NBC Dive & Watersport
NBC Dive & Watersport
滑翔伞 • 潜水与浮潜 • 乘船游览 • 滑水橇&水上摩托

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澳大利亚4 条分享
2023年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Do not go or you will be ripped off!
First day in Bali and our driver took us to NBC as a great recommendation. Arriving at very eerie, run down and questionable establishment, we had to pick the activities we wanted to do for the day by pointing to the photos and the operator advised whether it was possible or not and concluded with a total price. Unfortunately being overwhelmed and trusting our driver we agreed to the price and paid without actually working out the conversion to rupiah. For not even 3 hours we partook in Parasailing (approx 5 mins air bound) went sea walking (no safety standards or procedures whatsoever) and had a very pleasant trip to turtle island where we were led to believe that the animals are well looked after by volunteers (repeatedly reminded that it was run by volunteers and that we should spend money to but their merchandise) The animals were sad and some in poor heath with horrible enclosures, over crowded and some over fed for entertainment to the point that the food was coming out of the other end unprocessed. All of this magical adventure for such a short time for an outrageous 2.5 million rupiah per person!!! $250 aud each!!
Although I should mention that lunch and showers were included….. a toasted chocolate sandwich and bottle of water and the most disgraceful state of so called bathrooms (I wouldn’t even wash an animal in) Thanks for ripping us off NBC and driver Sudi - we will not be back. Travelers beware!!!
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澳大利亚阿德莱德2 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We really wish we had seen the reviews before we went. Our driver took us there, so we didn't know what to expect. We wanted to do the sea Walker experience and decided to do a couple of other activities as well. They wanted $300 which was their 'highly discounted' rate. We now know this was very expensive. We can accept paying too much for a fantastic experience but the Sea Walker experience was unsafe, unpleasant and regrettable, We had enough after about 5 min. It's a small man made structure with mostly dead coral placed on it. The weather was really choppy and the water was murky. It was dangerous trying to hold on with the movement of the waves. If you fall sideways, you will sink and water will fill your helmet. It was in an area with lots of boats passing by. They didn't really seem interested in our safety. They fed the fish white bread which is really bad for fish, which annoyed me. We came back to shore, told them we were unhappy and refused to do the other activities (concerned about safety risks with the other activities and did not trust them). It took awhile to get them to refund some of our money, they still wanted us to pay $200 for that crap experience. Eventually we got $200 back. In short, don't use this company.
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Traveled with family and the company stole our phone and then demanded over 100 american dollars for a phone that was completely disabled. Overly priced beyond belief and just not a good staff. Do not recommend, not worth the money, and everything isn't safe.
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澳大利亚Macleod35 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
Stay away from here. Don’t waste your time. I got 2 x15 min JetSki for 600 rupees. Waisted my money and time .
First the guy gave us a dodgy Vest I asked him for a better one. He said they don’t have any others. I insisted and I said fair enough I won’t let my wife use this Vest with hand made knots. He was not happy. Went back an got a proper one from the same racks.
The trust was broken then and I should have gotten back. My driver referred me to this place . Not a good idea.
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印度尼西亚雅加达33 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
If you’re traveling with young children, never book with this provider. They said they provide pick up, but I need to wait 45min in Sanur Harbor from Nusa Penida bcos they just told the driver to pick us up at 9 and we arrive at 9. This happened despite the reminder wa that’s been sent the previous day and in the morning. The whole day that day was not good either! Very bad provider! They only care about money!
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Catherine M
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Comparing the reviews here - we had a Bali driver https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g297694-d4326488-Reviews-Safe_Bali_Driver_Ketut_Suwenda_Day_Tours-Denpasar_Bali.html who knew the people here and got us a deal exactly half what competitor packages had.

Ketut stayed with us for the morning we were there and we had a brilliant time with parasailing, jetpacking (COULDN'T RECOMMEND IT MORE) and the fly fish ride was thrilling.

I'm sorry for the people who had a bad experience - would def recommend Ketut as agency if you need assurance - he's a brilliant driver, tour guide and host if you want to see Bali but don't know how to make an itinerary.
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美国1 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
















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澳大利亚卡尔古利138 条分享
2019年9月 • 家庭
Took my wife and her son to do an introduction dive and a dive for myself. The dive master talked through the safety brief I had to explain a lot of things that they glossed over. When we got out to the intro site they had my wife suit up and then tried to push her over board she had a panic attack and backed out her son got in and we had a dive to 5 meters. We went back and had a break then a 5 minute parasail at $125 US THAT IS A RIP-OFF. We then went for my dive and IT WAS BACK TO THE INTRO DIVE SITE. We went about 100 meters and swam back to the intro dive platform. On the way I had to get the dive master to stop and take photos of what I wanted he then lost his tank from the BCD so not a good look. Seemed to be more interested in getting it over will and back to his mates for a smoke. The cost went from the quoted amount $450 to $625 so BS quotes. DON’T TRUST THESE GUYS
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2019年9月 • 好友
Hi there ,
We threw friends been there and their agents give us quotes of $700 USD they after some negotiations they settled for $500 USD and we did activities there. When we met other tour agents we got $200 USD quote for all that activities. Don’t go to NBC they are like thief never recommend.
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Abdulhameed Q
5 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
لا تروحوله سعره مبالغ فيه
والغوص تعبان جدا اقل من ٦ متر وتقريبا ١٠ دقايق مافي لازمك ولا مرجان ولا اي منظر
انا غواص وهذي كانت اسوء غوصه ليا
بالنسبالي ما انصح فيه ابداً
ما احط في دمتي بس اتوقع السواق ياخد عمولة
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