snack and headed back. I am 5'2" and the water was mostly lower than knee height on me. A couple of times it reached mid or high thigh but only briefly. There were 2 or 3 spots where the current did it's best to knock me over but if you go slow, use your pole, and keep a wide base of support, you should do OK. I saw a couple people fall in but they just popped back up & kept going. I was nervous about doing this at my age, but it was actually way easier than I anticipated. And the best part is that you can turn around and head back whenever you want. I highly recommend this hike & it was 1 of the high points of my vacation!
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西班牙科尔多瓦665 条分享
Hicimos esta excursión porque no nos tocó la lotería en el Angel's Landing, y la verdad, que nos lo pasamos muy bien. Es verdad que hay mucha gente, pero se puede ir bien y hacer fotos adecuadas. Importante llevar buen calzado, porque estás casi todo el rato caminando por el agua, así que atento por donde pisas. Llevar mochila con avituallamiento de agua y comida. Por tiempo, solo estuvimos algo más de 5 horas ida y vuelta. Llevar ropa y calzado seco en el coche para cambiarse.

Este parque es espectacular, desde el acceso por la carretera del este, hasta las diferentes rutas que puedes hacer. Merece la pena quedarse una noche o dos por la zona.
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乔治亚亚特兰大227 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Definitely get the boots and pants!! With those, we were really comfortable.

Not intentionally (but gratefully), we got the best part of the day. 12-3pm. The sun was shining on us most of the time (or at least lighting up the river well.

We went to the split and back in about 3 hours.

The crowd quickly thinned out.

October was a great time to enjoy this hike!
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