Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake(Morne Trois Pitons National Park)

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Amanda B
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2022年3月 • 好友
This hike was an incredible adventure! It's not for the faint of heart with its steap ups and downs, scrambling down into desolation valley, and boiling streams.
I highly recommend hiring a local experienced hiking guide to make your trip a positive experience - especially Chadi Symes. Chadi was patient, had a great sense of humor, and shared interesting facts about the plants and views we saw along the trail. His commitment to safety was impeccable. Get in contact with Chadi via his Instagram account islandadventure_767
Don't miss this incredible hiking experience. As Chadi says, "Don't think just do man!"
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法国梅斯13 条分享
Très belle randonnée de 7h30 aller retour pour notre part, avec de nombreuses pauses photo, hydratation, et repas.
Nous avions pris un guide (nous avions demandé à l'office du tourisme au port de Roseau, à coté du Dominic Museum, qui nous a contacté un guide (Chadi), qui était réactif aux messages, organisé et prudent. Nous avons payé 65 dollars US par personne.
Il nous a donné RDV à 7h45 à Titou Gorge.
Je pense que la randonnée doit être effectuée avec un guide. La première partie (2 premières heures) est aménagée avec des marches en bois. Puis commence la partie plus raide vers la vallée de la désolation, ou le chemin n'est pas balisé. On peut donc se tromper de chemin. Dans la vallée de la désolation, il faut faire très attention ou l'on met les pieds car la roche est très friable, et de l'eau bouillonnant à plus de 70 degrés est présente.

Nous avons effectué la randonnée alors qu'il a beaucoup plus dans la nuit, et la journée même.

Kway indispensable.

Je recommandes d'aller faire un tour à Titou Gorge à la fin de la randonnée (balade aquatique de 5-10 minutes dans de l'eau revigorante entouré d'un canyon) puis d'aller aux sources chaudes à Wotten Waven.
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My husband and I did this hike with Elvis as our guide. For reference we're athletic, in our 30s, and the longest hikes we've done are a few of the 14ers in Colorado last summer. The Boiling Lake hike was more challenging than those hikes, though, mainly because the terrain is very unpredictable. The first part of the hike has a few sections that are extremely steep and slippery, and then you get the Valley of Desolation, where boiling hot water is bubbling out of the ground around you. We went on a bit of a rainy day, so we didn't get the amazing views from the higher points in the hike—still, it was a one-of-a-kind hike that took us just over 7 hours to complete, and we were exhausted (in that nice, happy, proud way) at the end. I would 100% recommend this hike as long as you have a good guide like Elvis. He helped us through all the more treacherous parts and made us feel safe. He also taught us about all the different plant-life we passed along the way. It made the long, tough sections go by much faster. Plus, on our way back, he pointed out a "natural jacuzzi" that my husband and I could soak in for a few minutes to rest our legs. What an experience!
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Lora Avalon
德国法兰克福151 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
This hike is definitely not for everyone. This hike is not 6 miles, not 2,300 ft in elevation anymore. This is a completely different trail now after Hurricane Maria in 2017 has washed parts of it around Valley of Desolation.
This is now a 8.5 mile hike and is 3143 feet in elevation climb… and it took us 7,5 hours with breaks of water, food and photos. It is definitely worth the effort because this is the second biggest lake of its kind in the world. Our tour guide Chadi Symes made it fun, adventurous and surprising. Definitely recommend him as a guide!
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德国法兰克福7 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
Amazing hike, it took us 7 hours and 40 minutes in total but with more breaks around 30 minutes at the half way and another 30 at the Boiling Lake. Our guide Chadi Symes was really cool, he showed us all kind of trees, flowers, fruits, told us stories about the site, about the difference kind of minerals and rocks, the reason of the colors of the rocks, he made us a surprise in the small boiling fumarole also. And by the way… if you are an influencer or a blogger you definitely want to book this guy because he takes really good shots, he is a good photographer. I definitely recommend this hike but do it with Chadi Symes if you want fun guaranteed.
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Colorado K
Colorado127 条分享
Wowza- what a hike! And what a great guide we had in Chadi Symes!

If you regularly hike 14ers, this will be an okay hike for you. If you are really fit, this will be an okay hike for you. If not, seriously think about doing this full hike, maybe consider doing part of it? For reference: my husband (49 years old) and I (44 years old) hike in Boulder, Colorado 3-4 times per week, each hike 2-7 miles, with usually between 800-1800 ft in elevation climb. This was a very challenging hike for me. Less so for my husband because he hikes 14ers but still not an easy hike by any means. (If you have ever hiked Boulder CO, this is like hiking Royal Arch 2.5 times back-to-back). There is not a lot of fluff in the descriptions of this trail- it is hard.

The biggest challenge for us (tourists from Colorado, USA) was the heat and humidity. We are used to hiking in 60-75 degree weather with low humidity. This hike was 92 degrees and humid. We had a gorgeous sunny day with amazing visibility- but it was like hiking in a sauna. I have never sweat so much in my life. (On a rainy day, it may be less hot, but the trail is going to be tougher because of mud and slippery rocks.)

Alltrails is wrong- this is not a 6 miles, 2300 ft elevation hike. This is now a 8.5 mile hike and is 3143 feet in elevation climb. It sounds like the trail has been washed out in a few spots from a hurricane and then a mudslide more recently, so the trail is different than it used to be. Don't be fooled by older reviews- this is a different trail now. It took us almost 8 hours with water breaks, 30 minutes at the Boiling Lake, and other fun stuff our guide Chadi did (I won't spoil the surprises!)

The first mile is fine- flat and then another mile uphill, steep but fine. The trail doesn't have a lot of switchbacks, it is just straight up hill so be aware of that. I used trekking poles and I am so thankful I had them- they really helped me from slipping. You will be scrambling and sliding on your butt down some parts. You will use ropes to descend and ascend small rock faces a few times. You will have to rock hop across rivers and streams. The trail is narrow in some spots and you will find that most of this trail is hard work. My husband says this would be considered a Class 4 trail in the US.

I am really glad we did it, but wow- it really tested me.

A few tips-
If it is a sunny day and hot, bring lots of water, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. (You can refill on fresh water after the Valley of Desolation too.)
Bring food to snack on and keep your energy up. We brought Shot Blocks and they were awesome.
Wear hiking boots/shoes, you will need the traction on slippery mud, logs and rocks
If you have trekking poles, use them.
Be prepared to get really dirty and muddy
Go early- we went too late after 9 am and wished we would have gotten there earlier, when it was cooler.
Do not do this hike without a guide. Much of the trail has been washed out and we had to hike along the river where there is no path. This is not the trail to blaze your own way.

Our guide was Chadi Symes - you can find him on Instagram under islandadventure_767 Chadi was amazing- patient and knowledgeable. We learned so much about Dominica from him and he was a real pleasure to hike with!
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英国伦敦19 条分享
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Highly recommend dedicating a day to the boiling lake hike if you enjoy a challenge and don’t mind getting muddy! There are a many tough climbs up followed by steep climbs down, walks through streams and as you are in the rainforest it will likely rain!

The scenery is amazing, the boiling lake is cool but it was the whole trail which makes it worth it.

We hired Chadi Symes as our guide after seeing him mentioned on trip advisor and on travel blogs. Chadi made the day enjoyable, is very knowledgable and we would highly recommend booking with him.
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Omar H
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2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I were looking for a challenging hike and Boiling Lake seemed like something we could conquer and check off our adventure list. Most of the locals discouraged us from hiking it and pointed out just how intense and challenging it was. We weren’t deterred but that doesn’t mean it was easy! It was one of the MOST challenging hikes we have done and we have hiked Mt. Washington in NH and consider ourselves athletic - so definitely be ready mentally and physically. We are so happy to have had Chadi as our guide. He knew every tiny detail about the hike and area including sharing cultural and historical experiences with us. He hiked at our pace and kept us motivated but realistic about how far we still had to go. He was friendly, entertaining and truly cared about maintaining the beauty and nature of Dominica. This was probably a once in a lifetime experience but we are so happy we did it! Don’t be afraid to get dirty/wet so wear comfy clothes and hiking boots because this will be a long hike. We enjoyed beautiful panoramic views at Morne Nicholls, hiked up and down crazy steep slopes, marveled at small waterfalls and refreshing streams and passed through the Valley of Desolation to hike the 2nd largest Boiling Lake in the world. We highly recommend Chadi Symes if you decide to embark on this thrilling adventure - you will not regret it!
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Colby T
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This was the best. He is the BEST!
We considered ourselves intermediate hikers.. this hike was hard, and satisfying.
Nigel made it totally worth it. He was consistently upbeat, encouraging (we needed it) and overall a wonderful and friendly person with a heart of gold. At one point when I wanted to give up he was encouraging and keep me going. He knew exactly what he was doing, was full of information and facts about the local wildlife and foliage, had amazing stories to keep us entertained and answered all our questions!
We had a fantastic time hunting the mysterious Agouti, stopping at the streams for a dip, eating eggs cooked in the Valley of Desolation and conversation with Nigel where he thought us all about the multipurpose use of materials you find on the way!
Our tour consisted of us and another couple. Not only did he do well with mixing our levels of ability, he is great at interacting with all and keeping our conversation going!
We have already talked about returning and when we do we will be hiring Nigel again for all of our guide needs! Our trip would not have been the same without him making it as memorable as he did!
Thanks Nigel!
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Yves Cruchet
马提尼克Le Marin116 条分享
Faites un voyage dans le temps au cœur du parc national de la Dominique, vous ne le regretterez pas ! La luxuriance incroyable des forêts n’a d’égal que la gentillesse de habitants de cette île !
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