Soufriere Bay

Soufriere Bay(圣卢西亚)


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佛罗里达226 条分享
True Caribbean
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
When we travel to the islands of the Caribbean, it’s the local life that we are most interested in. We want to see what the locals see, and experience it first hand. If you are in St. Lucia, Soufriere will give you just that, and the scenery at the base of the Pitons is breathtaking.
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Lolly’s Look
纽约州纽约市12,674 条分享
Soufriere Bay
We took a sea and land tour that included time on the water by boat in Soufriere Bay. We also were dropped on Sugar Beach to enjoy snorkeling and the sunset. It was a special day and we enjoyed the experience.
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宾夕法尼亚Leola32 条分享
Stay away
Soufriere is NOT safe. People are rude and old men try to stop and take your money. They may try to tell you this is a friendly place. IT IS NOT! People park on the wrong side of the very tiny road and then expect some tourist who is not familiar with driving on the left to navigate around them and the two-foot drop off ditch. People just walk out in front of you. Cars driving way too fast and taking their half out of the middle of the road. We will NEVER come back to St. Lucia!
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伊利诺伊州Highland Park213 条分享
Lovely Volcano
Mount Soufriere is the largest active volcano in the Caribbean and a must see photo opportunity for any traveller.
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科罗拉多丹佛82 条分享
Easy access in and out
2019年12月 • 家庭
The harbor and pier were easily accessed by the boat and the people were very welcoming. The restaurants and accommodations nearby were very nice too.
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Phoebe R
英国德比郡12 条分享
Great beach
2019年12月 • 家庭
We came here almost every day on our holiday. Well priced beds and beers on a beautiful beach. The fishcakes from one of the little shops were delicious!!

The snorkeling is good, there is a cave full of bats that you can swim right up to and hear and see the bats.

The beach is totally free and public. There is no obligation to rent beds etc

There is free and plentiful parking, although it is not busy at all.

The shower and bathroom facilities are very nice and cost $1 to use.
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Ehrin C
纽约州Port Jefferson Station7 条分享
Tour through Coconut Bay Resort
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Absolutely breathtaking volcano- magical mystery. Great hot spring and mud bath. Simply amazing tour. Our diver IaN (through the resort) Explained everything g about the town on the way. Highly recommended. The volcano is magical to see.
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Brent G
加拿大新斯科舍7 条分享
Beautiful Views and Beautiful People
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣

The Soufriere area itself was as picturesque a place as we had ever been. The view from our villa's balcony, or any of the areas beaches is perhaps the nicest in the world. There is an abundance of things to do in the area also..take a water-taxi from the Hummingbird Resort to Anse Chatenet beach or Sugar Beach (thanks Chavonne!), stroll through the historic Public Gardens or soak in the hot springs at the New Jerusalem baths..or take the bus up the mountain from the unit and visit Asa at the Morne Tabac Rainforest Trail and Parrot Sanctuary (seriously: an affordable hidden-gem...the bus drivers will know where to drop you). Or better yet..haggle a price for a day-trip and go to a bunch of sights with a meal included (look for "Captain Peter" sitting in the bushes in front of the Hummingbird Resort most evenings...seriously good guy and great deals). So much to do there!
The town of Soufriere itself is rough, a lot of people there have almost nothing and a lot target tourists to make their money. Visitors are advised to be smart travellers..that being said: the people are beautiful and warm as soon as you open up to them or start conversations with them. There was some negatives but so many positives and we enjoyed our time there immensely!
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英国切尔滕纳姆200 条分享
Pretty bay but limited attractions
2019年7月 • 家庭
I had higher hopes for soufriere town centre but was disappointed. I’d like to give it the benefit of the doubt that we visited on a challenging day for the place. Lots of people hanging around in the main streets and someone tried to stop our car progressing so we were feeling a bit unsure and didn’t get out. It wasn’t obvious where we could park either. This place has such promise for tourism development but I failed to see it if it was there. I hope we just missed it. The falls and springs nearby are worth visiting even if you don’t stop here.
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佛罗里达226 条分享
Neat place
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Gorgeous Caribbean spot, for sure. The only downside was not wanting to get out because of the unrelenting locals trying to sell their goods. I would have loved to have spent more time out and about in this little fishing village.
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