Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery and Garden

Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery and Garden

美术馆 • 瞭望台 • 花园
上午10:00 - 下午6:00
上午10:00 - 下午6:00
上午10:00 - 下午6:00
上午10:00 - 下午6:00
上午10:00 - 下午6:00
上午10:00 - 下午6:00
2-3 小时
低至 US$35.00

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Suffolk128 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited as a "walk-in" and couldn't have been given a warmer welcome! Mrs Williams kept us spellbound with her story of the house and garden. Marcia gave us a beautiful and very informative tour of the gorgeous garden. And Ras showed us his fabulous artwork.
This is a little off the beaten track but well worth a visit, and I'd recommend booking ahead.
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It was my absolute pleasure. We do welcome persons walking in . when you came we were in the middle to preparing for our annual Christmas treat. Thank you every so much for taking the time to find us off the beaten path and for this sweet 5 star review.
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51 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery and Garden in the beautiful mountains in Jamaica is the perfect place for a destination wedding. Tamika the wedding planner, listens to every detail and gets it absolutely perfect. Our wedding was what we dreamed of, it exhaled all our expectations, surrounded by nature. It was absolutely beautiful. This family run business is not only for weddings it’s a great place if you love nature from feeding hummingbirds Jamaica National Bird, to seeing beautiful flowers and plants, and some other surprises I want say to much don’t want to spoil it for you. There are some great spots to relax and take in the absolutely Ahhh-mazing view. If that wasn’t enough this team of beautiful people are multi talented and the gallery shows the skill of art and craft they have done by hand. I guarantee this is a place to visit, there is no way you can go to Jamaica and not visit Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery and Garden. I have visited many times and it always amazes me every single time. Remember I told you and definitely do not forget your camera.
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Empress , sincere Gratitude. It was an absolute pleasure planning and hosting your wedding. We wish you and your husband the best of everything for your union and future . Thank you for always visiting Ahhh.. when ever you are in Jamaica and for entrusting us with this most special day . It is with love I also thank you for taking time to review us here on trip Advisor. We look forward to celebrating your first anniversary when you return to Jamaica. Love from the entire Ahhh... team. Marcia, Ras, Ayale and me.
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Bishop Bailey
南卡罗来纳哥伦比亚30 条分享
Decided to go here because of all the excellent reviews. It is a hike (ride) through local neighborhoods and up the mountain to get there but we’ll worth the trip.

Ras’s story of acquiring this property and building his home and eventually his art gallery is very inspirational.

Our tour guide, Marcia, who has the same exact name as my wife was very knowledgeable and informative Re; all the plants and flowers which my wife loved as a herbalist and naturalist. Wear shoes that you can walk in but not slip in (sneakers/rubber soles).

I am an art collect so I was able to secure one of Ras’s great works for my collection.

My wife was ecstatic about this adventure so I did good.

Thank you Timeka, Ras & Marcia and “Just us” 😂
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Than you both for choosing to venture off the beaten track to experience true , hospitable , mountainous ,cool and beautiful Jamaica. It was our pleasure sharing our home and experience with you both. What are the odds tat our Marcia and you wife has the same Christian and Surnames and your Christian name is the same as her brother. As we re navigate after the past 2 years and 8 months it is with sincerest gratitude for you support n purchasing one of Ras' works of art. Thank you and do enjoy the rest of your stay in our beautiful island Jamaica.
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13 条分享
2022年11月 • 家庭
This was easily the highlight of our trip! We decided to visit after reading some of the great reviews.

We were traveling with our two kids- 8 and 11- so I was a little nervous about how they would tolerate a visit to a garden, but “garden” doesn’t quite describe what this place actually is. They created paradise on a cliff, and we were moved by the level of creativity, thoughtfulness, and hard work that they have clearly put into it.

We were warmly welcomed by Ayale and Tamika, who sat down with us to share the history of how this place came to be and then took us on a tour. She is a natural teacher, very engaging, and she held the kids attention the entire time . She took time to talk about the importance of giving back to the earth instead of taking from it, and she taught the kids how to paint with fresh flowers, then helped them feed a hummingbird named Rocky. Ras took time to walk us through the gallery of beautiful artwork made by himself and the family. It is for sure an experience we won’t forget.

Thank you so much Tamika, Ras, and Ayale for your kindness and for sharing your time and your home with us!
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It was our absolute pleasure. Thank you for including Ahhh into you vacation to Jamaica, Ras , Ayala and I send gratitude to you and your beautiful family. Our thanks for your support as well Sincerely The Ahhh... Family
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Julie W
1 条分享
We visited at the beginning of October and it was our favourite thing we did in Jamaica. A beautiful place, a fascinating story, and feeding hummingbirds by hand was just magical. Loved meeting the family and seeing their lovely home and garden. Don’t miss it!
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Thank you so much for choosing to add Ahhh... to your experience in Jamaica. We are honoured that we were able to be a positive as we highlight the beauty of our flora and fauna in Jamaica. This review is especially timely as it was posted on my birthday so its also a birthday gift. Thanks also for taking the time to review us here and for a five star. Sincerely The Ahhh...Mazing team
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David F
Shrewsbury, MA2 条分享
Had such an amazing experience visiting Ahhh...

The family made special accommodations for my wife and I who were celebrating our 10 yr anniversary (even made us a card!). Tamika and her family were so welcoming and hearing Ras tell the story of the property was inspiring.

From hand-feeding the hummingbirds (who they've named!) to getting a tour of the beautiful gardens we had a wonderful time and I encourage anybody in the area to take some time to come see this amazing place they've built and learn more about Jamaican culture.

Tamika was also very helpful in coordinating transportation from our resort (Hyatt Zilara) when we called and I felt very safe throughout the process.

Please support this amazing family and the gallery and garden they've developed!!!
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Happy10th anniversary and we wish you both many decades more of happiness. Thank you for taking time to add Ahhh.. to your vacation in Jamaica and for reviewing us here on Trip Advisor. On behalf of our family we sincerely than you
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Melissa D
马萨诸塞Scituate6 条分享
What a magical place! From the moment we sat down we felt very welcome. Within minutes we had hummingbirds drinking from our hands. Marcia, our guide for the garden tour, was very knowledgeable. Tamika and Ian, and their son Ayale were so open. We felt as though we were with old friends. The whole family is extremely talented. Their sanctuary should be an ecotourism destination the way everything is in harmony and balance. In a world that is so commercial you can find soul on the hillside.
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Thank you so much for choosing to visit and for this wonderful 5 star review. The gardens including the birds have a wonderful way of ensure we stay grounded and I do agree there IS soul on this hillside. Gratitude from Marcia, Ayale Ian and me.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥53 条分享
My wife and I visited Ahhh Ras for our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary. We booked direct with the family by calling their home and a driver was sent to our Hotel (Hyatt Zilara) to pick us up. The tour was $70 for two adults. It's $50 USD cash for the driver who was professional and informative.

The ride to the Ras' home is about 40 minutes from the Hyatt. The drive in itself is cool. Keep your eyes peeled and off your phone. It's worth it.

READ THIS ANDBE PREPARED. Wear well fitting shoes IE tennis shoes. While I think you may be able to get away with flip flops, I was glad I wore sneakers. The walk up the drive is very steep and there's no way around it. There's a huge deposit of quartz that stops any way of making the drive more accessible. If you have folks with mobility issues or small children, tell the owners in advance so you and they can be prepared.

We met Tamika, Ras, Ayale, and Marcia for our tour which is a family affair. Ras told us the story of how this place came to be awe-inspiring and you will leave here different than when you came. This place has taken decades of hard work and nature to become what it is.

We walked the gardens with Ayale after Ras' story. The varied flowers, ferns, orchids, trees, and wildlife are a sight to behold. The art that has been both created in the natural environment are breathtaking. Ayale allowed us the opportunity to use all our senses to experience The gardens. My wife even had a rash on her skin and the Aloe along with what I remember as a Jamaican Sweet Basil plant cleared it up within 5-10 minutes.

The art gallery was wonderful with varied works by all members of the family and in various mediums. You can purchase there with credit card or cash. There is also a book about the property which I purchased on Amazon. They ran out there because it was so popular.

We didn't feed the hummingbirds but saw many. This was no-one's fault but our own because we were learning so much in the gardens! When I tell you this is an experience not to miss, I mean it. We had more than one experience throughout the tour that was transformative and it really set the tone for the rest of our trip.

Go here. You won't regret it.

Thank you to Tamika, Ras, Ayale, and Marcia!!
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Oh Thank you so so much. First Happy 10the wedding anniversary. It was our honour to share Ahhh...with you. Aloe vera and sweet basil works all the time. I thank you so much for choosing to visit Ahhh and then writing such a glowing review. As Ayale's mom it fills me with such joy that a man who is hearing impaired is not stopped from being actively involved in our family business. Thank you. I hope you will enjoy our story Unearthing The Diamond and will be happier you have met us. This is our contribution to Nature as we live at one with the land. Ras, Marcia, Ayale and I thank you for visiting and we wish you happiness together always
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荷兰斯海尔托亨博斯1,195 条分享
This place is a hidden gem up the mountains of Montego Bay. We were hartfully welcomed by the family. We were seated at a nice spot with view on the ocean and humming irds flying around. We could even feed them using the burdfeeder on your finger. Ras explained his life story. What he did and how this place originated in a lively style. Unfortunately this day, they were cutting trees in the garden, so it wasn’t as tranquil as it could have been here due to the overwhelming chain saws. Then we got a tour through the garden where the different flowers and other parts got explained accompanied with some messages of life, love and hope. The garden has some nice creative settings. Due to the tree cutting, we could not see all places.
Then we got a bottle of water and got to see the gallery with his paintings and the computer artwork of his son (which I honesty liked more). It started to rain heavily, but we could shelter until the rain slowed down. The price of the visit was 140 usd for our family of four, which I think is a bit overpriced. It doesn’t have lower children or student rates. And especially due to the tree cutting, they could have given us a discount. But as it is a local family run business, I see my money partially as a gift as well.
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Thank you for choosing to visit Ahhh. My apologies for the discomfort with the cutting of the trees. Noise pollution is serious The entry is US35 per person ages 12 and up 2 -11 the price is less. Thank you for reviewing us and for the rating you have given We avoid making appointments when work is in progress and therefore when visitors drive/walk up we accommodate as best as possible. Again my sincerest apologies for the noise of the power saws as the huge trees were taken out due to safety concerns. The entire Ahhh family thank you for your support
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James S
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Inspiring place and story of a couple’s vision for a slice of paradise. Sitting with Ras and hearing his family story and then enjoying a guided tour of the gardens built along the cliffside was engaging and informative. The gardens are whimsical and have a vast selection of flora.
A visit to the gallery to view paintings by Ras, his wife and son was fun. You may see his work in several of the hotels in Jamaica.
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Thank you so much for choosing to visit us here at Ahhh. and for taking the time to review us here on Trip Advisor. It is indeed our honour to share the vibrant flora and fauna of our Jamaica with you. Visions make great realities. Tamika.
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