Bight Reef
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卡罗莱纳州卡瑞9 条分享
Party of 9, visited Bight Reef in August 2022. 4 adults/5 teens. Incredible snorkelling just steps into the water. You really only need a mask- I don't wear fins or the tube attachment. The reef is SO close to the beach you are almost on top of it the moment you walk in the water. We brought hammock-type floats and laid on them, just put your face in the water- it is as if you are in an actual aquarium. There is a vendor right as you walk onto the beach to rent chairs and such- but we just brought towels from our hotel and plopped down. We ate at Somewhere Cafe right on the beach, great little spot with yummy food and drinks- and really great service!!
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Aly H
堪萨斯奥拉西2 条分享
5-6 feet deep and beautiful! Bring a life jacket so you don't touch the reef and can still clear your goggles.
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Ron A
马里兰安纳波利斯85 条分享
Right off to left of the Windsong. You can circle the reef in about 40 minutes. From what I could see, most of the coral is bleached out. Some color left in the deeper section. The picture is not quite accurate. You will see plenty of varieties of fish though. I even saw 3 Lion fish together along with a Puffer. They ringed off the reef so do not cross the barrier. Is it the best reef, no. I have been to better. But the water is calm around the reef, you will see fish and the beach is nice. How does it compare to Smith Reef. Unknown. Harder to get to. We did not make it there. Bottom line, my family enjoyed snorkeling around it.
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亚利桑那格兰岱尔2 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Saw beautiful fish and so many varieties of coral. It was easy to get to, just about 10 feet off the beach. Very easy to snorkel around the reefs. Stay outside the bouys.
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Kimber P
缅因州Norway12 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Easy access with good parking. Unfortunately the bath houses and porta potties were not accessible. The reef is within 20 yards of the beach and has plenty of fish, coral and sponges creating an awesome underwater display.
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Kurt H
犹他州盐湖城408 条分享
Accessible, easy in/out water entry, and very good snorkel experience from shore. We toured Bight Reef many times over 6 days during our stay. There are already some fish in about 4-6ft of water only 30ft from shore along the inner ring of the buoys. We experienced no/little current (and 0-1ft waves)... to... moderate current (and 2-3ft waves) depending on conditions. When Grace Bay surfing forecast said we were having 3ft waves, there was definite current across the entire reef from west to east. Undoubtedly, the current could be higher. The water drops to about 20 feet deep on the far side of the ring of buoys. The areas between the ring of orange buoys around the reef and the distant white-swim-area buoys is best for seeing rays. Areas over grass beds which are not adjacent to the ropes, naturally for turtles. The total distance around the ring of buoys is about 500-600ft depending on how far you go from the ropeline, so while fins have advantages, they are not essential if you can swim well…until the wave heights/current gets higher and/or your abilities to swim aren’t as strong. There is a lot of swimming traffic and we were not there at a peak time. But, when calmer water, it doesn’t take long to see people unable to swim well trying to stand on the coral near shore (ugh), which has obvious severe impacts. Swimming traffic also pulsed with severity of waves and current. Suggest weaker swimmers use a well secured life preserver and potentially a snorkel board with a window or sea sled (or not go in over one’s head And not stand on or near anything other than sand). Several posts have potentially inaccurate info, e.g., sand on the reef, as that isn’t present now. Comments about the pictures not being accurate are themselves currently untrue, as the first 200+ pictures are all accurate (Jan. 2022) tho the best coral is distant and along the rope lines, but there may be some truth about sand on the reef after a storm. One person’s posted expectations for lifeguards and US/Canada emergency response outside of our countries isn’t realistic. Realize where you are in the world and that fatalities are more likely in the wilds (including in the US/Canada). All-in-all, a very nice snorkeling experience.
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纽约州纽约市284 条分享
There are not too many places were you can get to a snorkeling place so quickly! The reef did not disappoint and even us, inexperienced snorkelers had plenty to see!
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加拿大哈利法克斯23 条分享
I have snorkeled at Coral Gardens dozens of times over the past few years and have always thoroughly enjoyed it, have seen so many different species of fish, mammals and coral! In fact, I became complacent and sometimes went out to explore around the reef on my own. NO MORE.

Last week (December 3) I was walking down the beach in front of the reef and witnessed a group of tourists pull an unresponsive snorkeler out of the water and up onto the beach. Bystanders started CPR immediately.

The water was pretty choppy, not perfect conditions for snorkeling but there were still lots of people in the water. This man was not wearing a life jacket, nor did he seem to be with anyone else in the water. I heard someone say that he must have been in there "quite a while" before people nearby noticed that he wasn't looking down at the sealife underneath him...he was floating face down.

Here is my rant: for a higher-end destination, you would think that Providenciales would have
1. LIFEGUARDS at the most popular beaches. They say Grace Bay is the #1 beach in the world but...!! There have been NUMEROUS drownings at this exact spot over the years. WHY is there no lifeguard?

Ironically, there is sometimes a "Reef Guard" on patrol...they blow a very loud whistle if anyone ventures inside the buoys too close to the protected reef. But no lifeguard to oversee the tourists of all ages and swimming abilities who flock to this reef! The reef at Coral Gardens is one of the busiest swimming spots on the whole island. It's easy to get a false sense of security, there are always dozens of people snorkeling around you...but they are all looking down, not at the people around them. Meanwhile, there are waves, currents, 20 feet+ depths at the end of the buoys, people unfamiliar with snorkeling gear, and the occasional unexpected glimpse of larger sea life which could frighten some people. It is a recipe for disaster and I BLOWS MY MIND that there is NO ONE watching out to help keep tourists safe in this beautiful--but highly unpredictable--environment.

#2. Emergency response: It took almost a half an hour for the paramedics to arrive. The main hospital is a mere 6 kilometres away. When they finally did arrive, a paramedic walked down to the beach with a defibrillator. NO sense of urgency whatsoever. After some googling, there have been other incidents just like this one where tourists were horrified by the delayed 2018 they responded to another drowning with a defib machine with a dead battery!

A waitress at the Somewhere Bar (restaurant right in front of the reef) told us later that week that the man had tragically died. She also said that "it happens every now and then" there and that "even the locals know that the Emergency Response on the island of Provo is sub par. "Beautiful place if you don't have a medical emergency!"...those were her words and she is from the island!!

If you are planning to go to snorkeling at the reef (and I highly recommend it because it is amazing!!), here is my advice:
1. NEVER go alone...always have a swimming buddy with you
2. Realize that it takes a lot longer to swim around the reef following the buoys than you might think...weaker swimmers should always wear a life jacket
3. If the water is really wavy and choppy, save the snorkeling for the next day? The weather always passes by quickly and you will see a lot more in calm water. With choppy water can come currents that make it a lot more work to swim a long distance.
4. Respect the ocean. It may be the most fantastic shade of blue you've ever seen, but it's still the ocean and sh** can happen QUICKLY.

We were so, so sorry for the person who lost his life in this incident and it served as a wake-up call for our group to always swim with a buddy. Especially in Provo, where there are no lifeguards and sub-standard emergency services.
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Sharon G
2 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful reef just steps off the beach. Saw so many fish and a ray. Better than our spot on the main reef. Please wear reef safe sunscreen and don't step on the corals!
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Constance B
17 条分享
The reef is easily accessible from the shore. I am not experienced as most and was able to enjoy all the reef had to offer. You can rent gear from the resort I stayed at for around $5.00, Windsong. There were so many colorful fish and beauty to observe.
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