Pensacola Beach East Dog Park

Pensacola Beach East Dog Park(彭萨科拉海滩)

Pensacola Beach East Dog Park
2-3 小时
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佛罗里达彭萨科拉8 条分享
Dogs are required to be ON LEASH at all times.
It's a beautiful area to bring your dog! Unfortunately dogs are required to be on the leash. This can obviously be difficult and dangerous if you'd like your large breed dog to swim or, I don't know, run?

I would try Bayview dog park in Pensacola proper or the Shoreline Bark Park in Gulf Breeze. These are fenced in off leash parks, where your pup can enjoy the water :)
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Alabama444 条分享
Nice area to allow dogs to play in sand/water; small area; supposed to be on leash only
Rules are all dogs on leash. This was not followed the Sat. I stopped at beach while in the area. Dog stayed with humans. I went to outer boundary to avoid the dog. Small area but was nice for my dogs to experience the sand and ocean for first time. Easy access.
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Lyle B
3 条分享
A nice little place for pups to go in the ocean (leashed)
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a dog beach, not a dog park. It’s not fenced in and is part of the national seashore/park, so like every national park dogs need to be leashed. It’s a place families can go and bring the dog to play in the water and get some sun. I know everyone’s dog is “friendly” but not everyone wants your dog running around throwing sand all over their belongings, trying to steal their food and not to mention a liability issue if your dog bites someone. I know some rescued dogs get frightened easily, so it’s for their safety as well. So please stop giving this place a negative review because the dogs need leashed. I would love for it to be leash less, but I’ll take what I can get. Also, be a decent and respectable human and clean up after your dog. If we all did that, maybe we could get more space.

Now getting off my soapbox, it is a little small and they could have definitely made it larger with the amount of undisturbed beach available. The sand and area are beautiful. It does get crowded at times so that does get a little annoying but hey, it’s the beach. There are a lot of other places you can walk your dog if it’s too crowded for you. Just make sure to bring your pup some extra cold water and some shade and have fun! 😎
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Brooke K
宾夕法尼亚McCandless11 条分享
Like the east beach better than west beach
2020年7月 • 家庭
We liked the east beach better than the west one due to there being less people on the east. The space to take your dog is small but due to lack of people it really wasn’t that bad. We still had lots of room. We also liked that it was a shorter distance walk for our stuff and the dog than the west side. There are people who don’t know how to clean up after their animals despite poop bags being there but it was mostly in the dunes. I never stepped in anything on either beach.
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佛罗里达圣彼得海滩13 条分享
A dog beach by and for people who hate dogs
This isn’t a dog beach; its a testament to the petty, short-sightedness of Pensacola beach leadership more interested in fining its visitors for the high crime of enjoyment than providing actual useful amenities for people who pay to visit. This is a tiny area between two signs where you are allowed to bring a leashed dog. Pensacola beach is a massive, ten miles long stretch of beautiful white sand. But the city administrators can’t find it in their tiny, shriveled hearts to grant more than a 300 ft parcel of untouched, uninhabited beach to folks with fur babies.

You can’t even let your dog off the leash, so dogs are basically just lunging at toys and other dogs, frustrated, while their equally frustrated owners lurch around apologizing for their frustrated dog’s attempts at playing. During the twenty minutes we were there, the lifeguard truck drove slowly past, ostensibly to ticket any dog owners who dared let their dog swim or frolic leash-free on the beach with a $125 fine, because saving actual lives isn’t profitable. We will never return to this part of Florida.
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Samantha W
1 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
I’ve been around the east coast traveling with my family and our young dog and every other place has many beaches that you can have your dogs and none of them were nasty or dirty. This is crazy it honestly makes me think less of the whole area. Will never come pack near Destin, Navarre or Pensacola. It’s like this whole area hates dogs lol. Would have been a little better if the dog area wasn’t so small and wasn’t in the least desirable part of the beach.
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印第安那科科莫56 条分享
Small but Very Nice
2019年10月 • 家庭
The dog area is small and gets crowded easily. I wish it was bigger, but I am grateful to have a pet friendly area for my pup. People were very friendly, and everyone was following the rules. The beach was clean and of course, beautiful. If it was a bit bigger and had a water fountain, I'd give 5 stars.
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Ashlea B
阿拉巴马凤凰城186 条分享
Beautiful, Clean Dog Beach
The beach was beautiful, lots of fur babies, very clean. We had a wonderful day enjoying all that Pensacola has to offer with our 2 babies. The only down side was the flies. They were biting and we couldn't stay as long as we would have liked.
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Lori H
21 条分享
Appreciate Being Able to Include my Furbaby at the Beach
Anyone who has visited the panhandle of Florida before knows the beaches here are absolutely gorgeous. Most beaches are not dog friendly so I most definitely appreciate the fact that Pensacola Beach has two dog friendly beach areas. I do agree with other reviews that the area designated for dogs is not very large, but in my mind it is better than nothing at all and it is nice to be able to take my dog with me for a walk and time by the ocean. A lot of people do not follow the rules and keep their dogs on a leash but for the most part I think everyone is respectful of one another and keep their dogs under control. We went on a Wednesday around noon in late August and there were actually quite a few people and dogs at the beach then. Again, I'm thankful to get to include my four-legged baby in an activity that I really enjoy and hope they will continue to provide this beach area for pet-owners.
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Chris A
阿拉巴马伯明翰135 条分享
Could be bigger
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Great beach and perfect for dogs but it’s not very wide. There are signs posted to let you know when the dog area has ended though. Unfortunately, nobody follows the rules and there are tons of dogs off-leash.
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