Spa at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach and Villa Resort

Spa at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach and Villa Resort

Spa at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach and Villa Resort


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Jackie P
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2023年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Andrew in entertainment was amazing, he played in the piano bar and was very entertaining and fun! I'm sure he meets thousands of people everyday but he always recognized us and took time to say hello!!
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Daniel G
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2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Arrived and taken to transport. They kept us waiting on bus 45 min after a 20 min wait in airport lounge. Driving was so heavy on brakes that we were car sick on arrival. No water or drinks the whole over hour wait. No water or drinks on 90 min to resort. Arrive car sick and dehydrated. We are taken to the upper resort. Apparently, our “Ocean View” room had a two lane highway between it and the lower resort. We get off bus and the arrivals person approaches bus person, looks at our name on a list and whispers “ridiculous”. Don’t know if it was about us or are reservation or just a bad day. Don’t care. Not a good arrival to vacation. We are told to sit down in Lobby. No water. While they are checking us in I go up to an area in concierge area and steal two bottle of water. Room is 5 years past needing updating. Tile had been replaced and is uneven. Cloth chair has stains on it. Wall is dirty. Furniture scratched to hell. Just doesn’t feel new or clean. Who puts cloth in a hotel bathroom vanity? Disgusting. Dirty. Went to book our dinners. Lady was talking to a co-worker for ten minutes and did not acknowledge us. When she did, she started with “are you late eaters, there really isn’t anything.” Wow. Nice approach even if that is the case.

Anyway. We chilled by pool. Got drinks. Had a lovely and delicious dinner at the open place. Southern Comfort. Hope to cross the highway to the beach today.

Overall. It is ok. But no where worth all the money. For time wasted by Sandals in getting us here, could have just gone to Hawaii. And will next time.
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Roberta M
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My husband and I waited 32 years to take a vacation to Jamaica. We stayed at the Riviera Beachfront Tower September 13th thru the 26th 2022. It was the best trip. We hung out on the beach, took some excursions, the resort provided sailing, paddle boarding and water kayaking. We had a great time. Everyone was awesome. I would like to mention a few that stood out to make our trip the best: Vanessa- orientation, Oshane, Billy, & Marsha-Excursions, Aaliyah & Patrice-beach entertainment, Danielle-Gift shop, Shadine and Jerome-Sandals Loyalty and Travel, Judy- best House cleaning lady ever so helpful, Dinah-French Restaurant, Sheldon- Amazing Photographer, Romell our driver from the airport to the resort. Thank you everyone for making us feel at home. The Morningstar's.
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Gayla C
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2022年8月 • 好友
The hotel is in need of a serious makeover. My very first night at the customer appreciation dinner, the chair collapsed on me and I fell. Thanks to GQ, he swooped in and picked me up. The third night, I heard a loud boom, I’m assuming it was thunder, the smoke detector fell from the ceiling and hit me in my stomach. I notified my butler, either Akeem or Donavan, however, it was never replaced. I was there for 7 nights. I had a condensation leak from the a/c unit, so I had to wipe up water daily. I had worms in the room. I was told to leave my tray, from room service, outside my door when finished. There are cats throughout the resort (most likely for rodents) however, I saw the cats eating from the trays, not sanitary at all. A plate of Cheese and crackers were delivered daily and placed in the refrigerator. You would think, if the first plate hasn’t been touched, don’t place another plate inside the fridge. I had 3 plates in there at one time. So I just threw them all out. My Butlers, they were nice, but I will not pay for that level of service again, nothing was done that warranted the need. On our 5th, 6th and 7th nights, there were only 3 guys that offered me and my sister a ride while we walked back to our rooms. Mind you, we had to walk up a steep hill. Trevanny, Chadane and Corrie, thank you all so much for taking the time to ask us if we needed a ride, that was really nice and the offer was much appreciated. Please hire more young men like them. The pool closes at 6, the ocean, and beach are across the street and the resort on the hillside, which is where we stayed, ran out of Rum, Tequila and beef patties. Really? This was my second experience with Sandals and Sandals Carlyle, was my first and is now closed and rightly so. We asked to be moved to another resort and we were transferred to the Whitehouse, which was amazing. Sandals Ocho Rios reminds me of the Carlyle. Although I had a nice time, because I was with a group, I’m not sure I would stay at Sandals again. There are other resorts that are just as nice and less expensive.
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Jolaine R
弗吉尼亚中洛锡安36 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I had our first couples massage. Nikolisa did my massage and she was wonderful. Karen did my husband’s first ever massage and converted him into a massage lover! Nikolisa, besides giving a wonderful massage, always had a ready smile and greeted me by name every time I saw her during our visit. I was so impressed she remembered not only my name but also my husbands. She really stood out as one of a few employees who really did an amazing job and made our not so great experience at Sandals, better. Thank you Nikolisa!!
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Joan B
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We have been coming to this resort for over 20 years this year was the worst. My wife said if it was free she would not waste the airfare. We used to recommend Sandals. The staff mainly are new, many are lazy and badly trained. The good chefs have left and the food is mediocre. Yes we could order more but that was not the problem. So generally for dinner we would have appetizers. The steak was very tough, and we ordered red snapper and that was old and smelly. The butlers had booked the better restaurants so there were no times available if you did not have a butler. Fortunately we knew certain people who could squeeze us in. Some of the butlers were rude. The bar people had no idea how to make cocktails (Rabbit Hole was good because they knew what we wanted from previous years). We had booked for next year the first day we arrived. Cancelled already and lost the deposit. The prices are going up and the quality is going down. Finally I was disgusted with some of the guests particularly from Atlanta who were treating the Jamaicans as if they were low level people.
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Kristi Brack
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2022年3月 • 独自旅游
Sandals Ochi Hillside has been by far the best Vacation I have been on. The grounds were beautiful and the G1 room was incredible. The staff delivered amazing service and were so attentive. They made the entire experience well worth coming here again. Moria and Dexter our Butlers were on top of everything and made us feel like we were their only guest. I was even greeted by the Hotel GM Charles at arrival and just felt like a million bucks. Thank You for such a Wonderful Vacation Sandals Ochi !! You far exceeded all expectations I had for my Birthday Trip and cant wait to spend another week here!
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Nancy M
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2022年2月 • 好友
Delvine gave me a facial this week. It was the best I’d ever had. She knows what’s she us doing but is also kind.
I really think she is a healer. Run-don’t walk to a facial with Delvine!
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Joe B
阿拉巴马蒙哥马利71 条分享
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We were given a spa credit when we rebooked so I thought I would try something new – – a seaweed wrap! Never had one before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Loved Kamille who was the assistant who helped me orient and occupied my time while the room was being made ready—very pleasant. Juliet was very professional and put me at ease. After the micronized seaweed is applied you are wrapped. Juliet gave me a scalp massage and I almost fell asleep. Loved it. I would definitely do it again.
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2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Sandals made our wedding so easy! All we had to do was show up (after our selections were made). Also, our friends were pampered just as well as we were!
The villas are amazing! Incredibly beautiful, well maintained and the private pools are much larger than I thought they would be. When we went to the Great House pool, the swim up bar was crowded but otherwise, it was empty.
Food. Food. Food. It's all great! I gained 7lbs. Room service anytime of the night with a great menu to choose from!
Above all, the experience was made perfect because of the people. For the most part, Jamaican people have a great mindset and their relaxed vibe is infectious! Sandals takes this amazing personal quality and combines it with exceptional service!
We booked our next trip to Ochi and can't wait to return!
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