Emerald Pools

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Richard N
英国斯特劳德372 条分享
2023年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We went on a steaming hot day in July with temperatures well over 100F. We decided to walk to all of the pools, Lower, Middle and Upper and were proud of ourselves for the effort put in.

After starting out fairly consistently, at higher levels the path becomes very rocky and when we were there, sandy. I'd imagine it can get muddy, and it's certainly busy but each Pool in their own right offer fantastic views and superb scenery.

For me its worth the effort and well worth going to all the Pools, not abandoning your walk after the Lower one.
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nj160 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
It was extremely muddy when we did this trail, the middle pool has nothing to see really, the lower pool was much better. Enjoyable trail overall but not the middle pool.
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29 条分享
2023年6月 • 好友
This trail is just not worth it. There are so many great views and experiences in Zion and the hike to the lower pools was a mere trickle of a water fall into pools that were in no way "emerald." We went to the middle pools and it was a glorified puddle. We didn't bother going the extra distance to the upper pools.

We went in the heat of the day, after already doing Angel's Landing, so perhaps that's one reason why this trail was such a disappointment, but I really don't get why this trail continues to be popular at Zion.
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Grover R
佛罗里达彭萨科拉18,030 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
When people talk about how amazing Zion is, Emerald Pools is a perfect example because anywhere else this would be a nationally recognized natural experience but here it does not even crack the top 10. If you stay at the lodge this is a great part of your stay as the trail starts there.

We started as a large group, but part of our team left to hike Angel's Landing while the other part hiked all the way to the top waterfall. I was in the AL group, so we turned around after reaching the top of the first waterfall which was amazing. It really is cool to hike behind the waterfall. Also, we were lucky to see it with so much water after a significant rain as well as just being opened after being closed for ice the week before.

It can be wet and muddy so be prepared for that. In the winter it can also be impassable for ice. In addition to the waterfalls that are the main attraction here, you also get incredible early morning views of the canyon. All in all this is a great hike next to the main lodge that offers something for everyone, regardless of hiking proficiency.
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英国伦敦516 条分享
2023年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Took stop 6, starting point, which takes you along the Kayenta trail. It had just rained so parts were ‘muddy’, the hike is enjoyable but just too many people and groups (who seemed to have right of way), so we just kept stopping. We didn’t complete the hike as enjoyed what we had done and could see more crowds ahead.
Steep drops, no rails, rocks, big and small to walk over.
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德克萨斯州达拉斯430 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
To access any of the Emerald Pool hikes you need to start at shuttle stop #4, Court of the Patriarchs or #6, The Grotto since the #5 stop and bridge to Emerald hike was not open in May. The bridge will need extensive repair (what we were told), so check with a ranger or the Zion website about access.

We started at the Grotto and walked a portion of the Kayenta Trail to Middle and Upper Emerald Pools. The hike itself was enjoyable and looking at the incredible canyon walls and watching how high we progress was fun. The challenge was the crowds. Many times we were in a line hiking up or down and that just isn't fun. We would try to stop and wait for a gap so we could be alone for a short while. The pools themselves are not really green and not much to see, I didn't take any pictures of the water. The path is a combination of sand (like beach sand and harder to walk in) and rocks.

Be careful if you decide to do any semi rock climbing or take photos by the mini waterfalls. There was a park ranger at Upper Falls completing her daily hike to check for people who have hurt themselves and might need assistance.
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俄亥俄哥伦布88 条分享
2023年3月 • 家庭
This was probably my least favorite hike at Zion. The pools and waterfalls are pretty but there were just way way too many people on the trail. Standing there blocking traffic. In the way. The whole lower to upper pool trail was packed.

The middle pool trail is steeper and less traveled. That was the only part of the hike that was somewhat peaceful (though very muddy).
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Fort Atkinson1,199 条分享
The night before it snowed, the type of 30-35 degree snow that sticks to trees, shrubs, rocks and facilities outlining all in a feathery white. While the hike, which can be divided into portions of lower, middle and upper, is serene in most circumstances, it was magical for a few hours before it melted by noon. Do not try the hike in tennis shoes with the trail covered by snow, ice and mud. Pictures worth a thousand words, but you'll have to imagine since TA chokes on any photo I try to upload.
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捷克共和国Sokolov33 条分享
2022年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful mature spring spa. Three pools, but only in Emerald you can swim.the rest two are closed. Blue is too hot (50 Celsius degrees) and Crystal is without access. Emerald pool is mostly used by local people, so it was, in time of our visit, little crowded.
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田纳西查塔努加2,885 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
After checking in at Zion Lodge we walked across the street to walk the Lower Emerald Trail. It was a short easy trip along a paved walkway. The waterfall was more like a trickle but that could have been due to us visiting in the fall. We had a little bit of time before it got dark and this was a nice way to spend that time.
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