Isla Desecheo

Isla Desecheo(波多黎各)

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2019年6月 • 好友
De los lugares mejores para el buceo, no cabe dudas la Isla Desecheo, una visibilidad de 100 % (recomendaciones : las personas tienen que tener una vasta experiencia en el buceo o estar acompañada de una persona competente y estar bien físicamente esto obedece que en algunas ocasiones la corrientes submarinas son fuertes y pueden alejarse rápidamente de la embarcación.
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Ernest W
佛罗里达那不勒斯224 条分享
Beautiful, but Sometimes Dangerous
2013年9月 • 商务型
SUMMARY: Desecheo Island is a beautiful, if limited dive site, but it can be extremely dangerous. This is no place for novice divers [1, 2].

NAME: Desecheo Island

TITLE: “Beautiful, but Sometimes Dangerous” [Tripadvisor, review #75, 17 June 2014]

LATITUDE, LONGITUDE: 18°23’14.0”N, 67°28’18.8”W

DIFFICULTY LOCATING: Easy. The island is prominent in the view from the NW shore of Puerto Rico.

LAYOUT: This is just a big, uninhabited, rock in the Mona Passage relatively close to Puerto Rico. Usually diving is conducted on the protected south side. The locality is subject to sudden, very strong oceanic currents. There is a narrow slope in drivable depth with not much coral development, but lots of fishes. There are some shallow caves under the island, but usually each has a resident giant Green Moray [A, 2].

FISH WATCHERS: Cottonwicks [B] and Creolefish [C] are common here and rare on the main Puerto Rican island.

RECOMMENDATIONS: [I] Always go hand-by-hand down the anchor line and always return hand-by-hand up the anchor line. [II] Have a tag line trailing behind the boat. [III] Having a small, chase boat ready and in the water is advisable [3]. [IV] When hit by a sudden, strong current, face into the current [4] and hold on to something. [V] Do not go on shore unless your boat has sunk. [2, 7]

ENVIRONMENTAL: An incomprehensibly horrible and inhuman experiment was conducted on this island [2]. This resulted in the loss of the major Atlantic rookery for Brown Bobbies [D] among other things. Desecheo is controlled by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a National Wildlife Sanctuary and access to the land is restricted [2].

DANGERS: [I] I have been diving at Desecheo when there as a strong current running one direction at the surface, another one in a different direction in mid-water, and a 3rd one in a different direction on the bottom [2]. [II] Some fellow pirates (Charlie, Pat, etc.) reported coming up from a night dive at Desecheo. A sudden strong current (+1 knot) hit them and all they could do was hold on to the anchor line until it quit. [5] [III] An organization with the best-trained, best-equipped, most experienced, and with the most safety requirements and precautions of any divers in the world [6] have gotten in trouble at Desecheo. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you. [IV] My favorite Pirate and Captain of many of my voyages (Uchee) used to go out to Desecheo to salvage all the outboard motors from sunken boats and sell them back to their owners. It is a treacherous place even for locals. [V] There is unexploded ordinance on the island. [VI] The seas can be rough. [8]

HISTORY: We have been diving at Desecheo for almost 40 years. We have been lucky in the conditions there, but have always remained extremely cautious.

[1] I have been horrified to learn that 3 or 4 dive shops on the NW coast are taking novice divers to Desecheo Island [2]. Some of these divers have contacted me for advice. I told them not to go. They went anyway and were lucky. The dive shops will kill someone eventually [2].
[2] Desecheo Island is a Horror Movie just waiting for a good script.
[3] I would run a line from the anchor line to the stern for novice divers.
[4] If you turn your face away from a current of 5 or more knots, it will rip your mask off your face.
[5] A diver cannot swim against a current of more than 1 knot.
[6] I refuse to embarrass them by identification. I have great admiration for their work, sacrifices, and dedication. Anyone can screw up (This is sort of the First Rule of Diving).
[7] The terrain is steep, difficult and desolate. Some, potentially lethal, remnants of the horrible experiment may still be around. These are said to have been eradicated, but that was what they said after the first two attempts.
[8] The Mona Passage is the most treacherous piece of water in the Caribbean.

[A] Green Moray, Gymnothorax funebris, an easily recognizable eel. It’s bad reputation for biting is not deserved. If you leave it alone, it will show you the same courtesy.
[B] Cottonwick, Haemulon melanurum, typical grunt, but with a black, diagonal bar across the base of the tail (caudal peduncle) and on top of the tail (caudal fin)
[C] Creolefish, Paranthirus furcifer, a small, streamlined grouper in the water column
[D] Brown Bobby, Sula leucogaster, is a large, brown seabird
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乔治亚Jesup13 条分享
Amazing Dive
2013年10月 • 好友
Took a charter from Rincon to Desecheo for some diving, dove Candyland and Fish bowl. Saw a nurse shark, some spotted drum, all kinds of tropicals. Excellent visibility, and pristine waters. This was a great dive. Currents at the surface were quite strong so you need to follow your dive plan closely. Fish bowl had a lot of swim through opportunities as well as all the aquatic life.
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Deb C
Ostrander, Ohio, United States177 条分享
Awesome diving location
2014年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This was my first real dive after being certified. I was nervous, but once under the water and could see for at least 100 feet I became comfortable. It was really pretty and had some great things to see. I won't go into too much detail because you really have to see it for yourself. You will love it.
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Best place for west coast PR diving IMO
If you are going to dive west coast PR this is the one to do. Typically they take you around Candyland but sometimes closer near the quasi cave outcroppings.
Excellent dive location and well worth the effort for this trip (and it is an effort).
Pro: awesome dive spot
1. Only dive operator is Taino Divers. While staff is great the trip requires a lot more effort than a typical resort type dive. Usually you have to help load the tanks on the boat, load/unload equipment, etc.
2. The trip to the island is about 40 min each way.
3. One side of boat splashes hard especially on return trip. Trust me you don't want to be on this side on the way back. I have seen some divers swear not to come back just because of this and it is nothing the dive operator can control.

My wife have dived here about 5 times with Taino. They are a great dive shop however know that this is not a pampered dive trip like you may be accustomed to. :)

Taino actually has a good restaurant to eat at when you get back. Food is onpar for what we would eat in mainland US. :)
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南卡罗来纳Moore5 条分享
Best Scuba Location in the World
2011年7月 • 夫妻情侣
I haven't been able to find a better dive spot, and I have been to some really nice spots. However, the locals say Mona Island is better and I have yet to go there. Unbelievable visibility, fantastic coral formations, sunlit caverns and cobalt blue seas make it for me.
Taino Divers made the trip even better with very professional service.
I am an Advance Diver with over 90 dives & my wife fell in love with diving here after just being my Dive Buddy before.
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加利福尼亚纳帕16 条分享
Awesome Scuba Spot
2011年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Went here with Taino Divers. Got my Open Water scuba certification with these guys and man was it a great time.

They told us funny stories about the island like how it used to be inhabited by monkeys that were let loose as an experiment.

Also some nifty mini wreck dives and beautiful corals right below. If you get a chance to dive there I reccommend a spot called Candy land, right past the Fan forest.

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Rockford, IL40 条分享
Very nice snorkeling location
Desecheo Island is a US National Wildlife Refuge off the west coast of Puerto Rico. The activity that it presents is diving and snorkeling, not going on the island itself.
My brother and I went there with Taino Divers out of Rincon for about $95 per person. The boat ride to the island takes about 30-40 minutes. The visibility is very good and there is a lot of marine life to see. I saw a turtle and lots of fish including some barracudas. Some others saw a shark and stingrays.
The boat stopped at two places on the south side of the island for us to snorkel for a couple hours. Although you are not supposed to walk around the island because of unexploded bombs, they said we could swim up on the beach. The crew said there are monkeys on the island. There are also unexploded bombs in the water, which you can see if you want to. The crew was nice and food and refreshments were provided. If you are looking for a nice snorkeling or diving trip this place is certainly worth considering.
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Michigan95 条分享
Desecheo excellent
Dived the wall off Parguera with Parguera divers and Desecheo with Ocean Encounters. Both were good, and I would recommend either, but I thought Parguera Divers was one of the best dive operators I have seen (intelligent, professional, friendly). The visibility was excellent, but the wall (first dive) was only ok as compared to the best I've seen in the Caribbean. The second (shallower) dive was better and I had the impression that the diving is good there as long as you don't feel compelled to do a wall simply because it is a wall. Desecheo was excellent (the visibility was excellent but not as good as Parguera) and is as good as Kleine Curacao, Islas del Rosario, or Turks and Caicos. The trip over was far calmer than Parguera and would recommend them as the ones to dive Desecheo. They are very friendly.I heard a lot of negative comments about another dive operator off the east coast. Almost all seem to do some spear fishing.
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