Steps in San Cristobal

Steps in San Cristobal(圣克里斯托瓦尔-德拉斯卡萨斯)

Steps in San Cristobal
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Wonderful time with Maya history and cooking class
2021年11月 • 好友
I really like this project! We did the cultural cooking class in the evening and we loved it! The stuff was super friendly. You got a translator on your side, if you are not so good in spanish. Also there is a vegetarian option available. It is more a mix between maya history and cooking class. I fully recommend this! The price is more than fair. In the end you can donate for this project if you like to.
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Allison C
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A must-do if you're interested in the history and beliefs of indigenous people of Chiapas
2021年11月 • 独自旅游
I attended the "story hour" in Spanish, not knowing what to expect, and got a fascinating, one-on-one experience with a wonderful indigenous woman. She explained the indigenous religious beliefs and had a table set up with all the incense, candles and various elements of a ceremony, including a drink of posh, the liquor made in Chiapas for that purpose.
I can't recommend the experience highly enough--it was such a privilege!
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Karolina G
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Cultural heart of San Cristobal
2021年10月 • 独自旅游
If you want to learn more about indigenous culture and traditions in Chiapas, this is the perfect place. They organize 'story time' where you can see how the traditional ceremony looks like and it's so interesting! I've been to the Spanish one, but they also do it in English. There are also cooking workshop with tamales and tortillas everyday. A 'must- visit' in San Cristóbal!
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Paul B
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A great place to spend a few hours.
This is definitely a great place to spend a few hours while you're visiting San Cris. We recently did a 3-hour tamale-making class and it was a great time. We started from scratch with whole corn and ended the night eating tamales and drinking punch we made, while sipping Pox (sugarcane-based alcohol).

While the tamales were cooking we all sat around and listened to our instructor tell some stories about the indigenous people of Chiapas and their customs. All of this for barely $12usd (which goes directly to helping the indigenous people of the area).

There are a couple of more classes they offer here, such as a tortilla-making class, as well as storytime (about the local indigenous peoples and their customs), and we plan on hitting all of them.

Def recommended.
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Hors des sentiers battus
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Incroyable ! Nous avons préparé des tortillas et appris beaucoup de choses sur la culture maya. Les activités sont très enrichissantes et originales !
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Great cooking experience with a lot of insights on the culture
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We came after reading the comments on tripadvisor. And we were not disappointed at all!
We made sweet and savoury tamales, tried the local pox and made some punch. Everything was super well explained and we did everything ourselves (which is sometimes not the case with cooking class). We’ve learnt a lot about the Mayan culture, we discovered how much work women do in the communities to prepare tamales every morning.
There was a translator when our Spanish wasn’t good enough to understand.
It took 3 hours but we really enjoyed every moments. If we have the time, we will definitely go back for another workshop they give.
For the price you pay (250pp), it’s really worth it and it feels nice to give some more tips that goes to the communities to support kids education.
Thank you Steps for this amazing experience!
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Sandy S
新墨西哥阿尔伯克基838 条分享
Essential and Enjoyable Insights
Located a few blocks from the main plaza and recently reopened after being interrupted by Covid-19, this nonprofit educational organization gives a window into the customs of the indigenous peoples in the villages dotting the mountains around San Cristobal de las Casas. We recommend visiting BEFORE taking a trip to San Juan de Chamula or Zinacantan, because the insights you gain will make those excursions much more meaningful. Only one other person showed up for the 3:00 p.m. English version of Story Time, so we had ample opportunity to ask questions of the young woman who conducted the session. Having grown up in a small mountain village herself, she spoke clear Spanish and English, as well as her native Tzotzil. We began by reading aloud, in Spanish, a charming legend about a jaguar shunned by his fellows because he couldn't roar. (One of the projects of this NGO is collecting and translating such stories, to help indigenous children master Spanish.) We then learned about the religious and ceremonial uses of the long pine needles covering the floors of churches, the slender tapers lit as sacrificial offerings, the alcoholic drink pox (pronounced "posh") used to raise the imbiber to a higher spiritual plain, and even how Coca Cola is employed ceremonially.
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The best
Our instructor was knowledge. The process itself was informative, insightful and loads of fun. Recommended!
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Discussion très intéressa
Rocio m'a accordé un entretien par rapport à un documentaire que je réalisais, cela m'a permis de découvrir la structure qui fait un travail remarquable avec des enfants de communautés autochtones, un travail nécessaire pour la valorisation des cultures et langues locales. Les ateliers sont intéressants, ludiques et permettent un réel échange.
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加拿大埃德蒙顿62 条分享
Story Time: not just for kids
One of the highlights of our trip to San Cris was visiting STEPS. We attended their afternoon Story Time session for English speakers. Our story teller was Ivan and he was very knowledgeable, personable, funny and generous with his information. We learned about local history and indigenous culture- past and present. It was fascinating and gave us an extra appreciation for the area, and its people. If you are looking for something different from the usual tourist activities visit STEPS. I highly recommend it.
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