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Jennifer R
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Don't Do It!
I purchased a tanzanite and diamond ring and one of the diamonds fell out the second time I wore it, and of course, back home in Wisconsin. I sent an email to see if there is anything they would be willing to do about this since I spent $1400 US. No response!
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Trish R
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A very good experience for a sceptical buyer .....
I don't often treat myself and am sceptical about high dollar purchases, but decided it was time I own a diamond ring. I had no intention of purchasing one abroad however, and ended up in this shop to purchase an inexpensive anklette to be honest. Well, while there, I fell in love with a white and chocolate diamond ring and long story short, I made an impulsive purchase, something again I'm not in the habit of doing.
Back home just one week, a tiny white diamond was lost and of course 'what have I done?' set in.
What happened from there on was fantastic customer service. I tried calling Mohan's collect and they offered to the operator to call me back, which they did, within 5 minutes. Within a day, I had FedEx paperwork in hand from them to send the ring to a jeweler in New York City (I am Canadian), and on express service, so it was there in two days. Mohan's followed up with emails to both New York and myself and the ring was back on my hand in Canada within 3 weeks - missing diamond replaced and all other diamonds fully inspected for tightening if required. I wear it absolutely every day and all has been fine since.
I know the diamond coming out wasn't good - but let's face it, things can happen. It was how Mohan's responded that restored my faith. Calls at their expense, shipping at their expense, constant follow-ups to reassure me and a genuine expression of being sorry and wanting to make things right.
I get compliments on the ring ALL the time. It is absolutely beautiful and backed by a great retailer. Thank you Mohan's, I will be back for another piece one day!
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牙买加金斯敦6 条分享
Fragrance paradise
If you're looking for gifts for that special person or for just family or friends check them out. Prices are affordable and the the staff are friendly and helpful. You can also shop for diamonds and watches too.
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Elsa Marion L
密苏里圣路易斯5 条分享
Visit Mohan's Duty Free Shop
Mohan's Duty Free Shop is located in Soni's Plaza, Ocho Rios and the owner, Mohan, and his staff are very gracious and welcoming upon entering the store. They listen to your needs and give wonderful service. You are not given to feel pressured at any time during your visit. I have no hesitation in recommending Mohan's to anyone going to Jamaica with the desire of buying beautiful jewelry pieces. Their prices are wonderful and the pieces - outstanding.I know them personally and as such, can recommend them highly.
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德克萨斯州普莱诺3 条分享
RIP off establishment BEWARE
Visited in 2018 at their another location in trelawn falmouth with the royal Caribbean cruise line . It was our 25th anniversary and I bought my wife a 1 carat diamond solotaire ring set in 14 karat gold setting which they claimed as a Tiffany setting . The owner / manager Omar gave us assurance of the best quality and price.
On returning home and getting the diamond appraised by our gemologist we were told that it was a lab created diamond that’s grown in the laboratory and it is not a natural diamond , our gemologist termed it as a CVD diamond . We thought of taking a second opinion and to our disappointment it was a lab created diamond . We were told that’s it’s of no value and secondly the setting was not a Tiffany . I tried contacting the establishment several times but the emails were ignored . I contacted our cruise line royal Caribbean and they would not back up the purchase as it is not one of the recommended stores by the cruise ship . I would ask everyone to be BEWARE OF THIS RIP OFF ESTABLISHMENT MOHANS AND DIAMIND COLLECTION
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Maxster K
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Another great buy!
2018年4月 • 好友
I just wanted to thank you (Sophia and Shaun) again for helping me with the 2.75 ct diamond and white gold bracelet purchase! Guess what, I got my appraisal back and I am ecstatic! The appraisal was higher than I expected! Thanks again for your help, you all really did give me a good deal! I will be back and telling friends about you at Mohan's! If you are in Ocho Rios, you must stop at Mohan's! I purchased a 1.62 ct white gold diamond ring back around 2006 and it is still shining like new and matches the bracelet! Mohan's is the best for jewelry deals!
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Tyson H
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2016年8月 • 家庭
We visit multiple areas of Jamaica a few times a year. We shop in the same area of Ochi every time we go.
The staff at Morhans Duty Free makes our experience so awesome every time. Our last trip I bought a ring and unfortunately I had to send it off for a repair. BUT I was repaired and returned promptly and I couldn't be happier. Thanks especially to Rony for helping the process move smoothly. See u guys again soon RESPECT
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Lynne F
Brentwood1 条分享
Very friendly staff
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We came across Mohan's on a shopping trip during our stay at Runaway Bay and were actually looking for a watch for my husband. I came away with a beautiful diamond ring, which I am so pleased with. We had a great time chatting to the helpful staff and would recommend them to anyone looking for a nice piece of jewellery to bring home with them. They even cleaned my own rings for me and delivered them back to our hotel. Would definitely visit them again in the future. Highly recommended.
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英国斯温西11 条分享
Concerned at this moment in time...
2016年2月 • 夫妻情侣
In Feb I bought a diamond ring. I asked for the diamond to be set into a yellow gold setting ( it was displayed in white gold). I completed all the paperwork as requested and was told that I would receive the certificate for the diamond in due course. Today is 18th of April and nothing has been received. The setting is now fading from the yellow colour to a white colour ( making me thing the setting might have been coloured). I e mailed the company two days ago and haven't had a reply.
I'll update if I receive anything from the company.
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Isabelle B
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Excellent service & beautiful jewelry - we keep coming back!
2015年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Our first visit at Mohan's was a couple of years ago. We purchased a beautiful chocolate and white diamonds engagement ring. It's a unique ring and I've received many compliments. This year, we went back to Jamaica for our wedding and honeymoon. We visited Mohan's again. Sean helped us to have a wedding band custom made to match the engagement ring. It is beautiful!

Sean and my husband secretly worked out a surprise purchase for my 40th birthday a month later. It's a white gold ring with black and white diamonds. The ring is gorgeous!

So far, we've purchased 3 rings from Mohan's. The service is excellent and the jewelry is fabulous! Cannot wait to return next year ;)
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