Panoramic Route (Ruta Panoramica)

Panoramic Route (Ruta Panoramica)(波多黎各)

Panoramic Route (Ruta Panoramica)

Panoramic Route (Ruta Panoramica)

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Christopher N
肯塔基路易斯维尔5 条分享
The long way to El Ranchero Original
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Loved this road! Used Google maps to attempt to stay on track. Was still a challenge! Travelled from West to East. Leaving the third major town, we came upon complete shutdown due to road construction. A little disappointed but we still had a 1 1/2 hour drive to El ranchero local off the pork highway and it was getting late. So we took highway the rest of the way.
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田纳西查塔努加23 条分享
Not worth the stress
I just finished the full length in 7 hours. It took a bit longer because several times I got of the route. I am pretty good with directions, but the majority of the intersections (which is probably over 100) lack signage to tell you which road to take to stay on the Ruta Panorámica. It would take only a little effort on the part of the tourism department to add Ruta Panorámica signage at each intersection. Then it dawned on my why they haven't done this. The road is not really set up for heavy traffic. Heck, it isn't even set up for light traffic.

There are a few interesting highlights along the way, but none worth the stress of driving the route. For me the most interesting landmark was the La Torre De Piedra, an observation tower built in the 1930s by the CCC workers.

I drove it on a Sunday, which turns out to be a party day for many motorcycle riders. There was at least two intersections where it took me more than 10 minutes to proceed because of the large number of motorcycle riders milling around in front of a local bar.
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田纳西Mount Juliet1,035 条分享
This is your warning...
I was really looking forward to driving this for most of its length. Actually, my husband drives and I get to enjoy the views. We started in the east from Yabucoa, and followed it until the lechonarias at Cayey. Unfortunately, it was white knuckle for nearly the entire 2 hours just that piece took us to drive. My husband couldn't enjoy any views because of needing to keep his eyes peeled for the numerous potholes and discontinuous asphalt areas, as well as avoid drivers taking up more than their fair share of the narrow, twisty road. Also, at some points the road felt either straight up or straight down, and at peaks, we literally crept over the top, hoping we'd see where the road went before the car started rolling.

The verdant greenery is gorgeous and the few vistas you can see are breathtaking, but unfortunately the road is also breathtakingly scary and bad. You've been warned! (we've driven on many Caribbean islands where the roads aren't the greatest, but this was really poor and ultimately not enjoyable)
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缅因州不伦瑞克63 条分享
The problem is..
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We started from the west coast in Victoria and went to Adjuntas. There was only one place where we could comfortably take a photo because the road is treacherous and so overgrown you can barely see the overlooks. Adjuntas was disappointing-cramped and no decent restaurants. Trying to leave town heading toward Mayaguez, we got way up into the hills only to discover the road was closed. We had to backtrack and our journey was much longer than it should have been. Ugh
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3 条分享
Great ride, but warning for motorcycles!
We had a fantastic day on this ride, but wanted to warn people on motorcycles that as of Jan 2020 there are dangerous conditions for motorcyclists on the section of route 128 around km markers 27-30. There was a landslide recently that they've mostly cleared up, but the mud is still washing onto the road from the hillside, making for extremely slick conditions in that area, especially if it's raining. Please use extreme caution, and only go on this section if you are an experienced motorcycle rider. If you are beginner to intermediate, please wait until it's dry before going, and proceed very slowly. But please don't let that keep you from doing this spectacular ride!! It's amazing!
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Joy S
波多黎各阿雷西沃1 条分享
Great day trip
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
If you love an adventure, this road trip will not disappoint. The curvy mountain road takes you through the countryside, and at some points along the route every curve opens up to a spectacular view! Do stop to take photos along the way (we even stopped to pick some star fruit growing along the side of the road!)
One thing to keep in mind... start your adventure early in the day because you really don't want to be driving up in the mountains when the afternoon rains come (most days around 3 pm). Pack your snacks and beverages, we didn't see many cafes or restaurants along the way.
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德国纽伦堡11,171 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Been around many spots in the Island with panoramic views and I love it. Through the west coast is my favorite
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密苏里Florissant938 条分享
Perhaps a bit too much of an adventure...
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We drove the Ruta Panoramica from Adjuntas eastward to Aibonito.

This route sounded like a great experience "on paper". In reality, though, it is a very bad road that is traveled by even worse drivers. I've done a lot of driving in remote areas with underdeveloped roads, and I usually enjoy the "adventure", but this one was an exception. This might be the case just because of the long length. What makes that bad is that, once you're on the road, there are few options to get off that don't take just as long as staying on it.

There are a few good parts. The "rest area" at the top (see pictures) was clean and provided a place to get food and drinks. I honestly have no idea which little village it was near - there are so many nondescript villages along the route. There was indeed a panoramic view from that location. The drive is so nerve-wracking, though, that no other views can be enjoyed. The driver must keep their eyes peeled in case of vehicles coming the other way and not staying on their side. No doubt, Toro Negro would have been nice, but it hasn't reopened since the hurricane.

Just in case poor roads (bumpy, poorly marked, narrow, sometimes gravel, overgrown with weeds, extremely twisty, etc.) and poor drivers (follow no rules, drive in the middle, etc.) weren't enough, in most places along the route the signage is poor or nonexistent. Sometimes we'd see a post where a sign might have blown down in high winds, but often there just wasn't any sign. If it weren't for phone maps, there were many times we would have been asking for directions in broken Spanish. My wife didn't enjoy any views either because her face was glued to her phone continually so we wouldn't miss a turn. Adding to the stress were the times that there was no mobile reception...

The pinnacle of fun was going around a curve to find a truck in the middle of the road, swerving to the side to avoid him, running into weeds that grew over the pavement, hitting a large rock covered by those weeds, and getting a flat tire. Fortunately, a flat bed wrecker came by shortly thereafter and we managed to explain (again with the broken Spanish) our predicament. He got us back on our way fairly quickly. Of course, we had hours yet to go to get back to "civilization". Thankfully, nothing else happened, and we were able to make it back to our hotel.

I probably can't convince you not to take this route because it really is an adventure, but at least now you've been warned.
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宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡157 条分享
Fun drive
2019年7月 • 家庭
We started driving on the highway where it meets with highway 52 in the middle part of the country. We drove from there to the Degetau lookout, then from there we drove to the Coamo Hot Springs. The route was pretty cool, you definitely get some really nice views from the mountains, but I think the drive from Camuy to San Sebastian is much crazier. I'm guessing that if you continue on Ruta Panoramica towards Toro Negro that the drive is even better, but we didn't have time to do that.
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Richard P
3 条分享
Nice views but driving can be tough
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We did some pieces of the Ruta Panorámica and enjoyed the views. Be prepared to see lots of poverty as well! And driving can be tricky because the road is windy with lots of lots of bumps. We underestimated how long it takes to get back to San Juan because it is not straightforward to get back on a decent round where you can go a little faster.
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