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英国布雷肯613 条分享
The actual waterfall is beautiful. Well worth the drive . You can see all you need to from the gift shop balcony . You don’t need to be guided to the higher falls, the main one is really photogenic. Hated the captive monkey outside the shop . Please tell the owner if you don’t like this . Also the jewellery carver in one of the stalls opposite the shop makes some beautiful things, but upon questioning he makes them from coral , which doesn’t seem like a responsible or ethical thing to be using . Just go and enjoy the beauty of the falls .
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Mark W
英国伦敦10 条分享
We visited Concord Falls on our recent holiday in Grenada on a day trip with a guide. The falls are quite easy to access down some steps and it was lovely to swim in the water but be warned the water is deep if you are not a good swimmer. We stayed about 45 mins, we didn’t stay to shop as we were upset and disturbed to see two monkeys in a small cage outside the main gift shop. We made our feelings known to the owner of the shop - please do the same if you feel animals caged like this is unacceptable. Keep wildlife in the wild. Aside from this, worth visiting the Falls on a tour.
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥140 条分享
Awesome waterfall
Pretty neat you can jump from cliff
Temperature of water is refreshing
Staff was nice and went there on a tour
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Hertfordshire, UK142 条分享
Easy to access the waterfalls down a short flight of steps. There is a changing room available. The pool at the base of the waterfall is deep clear and cold but after a few minutes it’s an enjoyable place to swim. There are a number of souvenir shops along the narrow road.
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Mary F
9 条分享
You can drive right up to this waterfall and then just descent a few stairs to swim. We got a guide to take us to the next fall which I highly recommend. It’s a beautiful walk - a few river crossings over rocks. I was hoping not to need a guide, but realized quickly why it was necessary. The guide was nice.
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Stephen N
纽约州纽约市1,444 条分享
A different part of the island than Annandale. We did this and Jouvay Chocolate on the same day and liked Concord more than Annadale. Concord is an 8 minute or so drive off the main road and has ample room for parking up top. We parked and instantly, a local came to talk to us. Don't be alarmed or put off - the locals are friendly and aren't pushy in terms of getting you to buy stuff but there is a gift shop along with a couple huts with local artisans - more on them later. We walked through the bar/restaurant to get to the falls - not a long walk, 2 minutes and you're there. The falls is a little bigger than Annadale though not by much. A local man named Devon came over and introduced himself and told me that he would jump off the highest point of this falls for a tip (amount up to me). I thought about it for a minute, not because of whatever I was going to tip but for the fact that it felt weird that I was paying him to jump off a waterfall for me - like paying him to entertain me but then again, what are we doing when we pay to go to a Mets game or Giants game? So I said ok cool. Devon changed into clothes for jumping and walked up to the top of the falls - probably 50 feet up if not more and gave us all the go signal and took a running start and jumped down into the pool below (it's about 20 feet deep so not life-threatening). Along with me and the gf, another couple was there to see this crazy feat. Devon came out of the po and told me I could jump from a couple spots myself and so I did. My jump from one spot after much trepidation was only about 10 feet high - definitely not as cool as Devon. He hung out with us while we sat there and enjoyed the falls and we chit-chatted and he was a very nice guy. We gave him 30 EC when we left and walked back out through the gift shop. We helped out the gift shop owner by buying a couple souvenirs and walked into the 3 little huts belonging to the local artisans. My gf also helped out 2 of them by buying some bracelets for 30 and 40 EC apiece. Some of the local pieces were made from coral that divers go 90 feet deep into the water to retrieve. Good quality stuff made locally and we felt like we were helping them out so a good deal all around. We would recommend Concord Falls for the falls, the experience of jumping off a cliff myself, and the general good feeling of having helped out the local folks a little bit.
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阿根廷萨尔塔919 条分享
Concord Falls se encuentran en un hermoso lugar montañoso no lejos de St. George. Es fácil llegar en carro y una vez allí descender para apreciar esta bonita cascada que fue la única a la que llegamos por temas de tiempo. Hay un balcón desde donde se tienen buenas vistas, tienda de regalos y un verde de la vegetación exuberante. Aguas deliciosas para darse un buen baño, no son muy frías.
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英国格拉斯哥722 条分享
Falls jumpers at concord after a short walk down to the pool and falls serenaded by itenerant musician looking for money,arrivind and watching the jumpers leaping from the top into the pool below,very entertaining
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Traci H
Manitowoc, United States101 条分享
Pretty waterfall. Steps to walk down from road. Small shop there to buy souveniers. They had mona monkeys in cages there, I guess as pets or to attract tourism. Did not like this, felt sorry for the monkeys-they should be able to live in the wild, not be cages up to be viewed by people! What a shame.
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宾夕法尼亚兰卡斯特4,146 条分享
If you are not a good swimmer be very careful here...can be very dangerous. A few nice gift shops here too. Be safe.
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