Vermont Nature Trail
Vermont Nature Trail
自然与野生动物区 • 徒步路径 • 森林

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Jane H
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2022年12月 • 夫妻情侣
We took a taxi in from our hotel in Arnos Vale to the trail. When we reached the trail office,There was only one guide available, Kian. There was no conversation about our fitness or what we were interested in before setting off. The route up the trail he chose was a steep muddy climb, very slippery and needing all your concentration. We were hoping to experience the bird life and Kian wasn't able to tell us any of the bird species and didn't point out any interesting flora or fauna. He wasn't unfriendly but he also wasn't a guide! We are fit people in our sixties but found the route he took us challenging going. There must have been some paths more suited to the wet going and very hot day!
This is a huge missed opportunity for St Vincent. We have had brilliant bird watching experiences on other islands and we would have been happy to pay for a prebooked tour with a proper guide, but our hotel did not have details of any organised trips with a qualified guide. Had we been informed that the best time to go was early morning we could have taken that into account.
Our experience was ultimately disappointing and we both just felt relieved to have completed the ascent and descent in one piece!
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Four of us hiked the ~2 mile route in about 2 hours. There were 30 informational markers pointing out different areas of interest along the trail. We'd hoped to see some of their seclusive parrots, but don't think we did. (We saw a pair of what we THINK were parrots, very high up and flying fast.) We did hear a lot of their squawking in the higher elevations. If you go, take plenty of water, as there's a bit of elevation to climb. Wear some decent shoes, to handle the muddy and / or steep sections. It was interesting to learn the different tid-bits at the placards along the trail.
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Trudy S
弗吉尼亚West Springfield3 条分享
We went on an excursion March 2 to the Vermont Nature Trail. There were 2 buses- 45 people in all with only 2 guides. That was entirely too many people for a safe and informative hike. The guide in front climbed very quickly and only about 15 people were able to keep up with him. Some people in front of us fell behind and we could not pass because the trail is narrow muddy and steep. We were so far behind we could only hear them in the distance, not see them. After a while some people started coming back saying we were only half way up to Parrot platform and that he told them we were going to be going back the same way we came up, so they were going back. At least 20 people behind our group had already dropped out and went back. We were told by one person who passed us at one point that the other guide who took the others back said it was a circle and the way down was not as steep. So, those of us in the middle continued on. We finally go to the top and there were less than 20 of us in all that had gotten that far. We said we wanted to continue on the less steep path, but the guide said we didn’t have time and we had to go back the steep path. This was very dangerous. I really didn’t get to enjoy seeing the beautiful rainforest because we had to watch every single muddy step in order not to slip down the mountain. This is not a trail for speed walking! I’m sure it would have been a lovely experience if we would have had the time to look around and enjoy it. This is why I cannot give a good rating for this excursion.
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Edit K
匈牙利布达佩斯117 条分享
beautiful nature. easy to go alone dont pay for organized tour. you spend only few bucks per head.
you can take a minivan to Vermont village from Kingstown, and walk from there. just ask the people on the street, they tell you where to search for the "bus terminal"
its a half day activity. bring water and some snacks with you.
it is a loop trail so it does not matter which direction you start. can be slippery after rain so hiking shoes or sandals recommended. otherwise is an easy walk not to demanding if you are in good physical condition. 3 hours to count approx.
luckily we did not met many ppl on the way, somehow we managed to avoid the cruise crowed. I loved it. also to sit down in the shade and just listen. we could not see the famous parrots but still it was a great experience.
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Blaine D
佛罗里达Groveland71 条分享
This was a shore excursion booked on the ship so I have no idea how to get there. But once we got there it was beautiful. The hike is mostly rough terrain in a rain forest. There is about a 400 elevation change. Not for those that have trouble walking up rough terrain. Bug repellent is a must.
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法国图卢兹79 条分享
2019年12月 • 好友
Jolie balade d’environ 4kms dans une forêt tropicale, humide et bien à l’ombre.
Prévoir au moins des tennis car ça glisse avec l’humidité ambiante.
Lieu très propre et bien entretenu donc continuez à respecter.
Pas de perroquets ce jour là mais pas déçus par la forêt et ses merveilles à découvrir.
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英国英格兰894 条分享
We walked from the cruise terminal to the bus terminal (walk along the waterfront road to the second bus terminal) and asked for the van going to Vermont Village. It costs 1US dollar each. At the village the driver said he would take us to the head of the trail for another 8 dollars, which we agreed to as we wanted to save time (being on a cruise ship). It is not necessary to do this, you can walk up from the village - we walked back down to the bus stop and it is a very pleasant walk just above the riverbed.

An entrance fee of 2US dollars is charged. Take plenty of water and insect repellant.
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Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica150 条分享
A bit to get there on your own, but worth it if you have a car. The walk starts off gentle then there are a few steep bits. But there is a point when you stop noticing how long you have been walking or the hills and valleys, it was just ever so peaceful. Did not see any parrots, heard a lot of bird noises and a few birds flew across our path. It took us 90 minutes. I am 63 and my niece 31. She said my pace did not slow her. But do it. Remember that 5 miles from Kingstown to turn off and then another 3 or 4 is not the same as Vincy miles when you have windy and narrow roads so allow the time for getting there and back.
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drei h
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2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Im Januar 2019 verdankten wir es einem Zufall, das wir an Chris geraten sind. Gebucht hatten wir im Vorfeld bei einem anderen Anbieter, der uns aber nicht selbst befördern konnte, wie ausgemacht, da wohl ein gewisses Kapazitätsproblem vorhanden war.Also schlüpften wir bei Chris mit unter, und hatten einen Ganztagesausflug vom allerfeinsten.
Allein schon die Hinfahrt zum Trail, in einem super bequemen Van, mit Stop am Fort Charlotte, war sehr interessant und höchst informativ. Immer wieder hat Chris angehalten und ist ausgestiegen, um entweder frische Früchte zu besorgen, oder uns etwas zu zeigen oder zu erklären. Da er ein sehr gut verständliches Englisch spricht klappte das mit der Verständigung hervorragend, und wir haben uns über Gott und die Welt unterhalten. Am Nature Trail angekommen, schüttete es erstmal wie aus Eimern, allerdings 500 Meter weiter rechts von uns. Über uns keine Wolke, aber Regen. Das allerdings nur kurz.Dann war Start und Chris ging voran.Immer wieder wurde angehalten und Chris erklärte sehr verständlich, die Flora und Fauna, was wirklich sehr schön war, denn so viele Informationen, auch über den kleinsten Farn, kriegt man bei keinem Aida oder MeinSchiff Ausflug geboten, was wir live erleben durften, als eine ungefähr 60 Personen umfassende Aida Truppe uns entgegenkam. Vorneweg ein Local Guide, dann 15 Minuten Entenmarsch, bis der letzte an uns vorbei war. Zum Schluss ein Aida Guide. Gesprochen wurde über alles mögliche, außer über Regenwald. Da hat man es mit Chris wirklich besser getroffen. Mit einem wirklich fantastischem Wissen über seine Insel, und seiner äußerst netten Art machte er den Ausflug zu einem wirklichen Erlebnis. Das Klima im Regenwald war wider Erwarten sehr angenehm. Man hat beim Aufstieg schon geschwitzt, allerdings hatte man den Eindruck einer leichten kühlen Brise. Das merkte man erst, wenn man in einen Bereich kam wo die Sonne durchschien. Am besten war diese Stille, die nur gelegentlich von den Schreien der Papageien, oder anderen Vögeln unterbrochen wurde. Am Ausgangspunkt zurück war dann Verkostung verschiedenster Früchte.
Auf der Rückfahrt zum Strand, hat uns Chris noch durch sein Heimatdorf gefahren, und auch hier so dies und das zum besten gegeben. Den Abschließenden Strandbesuch konnten wir in Umfang und Länge selbst bestimmen. Chris hielt sich dezent im Hintergrund, und achtete beim Baden auf unsere Sachen. Abschließend ist zu sagen, das Chris ein perfekter Guide und ein sehr cooler Typ ist. Es war ein absolut Fantastischer Tag auf ST. Vincent. Wer bisher gezögert hat, der sollte spätestens jetzt in die Tasten hauen, und bei Chris von Vincy Dove Tours eine Tour buchen.
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1 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Wir waren Ende Januar 2019 im Regenwald auf dem Vermont Natural Trail unterwegs. Führer und Fahrer war Trunos Fraser von der gleichnamigen Firma Trunos Fraser Taxi and Tours. Die Wanderung war erlebnisreich mit Dauerregen auf dem Trail. Trunos Fraser hat uns im Hafen abgeholt, war vor uns im Hafen, und hat uns hervorragend auf dem Trail geführt und uns die Besonderheiten im Regenwald erklärt. Für die Frauen hatte er Regenjacken zum ausborgen mit, nach dem Trail gab es Mango zu essen. Trunos hat die Fahrt zum Vermont Natural Trail erweitert mit dem Besuch des Fort Charlotte (nachmittags ist man fast allein dort) und mit einem Badestopp.
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