Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon Cay(维尔京群岛国家公园)

Waterlemon Cay
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德克萨斯州沃思堡451 条分享
Long Hike, good snorkeling
I didn't think the snorkeling was all that great to justify the long hike over rocky trails. The insertion point is also very rocky with some sea urchins. You really need booties / fins combos. Fortunately, the walk was very flat. It takes a lot longer than 20 minutes that some advertise. Best suggestion - figure out how to borrow / use a dingy to get there.
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Kristen C
8 条分享
Worth the hike/walk
Many, many years ago a resident of St. John suggested I snorkel at Waterlemon Cay. It was totally worth it then and it was totally worth it now. The walk to beach is rocky and full of shells but cool to stop and explore. The snorkeling doesn't disappoint. Rays and nurse shark were seen this year!
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圣约翰13 条分享
Very high quality, worth the(pleasant) walk, but Threatened.
2020年7月 • 好友
Very high quality, well worth the (pleasant) walk.
HOWEVER: Many are bringing toxic coral killing sunscreens from the states that are Banned by law by the VI government. People Think they have reef safe screens, (because that's what it said on Amazon, Target, Walmart etc), but these companies are selling screens that are illegal here, because they are proven coral poison.
Banned chemicals are:
1) oxybenzone
2) octocrylene (avobenzone screens all have this)
3) octinoxate

Please read active ingredients and do not bring these here.
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田纳西查塔努加47 条分享
Not what it once was...All things Change
Bad news snorkeling world. We have lost one of the true treasures in the USVI. This place use to be the pinnacle of marine life on Saint John, but not anymore. Yes, you will see a few fish and maybe a ray or nurse shark. However, the underwater garden of eden is gone for the most part. Looking at the cay from the shore, stay to the right side of the cay to see what remains. The left side looks like a desert or like a bull dozer plowed right through it.
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犹他州德雷珀319 条分享
Pretty, but a lot of work
2020年7月 • 家庭
We got to the start of the trail about 9:30 am.

The negatives: We are in good shape and the length of the walk was not an issue. However the walk is hot, hot, hot in July. We walked all the way until we were closest to the cay. I recommend sneakers. We wore our keens and the gravel and coral still worked in to our shoes. Coming back we wore our water socks with keens over and it was much better. The entry to the water is very, very rocky. Even with our water socks, it was a painful entry with lots of sea urchins around. I was scared one of us would end up on top of one getting in. The current was coming toward us on both sides of the cay. We fought it going out and coming back, but I didn’t think it was that bad. We did go counter-clockwise.

The good: Snorkeling around the back side of the cay was really great. We saw a barracuda as well as nice coral and fish.

Overall: it wasn’t worth it to us on this day. It’s a LOT of work for snorkeling that was comparable to other places that have an easy, sandy entry and no hike. If I go again, I’ll look for a sandy entry off the trail and just snorkel the bay there.
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Anna G
11 条分享
Best snorkeling
Off the beaten track - best visited with good water shoes for the one mile trek to get there over rocky shores
Beautiful snorkeling with fans, corals and so many fish!
Saw three large nurse sharks - the highlight of our adventure!
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Dan G
俄亥俄Kettering13 条分享
Snorkeling day trip
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Had a great time here! We rode up in a dinghy and moored relatively close. We had to swim in but it was worth it. Beautiful coral and saw a 4 1/2 foot nurse shark swim near us. Be mindful of the current near the cay.
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Nancy G
俄亥俄辛辛那提4 条分享
2020年1月 • 好友
It’s a mile hike to the Cay but worth it! I had a hard time walking into the water, there were rocks and it was tricky walking in with flippers on. Saw plenty of fish!
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马里兰Walkersville48 条分享
Fantastic Snorkeling
This is our favorite place to snorkel on St. John's. Wear sneakers and walk on a gentle hike for about a mile, from the Sugar Mill parking lot and then enjoy the beautiful view. Swim around the tiny island just offshore. The live coral is beautiful and there are lots of fish, sea turtles, birds and starfish to observe. Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen so you do not get sunburned. If you plan to picnic after your swim, be sure to either hang your bag in a nearby tree, carry it in a thick plastic cooler or leave your food in your car.
The mongoose steal food from backpacks and plastic bags when no one is around.
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Frances P
24 条分享
Still a good snorkel, but no longer my favorite
Watermelon Cay is still one of our go to snorkels, but each year there seems to be more bleaching and less life. Worth a visit, but I'd say Kiddle Bay bested it for snorkeling this year.
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