Katun MTB Day Adventures
Katun MTB Day Adventures

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2017年3月 • 家庭
We took an amazing one day hike near La Paz to see Pictographs. Rafael and Beto guided us to a large bolder with several pictographs on it. Rafael was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna and the creators of the rock art. He answered all my questions and more.
Great hike!
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加拿大Kimberley19 条分享
2016年1月 • 好友
We went out for a 20km "beginner" mountain bike ride and we are so glad that we did because it was an awesome ride with breathtaking views and fun trails.

We started out at the office, which is downtown. They set us up with bikes, equipment, water, and snacks and we headed up the mountain. We went with a driver and our guide, Herman. So the driver drops us off and then meets us later on at the pick-up point.

I cannot say enough good things about our guide, Herman. He was funny, friendly, and put up with our constant stops to take pictures, breaks, and also some of our cussing when we were hitting harder parts of the trail.

The trail we went on was considered beginner, but if you are not familiar with mountain biking at all, it may not be enjoyable. But we loved it. It was mostly easy riding with some uphill, but mostly downhill. And there were sections that were single track and so much fun.

It was definitely a workout and it was in full sun, but we enjoyed every moment of it and I am so glad I did this while I visited La Paz!
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Nancy R
乔治亚道森维尔483 条分享
2016年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We signed up for full week tour. Had driver/chief and expert bike guide taking care of me and my husband for the week-both were amazing.

Day 1 of ride: highlight trail was Warren Ave, which we were able to ride twice, trails around here I was told were only a few years old and were in great condition!! Flows switchbacks and deep drop in sections delivering riders right back to beach. Slept Oceanside with the sound of waves crashing all night. Weather conditions (January) were perfect, not too hot not too cold 50s F at night and 70s F during the day. The trails,today were 90% single track,easy to moderate skill.

Day 2: Beware of bugs "chincha" that live in the rocks, the folklore is that if one bites you then you will die in 10 years. We left the beach and drove 30 minutes, after eating hearty breakfast of scrabbled eggs/tortias of Nutella and bananas with coffee and other fruits, to a lush mountain pass in which we rode up and over the valley. The trails today were all fire roads, but challenging terrain with beautiful views. On this day there was lots of down time to make a beach afternoon since we finished around 2 pm with salad lunch on the beach. Dinner was hearty and served with wine (we had a wine every night).

Day 3: We drove a short ways to an area full of single tracks (multi skill level) and did 19 km of riding. Trail named Gummy Bear was black/hard trail but the name was deceiving. Lunch was served on local beach and then we headed off to campsite. There were showers/running water (hose) at the campsite this evening where we'd spend the next two nights.

Day 4: in the morning we rode 10 km of dirt road to single tracks (7 km up and 3 km down) great riding great views. We had option to snorkel a coral reef. If you don't bring your own snorkeling gear you can rent for $80/100 pesos-rentals right on beach-I brought my own mask and snorkel and had a good enough time I didn't rent fins. The water was great temperature, but depending on winds the waves can be strong and hurt visibility.

Day 5: Longest ride on double wide trail, big climbs, great views...50 km total majority uphill 38 km took 6 hrs, long downhill section to finish-a nice challenging washed out downhill trail. The day was supposed to be 60 km but we spend 10 km going uphill to a downhill road that was washed away. So backtracking caused us to miss out on the last planned mileage to the campsite.

Day 6: Day off to explore town. I recommend a massage and sit down meal. Lots of art galleries and shops to explore. We were able to take the bikes and a lock to town 40 minutes from the campsite.

Day 7: We rode 24 km of flowing single tracks in the AM before heading back to La Paz hotel Crown Seven for our last night.

PS Don't forget towels and a personal flash light and some wet wipes. Also, trip itineraries vary based on group preferences/needs. Anything minor you forget that can be bought at a conscience store is ok they make stops in town. Remember you are camping the whole time so be prepared to rough it.
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俄勒冈波特兰57 条分享
Me, my husband, brother-in-law and a friend took a day hike with Rafael and a rancher, Berto, over our Christmas/New Year holiday, and it was fabulous. We met Rafael in the Malecon of La Paz and he drove us to Berto's ranch where we were greeted with his very friendly and lovely dogs. Rafael was able to equip us with anything our group may not have had from boots to back packs and water bottles. We took off from Berto's place for a beautiful hike in the mountains just outside La Paz. Berto, an older rancher, led the way, and he was the sweetest guy you can imagine. Although he doesn't speak English, he was still able to connect well with everyone in our group. Whatever you don't understand from Berto, Rafael will explain to you. The hike was mostly easy, but you do have to be prepared to walk through brush that is thorny and prickly, with a couple challenging hills. I got cactus needles in my foot from walking with Chacos. Bad move on my part. Wear closed toed shoes and long pants. Anyhow, Rafael and Berto took us to two different areas to see petroglyphs, and were able to tell us the history of the land we were on and the people that lived or passed through there. They also knew and told us about a great deal of the vegetation we passed through. Berto's dogs, Vino and Lobo joined us on the hike. As an environmentally minded person who understands the disruptions dogs have on hikes/natural areas, I was initially disappointed, but at the end of the day, they were kind and harmless, so don't worry about it. I actually have a quite the fondness in my heart for them and offered them both water on our lunch stop. Rafael provided us a lovely lunch and took into account that I didn't eat meat and my friend is gluten intolerant. (La Paz is heavy on the meat, so this was pretty great!) The hike was beautiful, informative and the warmness and gratitude you feel from Rafael and Berto is unbelievable. I also enjoyed the thrid dog, Gardenia, that looks after Berto's home while on the hike. I almost took her home with me! I highly recommend this trip, and I know Rafael offers multi-day trips. I'd feel very comfortable with him as my guide any time!
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Victoria, BC, Canada15 条分享
2015年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Rafael and Beto, a local rancher, took us on a fascinating four hour hike through the desert a few miles southeast of La Paz. Rafael has an encyclopedic knowledge of the plants we were seeing and answered our questions, in excellent English. Beto contributed his knowledge of the medicinal uses of the plants as well as pride in the land and the accomplishments of the indigenous people of long ago. The hike went up and down over ridges, sometimes on wide arroyos and other times on narrow paths. Beto showed us several places where boulders had been smoothed to make surfaces for grinding seeds. The turn-around point was a couple of enormous boulders with old rock paintings. Even if your main interest in coming to La Paz is for marine activities we would strongly recommend a day trip into the desert.
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Jason W
加拿大白马市5 条分享
2015年4月 • 好友
I had an amazing ride with Rafael on the trails inland from the beach at El Sargento (Eastern Cape). Perfect single track, well maintained bicycles and an ocean breeze to keep the temps down made for a perfect day.
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加利福尼亚沙加缅度17 条分享
2014年10月 • 独自旅游
I emailed Katun Tours about a day bike tour, and Rafael responded that he was doing a five-day biking/camping trip during the days I'd be in La Paz. Based on the great reviews, I decided to take the plunge, and it was lucky I did! I've spent a good portion of my summers during the past fifteen years sitting atop a bike, but the climbs and technical single-track trails along the Sea of Cortes took me to a new level of thrill-seeking (although the van is always nearby if you need a break!) Rafael is a delightful man with a wealth of anthropological and natural knowledge of Baja. I'm already looking forward to my next tour with Katun!
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥18 条分享
2013年12月 • 家庭
We just spent a week with katun tours. Rafael was an amazing guide. We traveled with a family of 10 ranging in
Age from 2 to 65. Everyone had an exceptionally good time. Rafael was attentive to the adults as well as to the children. The area around La Paz Mexico is remarkable. The water, the bays, the snorkeling, the biking, the kayaking, it couldn't have been a more enjoyable vacation. Thank you Rafael for a truly memorable experience.
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新墨西哥Silver City5 条分享
2013年11月 • 夫妻情侣
After years of traveling the world, the one week Cape Region Mountain Bike Tour with Katun remains one of my favorite trips. It was such a pleasure to bike hard through the remote Baja back country, and then be well taken care of at each campsite. The trip was meticulously executed and lead by the knowledgeable and friendly Katun staff. As others have mentioned, they do a good job of accommodating different strength and skill levels, making sure you're well prepared for the upcoming day. The gear and meals are top notch. I highly recommend a bike trip with Katun. I think it is the ideal vacation for active people who want an authentic visit to Mexico. I can't wait to go back!
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Bozeman, MT19 条分享
2012年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Major KuDu's to Rafael, Fernanda and Santiago. My wife and I have done 2 trips with Katun. 1 week long mountain bike trip ~Jesuits Trail and a 4-day mule supported backpack trip into Sierra de La Laguna. Both trips were phenominal. Both Fernanda and Santiago were really fun and great guides. They kept the pace quick and had tons of historical and biological information for us. I give them rave reviews and would highly recommend Katun and their staff for your BCS adventures. I also did a day mountain bike ride with Rafael and his knowledge of regional history and nature were interesting and a lot fun.
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