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St. Croix LEAP(圣克鲁斯)

St. Croix LEAP


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弗吉尼亚Shawsville221 条分享
Cool woodshop in the Mahogany Forest
We drove the Mahogany Road to visit this place and the Mount Pellier Domino Club's beer drinking pigs. We did not find the road to be in bad shape (we are used to driving back roads in Virginia).

I found this wood shop (not really a store) to be a great experience. I chatted with the owner for a while and he mentioned that he hasn't harvested any mahogany wood since the big 1988 Hugo hurricane because that provided him with more than enough.

You can see some really cool unfinished pieces of mahogany wood. I purchased a really nice finished mahogany board that I plan on using for a chartcuterie board. I wish I could have bought that big table. Take cash!
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密歇根Garden City1,000 条分享
If you love woodworking, it's worth a quick stop..............
...........just be careful driving up the road. It's a bad road. Unfortunately, Vincent wasn't in yet, the day we went. And we didn't know to look for the "open" sign, on the St. Croix Leap sign, pointing the direction. Luckily, the nice man who lived there, let us go up and take a look around. We talked to him for awhile, hoping Vincent would show up, because my husband would have loved to talk shop with him. We had other places we wanted to visit, so we left before Vincent arrived.
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Check it out but be careful how you get there
Nice place to visit and the pace of life is much slower than Puerto Rico. People were friendly in general although there were a few rude locals, but that is to be expected. I like it better than Puerto Rico as there is a more relaxed vibe. The biggest problem I had was with Silver Airways/Seaborne which is the carrier I used to get to the island from Puerto Rico. I will avoid ever using this company again at all costs. I would rather fly to Miami and get on a national carrier like Delta or American to fly back to St Croix than even consider using Silver/Seaborne again, regardless of the extra cost.
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Gwen V
新泽西Hewitt426 条分享
Vincent is a Artiste...Don't Miss This Place
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Despite being well off the bumpy road up an even bumpier dirt road, the trip to LEAP is well worth the time and effort. Vincent has the eye of a sculptor and uses fallen mahogany that he has amassed (most of it from the debris of Hurricane Hugo in 1989.) We try to visit each time we are on island and usually find something to bring home. My husband always asks me how many cutting boards I can use and my answer is "many!" Each of them are a piece of artwork, so now I'm starting to use them as trays and artwork. This time, we also got a tree root that was visually stunning...likely use is a door stop, but who knows. We also have Christmas ornaments, refrigerator magnets and other pieces of art. This time was the first time that I almost brought home a coffee table...unfortunately the one that I wanted had a "sold" sign on it. I guess I'll have to come back again soon. And it was a pleasure to finally meet Vincent (as we'd previously only met his wife!)
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5 条分享
Searching for mahogany to use as a countertop in our master bath remodel
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
So happy to meet THE famous Vincent! He has worked this wood since a young boy under the apprenticeship of some well known woodworkers. The items that he has crafted are absolutely gorgeous! Be patient though, all of the treasures are covered up to protect them in this open air workshop. He will take you around and show you all that he has done and will sell at reasonable prices. Most items are made from mahogany, but he has some others such as tamand to show you the difference in the finished pieces. We will be going back to walk the fields with him to choose our countertop that he will then finish for us! I am so excited!
Well worth the trip if you want a true piece of St Croix to take home.
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乔治亚Canton22 条分享
Leap is worth the side trip if you like odd and interesting items.
2017年7月 • 家庭
A bumpy road (Mahogany Rd.) in the rain forest leads you to Leap. We had so much fun looking around. You have to really look because there is stuff everywhere. At first glance you will wonder if it was worth it but for the short drive it is. We all noticed that much of his equipment was covered in tarps or cardboard and also a little bit of of bat guano. When we looked up there were a bunch of bats sleeping, hanging from the rafters. Very fun. We ended up purchasing an interesting piece of wood that was not finished. He put the sander to it while we waited and my husband is going to finish as an end table. Beautiful piece of wood.
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科罗拉多Larkspur11 条分享
A definite "must see"!
2017年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited the workshop on 02/21/17 and truly enjoyed our time. Vincent was at an appointment but his wife, Kettely, showed us around. She is delightful. The pieces were unique and beautiful. We believe the prices to be reasonable. We are not into the traditional vacation souvenirs (hats, t-shirts, etc.). Instead, we always scour around in search of local art to remind us of our wonderful vacations. Even the cutting boards are beautiful enough to display as artwork. Better take cash or a check because they do not accept credit cards. We visited after a storm so the roads were in pretty bad shape. We had a small rental car and ended up parking it not far from the shop and walking up the remainder of the hillside. It was worth it!
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马里兰Deale28 条分享
Fresh, fascinating, feel-good outing
2017年1月 • 好友
A very fun outing and beautiful drive through the rainforest. Gorgeous, picturesque trees once you get to the property. Huge, open-air workshop piled with jumbles of raw wood (mahogany, saman & thibet/tibet) and rough slabs. Scattered throughout you'll find serving boards, clocks, a few small finished tables, decorative pieces of roots, wind chimes, magnets, and other miscellaneous items. I bought a unique set of mahogany bookends for $125 and discussed a custom order for a table. I have been there several times and only ever met one person there, Vincent, who is very friendly and happy to answer questions. There are lots of bats up in the rafters, and guano droppings everywhere. I started coughing a little bit after a few minutes of poking around, but the tickle went away as soon as we left. I highly recommend stopping there, but if you want something nice, be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. They take cash or checks.
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Judith H
St Croix67 条分享
True Cruzan spot
2016年6月 • 家庭
LEAP had been around for decades. The rain forest road is bumpy and it seems hard to get to but once there and Vincent
Starts showing the beautiful mahogany pieces, you will be happy you made
The trek. They do have a bat problem, but it is in the rain forest! . As a long time resident, LEAP is my go to spot for presents. Cutting boards may seem
Pricey but they last a long long time and Vincent will personalize one for you if you ask. They also ship to the states for larger pieces. Their hours are 10 to 5.
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华盛顿Chehalis544 条分享
Not much to see -- overpriced for items offered
2016年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We come from a family of loggers so what we saw was highly overpriced for the small amount of time that was put into the very basic shapes of items offered. I found $75 extremely pricey for a mahogany cutting board. Be careful what you touch as there was bat guana everywhere :)
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