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Adalberto V
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galapagos del caribe
2015年12月 • 好友
isla entre puerto rico y republica dominicana, isla coralina, reselva natural , cuevas fenomenales , como retroceder en el tiempo, mona derivado del cacique taino amona, hay muchos vestigios indigenas , fauna solo de la isla higuanas , cobos, aves ,plantas,, hay una estacion de biologos y policia de puerto rico, puente entre las islas durante la colonia española, como una pelicula jurasica , algo fuera de este mundo..las aguas que lo rodean son cristalinas, desobe de carey, un paraiso en este mundo.solo adultos , recuerda tierra virgen , muchos solpresas , no vive nadie solo estaciones de biologos y policia, tienes que llevar todo , para sobrevivir, no existe el modernismo eres tu y la naturaleza..
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Mona Island is also know as the Galapagos of the Caribbean. The only human habitants are scientist. There are 2 beaches for camping, Pajaros y Sardinera. You must call the Natural Resources Department to make a reservation (787) 999-2200. The night cost $10 per night per person. There is no electricity or water, only in the one of the two beaches were the island personnel stays. You must find your way there by contacting a water taxi. There are a couple of companies in Cabo Rojo. I can recommend you one, is called Tourmarine (787) 375-2625. Is not cheap but if you make your own group you can lower your ticket price. For your consideration the journey takes about 3 hours one way but it is worth it. You will experience the best snorkeling/diving you've ever seen because the island is protected from fishing and there are rivers that can turn the water dark. Visibility is like 100 feet. If you like to hike, then you will be in Disney. You must be guided during your hiking. The temperature are extreme and dehydration is as normal as getting lost. You can enjoy caves and sea views that will make you realize how is worth living. Enjoy your inner you at this paradise.
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The Last Virgin of all the Islands
2013年3月 • 好友
Isla th Mona is a remote Island that untill almost 60 yrs ago it used to belong to the Dominican Republic, it is roghly 40 miles from their cost and about 51 miles from Puerto Rico but The president of Santo Domingo thru a treaty with Puerto Rico gave the Diminutive Island to the PR,(US) Goverment, it was almost over run by Wild Goats and Wild Boars untill the Natural Resourses of PR started giving permits to Hunters to hunt for a specific number of animals every year to control the population, it is also one of a handfull of places that have real Comodo Dragons roaming in the wild, but because of their sorrounding and no natural predators they dont have the bacteria gland, they are HIGHLY protected and even are numbered and have microships on them so if you harm one of them you will be looking at a long federal PRISON term. No running water or Electriciti, stay on tents, bring your own food, almost like the show Survivors.
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