Walter Fletcher Beach

Walter Fletcher Beach(蒙特戈贝)

Walter Fletcher Beach


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堪萨斯威奇托3 条分享
Mobay's gem!
I first visited this beach in August of 2018, and instantly fell in love! This beach has beautiful white sand, and blue waters. The Reggae music playing, and the bar is awesome. We paid someone to run across the street and grab some jerk chicken and rice n peas. YUMMMY!! The restrooms were decently clean, the staff was extremely friendly. On one of my visits(As I've been there 3 times) I had the pleasure of drinking fresh coconut water from one of the coconuts that had recently fallen. Very cool, and laid back. Heading back this year! I can't wait to touch the sands of Aqua Sol, I mean.... Walter Fletcher Beach!!
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Ronke Ennis
4 条分享
Best kept secret
2019年7月 • 家庭
Awesome place, clean, no hustlers, friendly staff and secure.
My family went there over and over again. High recommend it to all. The only thing is take your picnic bag along.
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南非约翰内斯堡1,704 条分享
2018年12月 • 好友
The Walter Fletcher private beach is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Entry rates for adults is JMD$500 and children J$200. We had a great time as you can see from the pics. Despite the holidays and festive season, there were no more than 50 people on the beach at any given time. Jamaica has just under 3 million inhabitants and many beaches, so it's highly unlikely that you will find a crowded beach. The water was so placid that my friend and I, both not able to swim, were able to be in the water for a very long time without panicking. She even got an impromptu swimming lesson from the lifeguard, although I doubt whether a swimming lesson was really what he was offering! Thank you for a great time, Mobay!
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Teresa F
智利Lo Barnechea16 条分享
muy linda playa ...
un poco mal tenida pero rica su agua ...tienen algunas facilidades de baños y duchas ... en las mañanas hay mucha gente, pero despues de las 15:00 hrs es muy agradable de estar
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Ann J
牙买加219 条分享
This beach is now AquaSol
2013年1月 • 独自旅游
This beach is no longer known as the Walter Fletcher Beach but is now named AquaSol. It is set up like a mini theme park with a small gocart track.
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纽约州布鲁克林6 条分享
day at the beach
I enjoyed running on the sand and mingling with the very friendly locals.
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Hagen65 条分享
Tolles Strandrestaurant auf Jamaika!
Wer ein schönes Hotel direkt am Strand von Jamaika sucht, ist gut beraten das Walter Fletscher Beach Restaurant zu besuchen. Der Ausblick ist fabehalt und das Essen auch. Die angeboteten Biere sind einmalig , da auch viele internationale Marken angeboten werden. Das Personal wirklich sehr profesionell und freundlich. Die Speisen sind sehr frisch und ich denke, hier findet jeder etwas.
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Lagrange Ga4 条分享
At Home
The Beach was great. The whole vibe of the people, the taste of the food and the sound of the music just made you come to life. It is the perfect place for you just let yourself go. "NO WORRIES MAN " A great theme for a care and worry free place. The sand was beautiful and the water was perfect. I give it two thumbs up. I give it an Excellant rating, so give it a try and I know you will love it.
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Southern California1 条分享
Memories Live On Fletcher Beach!
Is what I found 20 years ago still true today? I hope so; because in November 1982, in MoBay 3 weeks for the innaugural tribute festival for the new Bob Marley Memmorial Centre(at the time still just a dirt landfill) it was a natural mystic. My lady and I stayed at old Harmony House (funky but affecting) across Glouchester from Fletcher Beach. Most of our visit, we were among the few "tourists" in town; the over-attention was both annoying and rewarding. (We got to see things the usual tourist would never see back then -- maybe not even now: mountaintop dub parties; woodshop recording sessions; roving 'demo-makers' with portable recording services for rent; neighborhood 'jerk' cookouts at the Far Bar; 'insider trading' at the St. James Straw Market; being exclusively guided and hustled by one Johnny Dollar; living with locals and even helping them sell wares to tourists! -- Fun! And real funny. Revealing, of BOTH cultures.) After each far-flung excursion, Fletcher Beach was the respite. No high-budget booze-all-you-want, fortress-oasis-amid-the-chaos type place... just warm, breezy and free white sands -- the sanctum sanctorum of blue-collar MoBay. Peace and tranquility rules under the sun, and some things never change: broad white beach with ample chaises; clear (and I mean CLEAR!) warm water, easy-floating wand at walking-depth several hundred yards out; quiet weekdays, busier with local folks & families on weekends; local guitarists serenading along under the palms; fruit-bearing women 'higglers', their baskets on head or in hand, ready with mock-sarcasm and endearing manners, to renegotiate every bit and morsel . . . of her fruit OR her social opinions. (Reading of int'l news seems to answer a cultural delight and passion to know everyt'ing going on everyWHERE! -- a crucial facet of their canny survival system). Especial fun at Fletcher's appeared out of nowhere, under an isolated waterside almond tree: a young fellow sighted up my cassette recorder (audio notes for my friends), began recording himself, and ended up performing a whole "toasting" concert right there, with no one around but me and him. (If you ever hear of a toaster called Tacky, this is him: "What a Bam Bam!...My name itta Tacky at de microphone stand/Me come from Clarendon an' Wes'moreland/ Holla Jamaica, mon, a fi mi born land!/Me don't fight de she-goat only de ram/ Some taxi door mark 'Please Don't Slam'...") Then there was the moonlit night we fell asleep on our chaises, and around midnight a shadow fell and we awoke to a towering fellow with a baseball bat. When he realized we were tourist, he muttered only, "Okay, mon," and quickly disappeared -- and we suddenly realized we had our own private, guarded beach! For the night, if we wanted! FREE! Ya mon -- REALLY no problem! Fletcher Beach was simply special. And the urchins and coral are too far out to be of concern (unlike Negril, where I stepped on one, and the watersport renter Rasta advise me to urinate on it: "Bes' medicine fe de body is de OWN BODY, mon, yunno see?") That's what Fletcher Beach is: a place for just people; medicine for the people's body and soul. So, soul rebel, I hope you have as much fun there today as I'n'I did then. Give Thanks & Be Upful...
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