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Just go! You won’t regret it. From the ride up, the pool, the water slides, everything!!!! Great place for kids, teens and those refusing to acknowledge their age like me, that’s where you want to make a must do on your vacation, One of my favorite memories,
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Miss D
英国大伦敦22 条分享
Very beautiful! the tour guides were quite humorous professional and were good at making you at ease
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Guayaquil34 条分享
Absolutely beautiful up at Mystic Mountain, get there early to avoid queues for the rides. Ziplining and bobsled were highlights and also the rid up and down on the gondola ride.
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Hello cmariab! Thank you very much for visiting us, we are sure your recommendations will help future guests. Regards,
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Debra D
牙买加蒙特戈贝18 条分享
I have only been here once. I really don't like heights like that. with feet dangling and only a bar in front of you climbing hundreds of feet up in the air. when you do get to the top though they have a wonderful restaurant, lovely pool with a water slide and of course the infamous bobsled coaster!! its a great attraction apart from the only way i was told to get to the attractions. they also have a zipline for those adventurous people which I felt more comfortable doing than in that cable carriage with nothing but a bar.
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Hello 876Debra! We understand if you felt scared of heights going up Mystic Mountain, we do have a safety protocol in place and we have our staff making sure everything goes smooth. Thank you for letting us know your experience. Regards,
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1 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
My family and I loved the Zipline and bobsled, but it is overpriced and has false advertising. The nature trail was closed, the museum is tiny and the hummingbird area had hummingbird feeders with no fed, just bees and was about 20 sq ft. We booked from a brochure that stated lunch was included but when we arrived they said it was not.
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Hello 476leannet, Thank you very much for sharing with us your experience, we are glad that you and your family enjoyed the zip line and bobsled tours. Can you share with me through where did you get this information about lunch included? Let me know: jdaniel@rainforestadventure.com We appreciate your feedback. Best regards,
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V Freese
2 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
So much fun! We did the combo zip line, bobsled, and sky explorer with lunch and absolutely loved it!! Food was delicious and the rides and guides were awesome! We will definitely go back!
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Hello vanna664! Thank you so much for your amazing review, I can tell that the experience was great from start to finish. We look forward to welcoming you back. Best regards,
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Cj G
53 条分享
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
it's like recording your own personal action film live. the atv rides are the best for me personal. of I could pay for that 2 times I could go. the Add in the dunns river and it makes your day even better. best day of your life. alot of action and exploring but be cautious on the atv. several ppl got hurt when were there and could ride back to hotel.
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Hello Cj G! It seems that you had quite a ride at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica! Thank you for sharing with us your experience, it's great that you did all of those attractions. Regards,
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佛罗里达Crawfordville23 条分享
I love going to Mystic Mountain! The ride up ...I mean really up...in the chair lift is both absolutely beautiful and fun, but heart pounding as well if you have some concerns about height! At the top, you go bobsledding (remember Cool Runnin's with John Candy?), zip lining, swing out over the area on the Ragammuffin at dizzying heights, climb the ropes course, eat at the 5 star restaurant which has a stunning view, overlooking the town and sea . The infinity pool and slide sit up at this pinnacle as well. My favorite attraction in the Ocho Rios area
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Hello TravelingDrJane! Thank you so much for such a detailed review, we greatly appreciate your time in describing each attraction, there is plenty to do at our park :) We look forward to welcoming you again. Best regards,
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Stacy T
南卡罗来纳Williamston8 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
We did the Bobsled, Ziplines, Raggamuffin, and ropes course. The guides for the zip course were hilarious! The bobsled is similar to the mountain coasters in the USA - fast and thrilling. The Raggamuffin was also electrifying. It reminds me of the Mountain Glider in Gatlinburg, TN. The ropes course was a pleasant surprise. My family tries to conquer every ropes course we find, and this one was fun and challenging too. One of the guides on the ropes course even volunteered to take pictures of us.
We loved everything about the place except the food. It was incredibly over priced and not very tasty. My daughter’s burger was some sort of gray meat that tasted like freezer burn and roof shingles. The jerk chicken was just lightly seasoned grilled chicken. I ordered a Sprite and was poured a quarter cup of sprite and a 3/4 cup of ice with no refill, while my son ordered a Coke and was brought a bottle of Coke and cup of ice. Our server never returned. We had to ask the lady at the bar for our ticket, which was surprisingly $72 for the four of us.
One other thing, you have to take chair lifts to do everything. They don’t tell you this on the website. A lot of people (not us) were upset that this isn’t mentioned on the website.
We will hopefully get to go again someday, but we will certainly skip the restaurant.
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Hello! Thank you very much for your comment, we are very happy that you enjoyed the many activities in the park. We are glad you have photos of the activity! It is always good to leave with a good memory and a good photo too. When it comes to food, we really appreciate you telling us, we'll make sure to look at these areas for improvement and continually facilitate a better experience for everyone. Greetings,
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Nanny the Granny
10 条分享
We go to Mystic Mountain every time we go to Moon Palace Jamaica. We had the best time ever this visit because it wasn't crowded. I especially enjoyed the water slide.
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