Old Grove Farmstead
Old Grove Farmstead
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Liam V
1 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
the place is 10/10 easy! the food though is very sad. the carbonara is tasteless. We requested for MR for brazilian stake and it came as Congratulations! meat is super well done and chewy. I had to give my feedback to the desk cause i love the place. but the food should be better. I wanna go back cause my kids love the place.
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Jayjay Gaerlan
16 条分享
2023年4月 • 好友
Overnight stay is great if you want to relax and recharge. You can swim in the pool, eat S’mores while watching a movie outside, and enjoy their delicious buffet breakfast. Mornings is best for feeding the sheep and ducks, too. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. My dog had part 1 of his birthday celebration there as it’s a pet-friendly resort. We had a great time!
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Francis T
菲律宾马尼拉7 条分享
Not as nice as it was before. Was here also last december 2022. They give u something different than what u order. When u eat at the buffet you cannot get the food yourself it's like they're very hesitant to hand out food. The place doesnt look that nice anymore, not maintained anymore. There are enough parking slots for those who rent cottages but they let cars occupy 2 slots and tell u to park in the restaurant which is very far from your cottage. Not that many sheep anymore like before. aircon still a problem with the rooms.
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Czar Emmanuel
菲律宾马尼拉6,246 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
This 5-hectare property opened only in 2018. But now it has become one of the favorite destinations not only for pre-nup pictorials, but also for those seeking a quiet place away from urban centers.

The place is actually a farm, with vast well-landscaped gardens, a fishing pond, a swimming pool, huts, cottages, a restaurant, etc. As expected, there are farm animals (like sheep, ducks, fowls, other birds, and even snakes and a crocodile).

For visitors, reservation is required. There are packages to choose from (whether it's visit + breakfast, visit + dinner, overnight stay, and so forth). Some may find the price a bit high, but considering the size of the property and the number of people necessary to keep it clean, neat and running, the price is justifiable. Besides, you'll get a very good treatment and enjoy good food and service at the Harvest Café.

Roaming around this place gives you the sensation of being in the Netherlands, more or less (minus the Dutch climate, of course). It's got a windmill, a big red barn (which is actually a function room), lots of greenery, wooden huts for overnight stay, etc.

The only problem about going to this place is the heavy traffic you'd encounter as you cross Lipa City. But the moment you reach the place, you won't have any problem with the parking space.
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Martin G
菲律宾利巴58 条分享
Good food, with great choices. A good place to visit with young children as there is plenty of space and some nice animals
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Quennielyn C
菲律宾马尼拉7 条分享
2022年1月 • 家庭
Nice venue, ok food, but for a prime pricing - They are severely shortstaffed in the kitchen. our food cane out only after 1.5hrs! to think these are all set menu and prebooked.
make sure you allot enough time and dont come when hungry.
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Thorek C
菲律宾帕塞661 条分享
Just a 2 hrs drive from Metro Manila, this farm resort gives us a western country - style vibe with a touch of an old town Netherlands warmth. It is ideal for unwind and escape from the toxic life brought about by this pandemic.

The place is a good venue for birthday and wedding events. The old grove village is such a beautiful site for spending the night away. The food served in The Harvest Cafe are gastronomically delicioso. A visit to this property is a welcome opportunity to cross examine our self of our goals in life.
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菲律宾马卡蒂119 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
Dinner was 800 pesos. Inclusive of set meal with several food choices and a farm tour. we loved the crispy pata. Skin was soft and crispy. Ribeye was over cooked. Taste is like burnt meat. Would have given 5 stars if it was cooked correctly. Soup was cream of pumpkin which was also delicious. What was really good was the crispy kangkong with mayonnaise. We ordered another plate at 200 pesos and good for 2 people. Dessert was graham with condensed milk. Iced tea was also good and part of the set meal. 800 was worth it.
Coffee was strong and good. We ordered cafe latte and americano.
Service was good by Joy.
They had a golf cart driven by Richard and we requested him to give us a tour of the farm. It was already late but appreciated his effort to show us around. They have a mini zoo with peacock snake and sheep. They have 3 cottages with a pool. Would live yo stay God willing.
They also have a barn for events.
Overall it was a pleasant experience and would love to come back.
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