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Ley G
Washington11 条分享
2022年10月 • 好友
It definitely looks NOTHING like how it is on Instagram and TikTok lol. We did our bamboo rafting at White River since it was closest to the port in Ocho Rios and I honestly can not fully recommend it. The area where you board is dirty, there are stray animals walking around everywhere, and the captains are hand fishing in the water, gutting and cleaning fish right there. There are little food stands there too so I’m assuming this is the fish to be served to patrons? (I hope not). The raft seats were very beaten and not very clean. Also the River is very short and it gets congested real quick. Most of the time is spent sitting at the end of the route where they encourage you to do the tire swing or jump into the water. We didn’t want to do any of that so we just sat and listened to music and drank rum punch. One person out of the group got on the swing and she liked it. I was very skeptical about even doing the activity but once we got the rum punch in our systems I relaxed more and everything started to appear more serene and beautiful like I imagined it would be. So my suggestion is to get some drinks in you first or have low expectations if you go to White River lol also do NOT get the rum punch at the first stop they take you to in the middle. It’s not very strong and not worth the cost. Plus it just looks dirty to me. Get your punch at one of the places at the end where they give you the zero proof rum punch with lots of RUM! The captains were pretty ok. It depends on Which one you get. They all have speakers and you can connect your phone to it if you don’t want to listen to what they play.
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Guayaquil34 条分享
Gorgeous river, we were the only ones tubing at the time and it lasts about an hour and is quite close to Ocho Rios
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法国马赛23 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
White River beach / Jet Ski trip.

We came to the white river beach area with our tour guide “Pants” his real name is Rojaro but he says everyone calls him “Pants” he is a really great guy.
We met him at the beach at Ocho Rios Bay Beach.
A nice calm family beach with a bar and changing facilities. You need to pay a small entrance fee to enter the beach of J$200 per person. But it’s clean beach with life guards on duty and plenty of good vibes. !!
Here, at the Ocho Rios Bay Beach, “Pants” introduced his packages of “coral reef” boat trip, air bed inflatables and speed boat trips, to us in a way that made us feel we could directly trust him, his presentation was always with a warm smile !

My teenage kids were desperate, all holiday, to try out the jet ski experience and wow they had a good time. “Pants” took us in a private taxi and brought us to the beautiful “white river beach” and introduced us to his contacts there.
After a few minutes of learning my kids were free on the ocean to cut the waves on the jet ski!
30 minutes for J$15,000 was a pretty good price. They both had turns at driving and came back excited.
The white river beach is also a crazy point where the sea meets the clean fresh water river. So cold meets warm and also a point where the salty sea water meets clean river water !
You can also take a bamboo raft trip with the healing mud pack massage, or other water sports and other boat trip options. You just need to ask Pants and he will take care of it !
You have to know that in Jamaica, it’s all about the tips. So don’t forget to tip your tour guide and the driver ! YeaMan!
Thumbs up for Pants !
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Elaine P
巴西圣保罗11 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
Infelizmente não tivemos boas experiências em Ocho Rios, todos os moradores locais querem arrancar cada centavo dos turistas, no White River queriam cobrar $160,00 dólares para (2 adultos e 2 crianças) navegar por 15 minutos, quando falamos que estava muito caro simplesmente riram com desdém, nas lojas ou quiosques nas ruas nada tem preço e te cobram o quanto querem, $7 dólares um chaveiro oxidado... e por aí vai. Pessoas te abordam a cada passo que dá, querem vender qualquer coisa, fazer tranças nos cabelos e quando negamos eles simplesmente te seguem perguntando se não temos dinheiro utilizando tom de voz ameaçador ou ironizando. Não recomendo esta cidade, infelizmente a pobreza levou o povo (na sua grande maioria) a ser mal caráter.
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David D
乔治亚萨凡纳593 条分享
It was part two of our excursion, the river was very clear and very refreshing. The guides were there to help anyone who needed. There were two bars in the middle of the river, they sold Red Stripe Beer and Rum Punch. It was worth the 90 minute ride from Falmouth.
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德国奥尔登堡1,322 条分享
Der White River bietet verschiedene Attraktionen, der kostenpflichtige Strand an der Mündung, die beschauliche Strecke davor mit Kurzstrecken-Bamboo-Rafting und direkt am Ufer liegenden einfachen Fischrestaurants. Dort kann man viele Vogelarten ganz nah fotografieren, weil sie auf der Lauer von leckeren Fischabfällen warten. weiter oberhalb fließt der Fluss durch einige Blue holes und bekommt davon auch im Unterlauf die Türkise Färbung. Im Oberlauf ist der Fluss recht bewegt und strömungsreich mit kleinen Wasserfällen.
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4 条分享
This is more of a workout, with a few little rapid areas. Everyone travels as a group down the river. The guides did a great job keeping us safe. But I think we were looking more for a lazy river and enjoying some beverages (drinking not recommended during tubing)
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Bristol, VA143 条分享
2022年1月 • 好友
Did a bamboo raft for two. The area was dirtier than I expected. Our guide was good, but not very talkative. We stopped at an island where loud music was blaring with some pretty rough language (if you have kids). Then we turned around and went to the ocean where a few vendors followed you around. Based on the photos, I think we expected a bit more relaxing and more than a little trip up and down the river surrounded by trash and vendors who wouldn’t leave you alone.
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Joe G
5 条分享
In Jamaica for the holidays, and were hoping this would make for a relaxing morning. It did not disappoint! Yes there are a few small rapids but easily handled by all of us including our three kids (9 to 18). Our guides Kevin and Devin had us laughing the whole trip down the river. They were helpful and attentive and kept an especially close eye on the smaller ones. Would do this again in a heartbeat.
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Robyn Q
弗吉尼亚弗吉尼亚海滩59 条分享
We had the best time rafting the White River. Our guide was Beckham and he did a fantastic job keeping us engaged providing us with a history lesson on our journey. If you go, please request him you will not be disappointed.
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