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Lois V
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2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
I love the conch shell double sided necklace so I purchased two! Lisa crafted another one for me! **
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Robby G C
加拿大多伦多78,235 条分享
I came to Lisa' Jewelry's. We took our time. Her watches. jewelry and anything else was really good.

This is a great place for jewelry and watches.

Worthwhile to see!
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Kristina K
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2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
What a fabulous experience we had shopping at Lisa’s. I met Lisa at our resort where she had her exquisite jewelry on show but due to my off-timing she was already packing up . I got her address and visited her beautiful store today in St George’s . The staff was
Most kind , knowledgeable and Lisa and her husband were more than gracious ! The jewelry is gorgeous , one of a
Kind , and will certainly make great gifts of our daughters ! So blessed by our visit ! Thank you again for your kindness !!! All the best to you , Kristina
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Janet P
英国Petersfield184 条分享
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
The offering here is very wide and very tasteful. Much of what we saw was out of the ordinary - but not in a whacky way!
The service was a bit over the top but very friendly and helpful.
Their outlet at the airport is closed now.
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Mike H
Sosua40 条分享
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We went there today to look around and my wife found a few unique pieces of jewelry to include grenadite a greenish stone unique to the Grenadines, I was sweating the bill as my wife picked out several pieces but I was supprised at the extremely reasonable price. Stop in for some unique jewelry.
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Thank you Mike! It was a pleasure to meat you and your wife at our store. If you need a unique gift for her in the future check our online store.
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Halifax16 条分享
2016年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We made a purchase at the airport location, just before our flight, and quoted a currency conversion price as $108. CDN dollars. We paid and left, only to realize what we actually paid in XCD was more than double - $232.CDN. The sales person even wrote $108. CDN on the bottom of the sales slip. When we arrived back home, I contacted the owner. After looking into it, she told me that indeed the sales person wrote the price down on the receipt, but she was "distracted" and made a mistake. The price was the price. Too bad for us. Here's my replied; "As a merchant in good faith, you should understand that if a customer was quoted a price, that should be the price that they are charged. We inquired about the price, and the price we have in writing was not what our credit card was charged. This was not our fault, it was your employees fault. And saying that she was distracted when we were the only patrons in the story is a lazy way of attempting to put this mistake on us."

I never heard from her again and felt that we got ripped off and blindsided.
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Dear customer, It seems there was a gross misunderstanding. You purchased an item at our Airport outlet in Grenada. Our local currency is ECD ( Eastern Caribbean Dollar) which has a fixed exchanging rate to US$. You choose 1 pair of genuine 10kt Gold hoop earring. The item was priced in USD$ 196.00 or ECD 525.00. Our sales clerk gave you a discount of 10% and you decided to pay with your Credit card. Every Credit card transaction has to be done in ECD. Our sales clerk explained that to you and charged you in ECD ( 525.00 minus 10%= 472.50). You signed the Credit card slip. With your signature you agreed to pay ECD 472.50. Our Sales Clerk miscalculated the ECD price to the Canadian dollar she wrote the wrong amount on the slip. Our sales clerk made a mistake and she admit this mistake and apologize for it. I am certain you are aware that the Canadian dollar is a floating currency therefore it is difficult for us to keep up with the current rates, since our money is ECD and US. My Sales Clerk did not overcharge you, she did the opposite by giving you a discount. We are celebrating 20 years in business this year. We have never over charge one customers and never had a bad review. All our customers except you have been very pleased with our products and service. If you changed your mind and regret that you have spent 177.00 US for a genuine Gold set of earrings, then please take our offer and send back the item. We will accept the item back in our stock at no extra charge. We will then refund you in full 177.00 US (472.50 ECD) We hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely Lisa's Get the good feeling!
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Linda L
印第安那印第安纳波利斯9 条分享
2016年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Lisa's is a delightful find!!! Her jewelry is MUCH more my style than Columbian Emeralds/Diamonds International that you see at every resort and cruise stop!!

I have the MOST BEAUTIFUL steel, gold and lapis necklace that she had just completed. The original design is reminiscent of the scenic waterfalls on the island. When she saw how much I loved the piece (and she saw me wearing it multiple times) she made matching earrings, and made sure they were delivered to her airport shop for me to have before we left the Island.

Lisa's is WELL WORTH the visit!!!! And yes!! We are already planning our return when we visit Grenada next year.
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Cathy R
华盛顿韦纳奇59 条分享
2015年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We shopped there and loved the Grenadite jewelry. All three of us made a purchase. And it was quaint they gave us some spices and a golden nutmeg as an extra bonus. Lisa's did come to our Sandal's resort that night with an even bigger selection and there is a Lisa's at the airport too if you didn't find what you need in the store. :-) I love my necklace, chain, and earrings!!
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Timezone Travelers
佛罗里达威尼斯1,576 条分享
2015年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Super nice staff and great products. the location is convenient and they have an incredible variety and selection of products. Check out this place and you will not regret it.
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Palm Springs, California524 条分享
2015年2月 • 好友
We read about Lisa's on our ship's daily log (Royal Princess). We wanted to see this semi-precious stone found only on Grenada. The jewelry is green and the workmanship is really nice. The "sign of life" found in the design is from the Arawak tribe-people native this island. To get to Lisa's you have to walk thru "the tunnel".
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