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上午9:00 - 下午6:30
上午9:00 - 下午6:30
上午9:00 - 下午6:30
上午9:00 - 下午6:30
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Isaac V
波多黎各圣胡安15 条分享
Ongoing service decline. Not the place to go if you wanna relax
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Started with my initial email to approach them to purchase and secure an actual appointment. To the actual transaction and the services received. A few before August 22nd I reached out to them directly via email to try and secure an appointment for Thursday, August 29. This was a special day because it was our 23rd wedding anniversary. The email response just simply said that I need to call in to make a reservation and they cannot do anything via email. So I called them on August 22nd and made an appointment, but had to pay the amount in full for the services in advance for a couples massage. We purchase the “ me time” package
I explained that I was not interested in the manicure and pedicure session that was a part of the package rather if we could just add reflexology instead. The person that I talk to agree that it would be a deep tissue massage and they were going to be providing me with some hot stones treatment and reflexology. She also mentioned a comment about either champagne or a snack. I did not pay too much attention to that. After the phone call and the spa quickly charging my credit card, I did not receive an email or a certificate of purchase for this transaction. Due to the potential tread of hurricane Dorian coming to Puerto Rico, we thought it would be best to cancel our appointment for Thursday, August 29. The first time I call to try and cancel it they tell me they were planning on staying open. I thought that was a little odd. At the moment I did not wanted to are you so days later My wife called to change the appointment for the following Tuesday which would be September 3rd. They told my wife that the services would begin at 1 PM but please come in at 12:30pm so you can use the steam room and pool. When we arrive at the facility in Dorado. The first thing the receptionist asked me was for the certificate. I explain to her that on August 22 my credit card was charged $256.45 and the person to handle the transaction never mention anything about a certificate or anything regarding a receipt for the transaction. However, I had proof that my bank account was charged. Not wanting to ask me for any evidence they quickly passed us through the 1st waiting area while they pretended to sort things out. We waited 15 minutes in the initial waiting area. I got up and went to the front reception very mad again to ask them what’s going on. We came in early so that we can use the steam room and other facilities has these services were part of the package and was agreed upon when I spoke to the person on August 22. They still had confusion about our package and about the timeline. After a few more minutes the young lady came back with the keys for both ladies and men’s locker. This point I was very upset. When we got to the steam room, to my surprise it was not working. I’ve been coming to the spa for at least five years, I have to say the last three years I’ve been using it they don’t run the steam room. We are not off to a good start. Nothing is more unattractive than a cold wet dark room without steam. Anyways after a while Allowing time for the steam to fill, the wife and I were happy. Since they originally told us that at 1 PM we would be getting a massage, quickly we got out of the steam room and we shower and went to the Second waiting room so that we can be call for a couples massage. It’s unfortunate that we did not have sufficient time to spend there. It’s disappointed like I said every time we go to the steam room is always of and just cold.
We waited for 30 minutes. They had us apparently scheduled for 1:30pm, not 1 PM
and never said anything. You come to called premium spa for relaxation and that is not what we got!!! When they finally called us for massage, my wife and I were very disappointed. First of all both young ladies that serviced us, never ask us if we had any trouble areas or if we needed to focus on any particular areas. In Previous years that has been the norm at this spa and in the actual industry is customary to ask the customer. When the services started it was too late to say it but it was just an oily rubdown. We did not get the deep tissue massage that it was discussed at the time of the booking on August 22nd The reflexology that was performed to both my wife and I was very poor, not really working the nerve points and endings on the foot. Appears that they were very unexperienced, or they didn’t did not have a clue as to what was our expectation. They did not ask yes they knew what we were in for. This was supposed to be a special day, our anniversary. We left more stressed out and disappointed than you could imaging. Upon leaving they asked us if everything was OK. It was so disappointing that we just kept silence. The fact that the appointment ran 30 to 45 minutes late because they failed to communicate the timeline accordingly, also made us late for picking up our son from school. We have spent thousands of dollars at the spa last five years. After ruining what is supposed to be a nice anniversary date, the spa made us late
For picking up our son from school, I have to say that this is my last time. I’m not sure what is going on there but even the fact that we speak Spanish they treat us differently than when we speak English. We know it to be true because of the early days coming to the facility. It’s also disappointing that we have seen a big service declined and all you care about is to sell you Packages after your massage. Anyways I hope this feedback is useful for someone as I don’t recommend this spa anymore.
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Anthony T
波多黎各多拉多56 条分享
¡¡¡A otro Nivel!!!
2019年3月 • 家庭
Llegué aquí para darme un masaje en lo que atendían mi hija. Me atendió Yadrielys, y le diré que es a otro nivel. El Trato, el masaje, hasta el Té es RIQUÍSIMO. Me dieron un masaje atlético que me dejaron Nuevo. Yo había asistido a sitios (Spa's) para masajes Atleticos/Deep Tissue.

De verdad que lo recomiendo. La atención, en trato, todo me doy un 100%.
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纽约州纽约市299 条分享
Nice spa but not sure about my experience (felt cheated just a little)
2018年10月 • 独自旅游
I wanted this to be the highlight of my solo trip to Puerto Rico. It looks and smells lovely but in terms of communication and service, it was okay. I originally booked for 11:30AM but when i called back the girl on phone assured me she moved it to 2:30pm because i had a prior engagement. This was not done. I paid for the ultimate experience with massage, facial and mani pedi and because they wanted to rush and fit me in my service, everything was rushed to make up for mistake instead of offering me a cheaper service. I had a quick 5 to 10 minutes with sauna and whirl pool combined. I did not get a welcome snack and I had to ask for something to drink. My facial was nice and the massage was just decent. I appreciate that some of the ladies spoke English and that they tried.I also had a rushed mani pedi. If you look close at my hands, great color but there was no cleaning or removing of excess skin and both hands and feet had spots that started to bleed. I also did not receive the paraffin. After reading some of the reviews of the other women its kind of disheartening which is why i went from a 4 rating to 3. It was my birthday! I will not mention names I just wish if there was not enough time for all of it they would have done better to take less money instead of giving me an unfulfilling service. The worst part is i asked not for my card to be charged as i was going to pay cash and to have it noted. I re mentioned it when i checked in. I was told when leaving that the card charge is automatic and i can't pay cash. I think a little more practice with how to handle customer service situations and when to say sorry we messed up, here is a cheaper service would go along way. I may or may not try this spa again. If i do it will be because the decor and actual facility was so nice and the ladies all were super sweet.
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Sylvia DrSoul Fernandez
波多黎各圣胡安9,386 条分享
They all made me feel Like A Queen!
2018年9月 • 独自旅游
This review is for the Río Piedras Nouvelle D’Spa and it was great!

My boyfriend gifted me a Gift Certificate “Get Renewed” and it included so many services and a small snack with sauna and small heated pool... I was there from 9am-2pm!! I had a massage, foot reflexology, eye treatment, manicure and pedicure with parafina for the feet, I went into the pool and took a shower! The snack was nice and light and there were also dried fruits and teas, juices and lemon water all you would like! The place looks small but the space is very well used and comfortable, at least on a week day! They offer many more services and have valet parking with a lovely man. The massage therapist Limaris was the BEST massage I’ve ever received! And Daimi helped with mani and pedicures and eye treatment surely knew what she was doing and was very patient, helpful and professional! The whole experience made me feel like a Queen! The lady that helps with keeping the place so clean was also very kind and so helpful, she’s the true magic behind the scenes! The young red headed woman in te front desk and long black hair (didn’t get their names) were also a big part in making my experience a really enjoyable and relaxing one! The whole place was so clean! Immaculately clean and the aroma and music really helped me relax! Thank you All!!! My mother and sisters will probably come by more often! I travel tomorrow for some months!! Thanks!! Sylvia
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Tameka G
1 条分享
Great spa experience!
2018年8月 • 家庭
My daughter and I had the "A day off" spa package which included massages, facials, mani/pedi. We had a lovely day and was pampered from start to finish. When we return to vaca in P.R., we'll be sure to visit again.
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波多黎各圣胡安42 条分享
Excellent for married couples!
The service, elegance, professionalism is good. The massages are very professional and experienced. It exceeded the expectation of my wife and mine. I recommend it.
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Marta L
波多黎各Vega Baja61 条分享
Momento de relajacion
2017年4月 • 独自旅游
Primera visita lugar invita relajación trato amable del personal y cordial .Precios razonables para servicios q ofrece. En todo momento buscan complacer Disfruta de sauna, piscina, masaje , snack
Mejorar area pedicura un poco incomoda
Por lo demas bien
Atencion en horario pautado
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波多黎各多拉多90 条分享
Muy bueno y relajante
2017年2月 • 独自旅游
Todo estuvo muy bueno. Mi cita era a las 2:30 y llegue unos minutos antes y me pasaron puntual. La chica bien amable me explico todo. Iba a redimir un paquete que se llamaba Delicious & Relaxing Ritual Spa, el mismo incluía de 15 a 30 min en la piscina (la misma tenia burbujas y estaba un poco caliente), luego se supone que entrabas al sauna (cosa que no pude hacer, ya que el estaban remodelando), luego entrabas al salón de té y consumías unas meriendas, 55 min de masaje con aceites y exfoliante (tu podías escoger la fragancia del mismo), luego manicura (no pude disfrutar de la misma, ya que actualmente tengo uñas acrílicas) y luego una merienda (en mi caso fue yogurt con frutas y champagne).

Lo único que no me gusto fue que no me dieron un
"rain check" por no haber podido utilizar el sauna y pensé que me iban a intercambiar la manicura por una pedicura y no lo hicieron. La mismo lo pensé, ya que actualmente tengo uñas acrílicas en la manos. Pensé me podían haber ofrecido un "rain check" para hacerme la manicura en otro momento (cuando ya no tuviera las acrilicas) o solo intercambiar por pedicura. Solo me pusieron parafina en las manos. Entiendo que fue un poco injusto, ya que en esa parte no pude utilizar el certificado de regalo en su totalidad.
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波多黎各Guaynabo3 条分享
Relax, relax, relax !!
2016年10月 • 独自旅游
Great place for relaxation. Received paraffin treatment for hands and feet. Sauna and jacuzzi included in service are free. Bathing suit required if you want to use sauna and jacuzzi . Call for reservation. Nice experience. Great staff, facilities , very clean. Near Aquarius and Embassy Suites Hotel. Located in Plaza Dorada Shopping , 787-796-6200.
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波多黎各38 条分享
Nice spa day with a friend
2016年12月 • 夫妻情侣
A friend invited me for a spa day, including massage with mani-pedi. It began with a sauna and short time in the pool. It was a nice experience but I guess I expected a bit more pampering and relaxation instead of just going from one service to the next. I understand that it's a business but I was a bit disappointed. It wasn't as warm and welcoming as I imagine a spa should be.
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