Cameron Highlands Trail No. 10

Cameron Highlands Trail No. 10(丹那拉塔)

Cameron Highlands Trail No. 10

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Marko R
德国达姆施塔特行政区9 条分享
Anstrengender Dschungel Trail mit sagenhaftem Blick über die Teepkantagen von Tana Rata
Sehr Anstrengend, sehr rutschig aber SEHR GEIL! Feste Schuhe mit Profil anziehen! Kleidung anziehen, die auch dreckig werden darf, da man bei regen garantiert mal hinfällt. :-) Die Strapazen lohnen sich aber und man wird mit einem sagenhaften Blick immer wieder belohnt. Außerdem fühlt man sicher irgendwie "besonders" wenn man mit seinen dreckigen Klamotten in einem der Teehäuser ankommt und aus der Masse der Bus Touristen sticht. :-)

Gereist: Dez 2019
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8 条分享
Easy trail with a rewarding view
A well marked trail which is fairly moderate in difficulty. Can be quite easily done within an hour (each way). The start of the trail is walking distance from Tanah Rata town. The trail starts on a fairly gentle terrain but becomes moderately steep after 30 minutes and continues for another 20 minutes. The final 10 minutes is fairly flat. The peak is marked by a power transmission tower, located at the top of Gunung Jasar. It gives you a rewarding view of Cameron Highlands and the Tanah Rata town below.

It was quite an enjoyable hike and can be done with little to moderate levels of fitness.
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马来西亚吉隆坡108 条分享
Straightforward Trail in Tanah Rata.
Good trail that affords several good views of Tanah Rata. The trail start can be a little tricky to find, but take the advice of your guesthouse as there is a construction site at the starting point.
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马来西亚新山9 条分享
Hiking 10&6
please use Sept 19 comment from budgetbucketlist for more detail if you plane to do the 10&6. It's a great hike! However, at the start, she mentions that the hike leaves from behind the weather station... I think she means the electrical substation! Save yourself the steep hill up to the weather station and take the road to the left. From thereon her directions are solid! (We actually started on 11, then linked to 10 pretty early on. Wonderful views - and, as you can imagine - the trails are empty (and somewhat overgrown!). Poles recommended. +/- 4 hours for a pair of lazy lockdown 40 somethings.
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爱尔兰Cavan165 条分享
Fabulous walk
We actually combined parts of trails 5, 6 and finished on trail 10. It was spectacular, some parts of it quite steep but very enjoyable.
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马来西亚179 条分享
Nice hike
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
After reading the article "a complete hiking guide to Cameron highlands" from "bucketlistly blog", we decided to do the same trail as the blogger (a combination of trail 10 and 6), you'll find the circuit and the other trails in details on the blog...

The moderate hike in the forest was really nice, but once at the top, we found that the view was spoiled by some big buildings.
On our way down, we went throught trail 6, its first part was steep and very narrow as said in the article. At the end of the hike, we passed throught a tea plantation and because it is a private property, we had to pay 3Rm per person for passing from there.

The view of the tea plantations was nice but having seen many gorgeous ones in Sri Lanka, i should say that it was not that attracting for us. (Maybe we just became a little hard to please!)
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Mayank S
4 条分享
Nice trail. Decently marked. Challenging but fun
Goes through a construction site at first, then a really nice flat forested bit, then starts climbing (still in forest). Climbing is well supported by tree roots, and the whole trail is well shaded by trees. Decently marked, but use to be sure you don't get lost. Took us about 2 hours, but we went slowly.
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德国汉堡132 条分享
anstrengend, weil regen
Da bald Regen, dann starker Regen einsetzte, war es sehr anstrengend. Nach dem Regen war es ein guter Trail.
Der Weg isat mitunter schwierig, hohe baumwurzeln sind zu überwinden, also Kondition mitbringen und feste Schuhe dürften ohnehin am Fuß sein.
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柬埔寨金边32 条分享
Path was blocked by a big fallen tree
The path was blocked by big fallen tree just short of reaching submit. Disappointing. Quite tough. Wear proper shoes. Bring hiking stocks or sturdy umbrella.
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Corinna S
925 条分享
Super Aussicht
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
Der Trail an sich ist okay, teilweise sehr steil (bitte nicht nach Dauerregen laufen) und erfordert zwischendrin Kondition. Der Anfang ist etwas schwer zu finden, aber sonst gut ausgeschildert.
Die Aussicht ist super (dort wo der Strommast ist), beim “höchsten“ Punkt konnte ich leider gar nichts sehen da es auf der anderen Seite nebelig war.
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