Landsailing Bonaire

Landsailing Bonaire(博奈尔岛)

Landsailing Bonaire

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Jack P
纽约州布鲁克林15 条分享
Can't review
Wanted to do it but never got to it. What's great about Bonaire is that for such a small island that is not set up for mass tourism (thank goodness), it has a great number of things to do with enough variety to please everybody for at lease one to two weeks of vacation.
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宾夕法尼亚Cornwall101 条分享
Looks to be closed
During a recent visit to Bonaire, we also visited the Land Sailing location to experience the thrill of land sailing. However, it was always closed and the phone numbers that we called went directly to voicemail. The track does not look to have been used in the recent past, so perhaps it no longer exists. My suggestion is to make sure that you have a reservation before driving there. Also, get good directions because it is easy to miss.
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Piedmont, CA109 条分享
I saw the track so I know it exists
I was in Bonaire for a week. I wanted to go landsailing as much as I wanted to look at everything under the sea. During that week, I drove out to Landsailing Bonaire 3 times. I called 7 or 8 times. My husband sent an email trying to make an appointment. Nothing. Nada. Nicht. Not a damn thing. Are they closed? I don't know! Were they on vacation? Not a clue. What I do know is that I was (and still am) really disappointed! I hope you have better luck that I did!
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Meredith C
Cincinnati83 条分享
So much fun!
My husband and I went landsailing on one of our non-diving days and had a great time. Nelson and Naomi were great at explaining the technique and getting us out on the course. They are also very personable and fun to chat with at the end of your sailing.
The sailing is easy to pick up and you are in control so no worries about it being too slow or too fast.

I highly recommend you take the short drive out to Landsailing Bonaire and feel the wind.
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Charlotte, NC31 条分享
Amazing... you don't want to miss!
My husband and I had the best time landsailing. Nelson and Naomi take the best care of you and are so incredibly friendly. Naomi picked us up, told us about the island, and then we arrived at the landsailing course. Nelson gave us a lesson and then we were off on the course. It took no time to get the hang of and it was a blast. We loved it! Nelson and Naomi also were so kind to take pictures with our camera. They were so incredibly kind and made the day a joy!
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Marina del Rey1 条分享
Experience of a lifetime; Do not miss it!!!
We booked this excursion through Princess Cruises. Only 7 are allowed in any time slot; so be sure to sign up quickly.

One of the friendly staff picked us up at the dock. She was friendly, energetic, and informative. We embarked on our 20 minute drive to the track. The track looks like a race car track; only this track was for your individual wind transportation vehicles.

Nelson provided safety and driving tips before we started on our adventure. It took my wife and I about 5 minutes to get used to the concept; once we mastered the steering wheel and rope pulley system we had the best time of our lives. I had more fun than I could ever remember. We were able to circumnavigate the track for over an hour.

The staff were always nearby and took ample pictures with our respective cameras and/or video cameras.

The staff were all friendly and made sure we all had a great time. Do not miss this opportunity. My wife and I are already planning another cruise that includes landsailing in Bonaire.
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Daniel S
Cleveland, Ohio83 条分享
Wow...Great Experience, Great People
Our landsailing adventure was secured through Princess Cruises. I cannot express how much fun we had, and how amazing the staff at Bonaire Land Sailing was.

The track layout is nothing short of brilliant. 2 super long straight-aways perpendicular to the prevailing winds give a perfect (in sailing terms) "beam reach course". A beam reach is the most efficient use of wind in sailing, and the carts are more than capable of achieving double (or better) the current windspeed on a reach!

This is a GREAT group of people, operating a really unique and awesome tour. Best's 100% green! Racing wind powered carts on a natural and biologically neutral track. Does it get better?
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Cleveland4 条分享
We had a great time! I started to get nervous when I looked online at princess's shore excursions 5 days before our cruise and realized out of the 3 time slots that there weren't that many slots left. We had a group of 6 going so I booked the 10-12 time slot through Princess (note they are contracted through the cruise lines so all bookings must be done through them. You can call them the morning of to see if they have any openings but you run the risk of them not having any space left) Naomi picked us up at the port (early!!) and we had time to make a quick stop and snap some pictures of some flamingo's on the way to the track that she had seen on the way there. Once we got there Nelsen instruced us quickly on the driving of the karts and we were off. They are easy to get the hang of and soon we were all zooming around the track trying to catch and pass each other! We were out there for at least an hour and it went by so fast! They said we were probably only going around 20 mph, but it seems so much faster! We did have someone in our group "roll" their cart. No worries though! Because of the design of the carts you don't even come in contact with the track and Steve ran out and righted the cart quickly and effiently. They took a ton of pictures and video for us. Absolutely an incredible experience! A+++ Can't wait to go back and see them again. This was definately one of the highlights to our cruise. You can snorkel at almost all of the other islands, but land sailing? Take my advice if you are on the fence, book it and have the time of your life!
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阿肯色州温泉城338 条分享
Your chance to be a speed racer!
It took me 2 years to get up the courage to try this, and I am so glad I did! What a great time we had, racing each other around the track on the scenic northeast coast of Bonaire! Landsailing is basically like driving a go cart with a sail (called a blokart) around an oval dirt track. It was surprisingly easy to learn how to make the blokart go as fast or as slow as we wanted, and very safe. We went in May, 2008, and my daughter and I paid $50US cash each, and had a nice educational clinic session, followed by over an hour of racing, with a cold drink and rest break in the middle, while my husband took photos and video. Be sure to take your camera, and sunglasses to keep the dust out of your eyes. The owners provide safety helmets and have a covered rest area with cold drinks for sale, but no restrooms. Landsailing Bonaire is located on the northern coastal road between Rincon and Kralendijk.
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