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Robert F
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I understand that Cozumel was very busy the day that our cruise visited the port. However, the jeep that was provided for our day and Cozumel should have been put to rest many years ago. There was no air-conditioning, none of the gauges work, and the manual transmission was so sloppy that you could not tell what gear you were in.

The check engine light lit almost immediately, add to their credit, they did come fairly soon after my warning call and added the needed 2 quarts of oil. We did not notice a cable hanging down from the bottom of the jeep until about two hours into our journey, but other drivers on the road were pointing as we drove by. We texted to let them know we were returning the jeep early and asked for a partial refund as we only received a 1/2 day of service. Unfortunately, customer service is not their expertise and they refused any discount. We returned the car with an extra quarter tank because we did not continue our entire journey For fear that the car would totally break down and we would be stuck.

If you do rent from this company, go through your vehicle with a fine tooth comb, and proceed with caution.
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Dave O
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2022年4月 • 家庭
We had a great experience with Ernestos. Great communication before we arrived in Cozumel from Playa. Sergio was great when we found him just a block away from where we were dropped off by the ferry. Okay yes the open-air two-door Jeep that we rented was a POS but it always started and got us around the island just fine and the price of $60 was fair.
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Pete H
纽约州Orchard Park12 条分享
2022年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Great time renting from Ernesto’s again. Not sure how many times I have rented a Jeep from them, but they always come through.
Just relax, your on island time. This is also not Alamo at the Orlando airport. They do a great job!
Thanks again. See you next time on Cozumel!
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Mike Dugan
密苏里Lee's Summit7 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
I was tempted to give it 5 stars so I wouldn't feel like I was the only one to be victimized by the red beast Jeep that never started on the first key turn, had heat coming out of the floor, no knobs, on door only opened from inside, the other only from the out side. From the broken things in/on the jeep to the odd sounds it made. It was an adventure that nobody wants. Don't do it...
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2021年7月 • 好友
My wife and I are frequent visitors to Cozumel. I’ve rented from Ernesto’s many times in the past. I always was able to negotiate a lower price on site at the time of rental for their bottom of the barrel VW bugs. This time, I made a reservation for a Jeep online. I expected a better vehicle for the $60/day price. What I got was a Jeep which barely ran, literally started about half of the time, and absolutely nothing worked, including the emergency brake. I’d turn the key, nothing would happen. The Jeep did not come with the advertised fuel level in it, and the gauge was also broken. Luckily, we had a second rental car as a backup because we were a large group. I later found out when I was turning the Jeep in that they offered a discount for cash payments. Nobody told me this in advance, and I had no cash. Despite my complaints, Adelaide was absolutely insistent that I paid the original $60/day for this POS which we had rented for a week and were barely able to use. We will NEVER be back and you shouldn’t either. There are other, much better places to rent on the island for much less money.
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爱荷华西得梅因2 条分享
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侣
we rented for 14 days and paid cash. drove to Rastas on the South side of the island and had 1 beer. jeep would not start. called Sergio at Ernestos from Rastas where cell coverage is sketchy. waited an hour and tried starting again, which it did so we drove back to town. met Sergio on the way and followed him back to town. advised we just wanted to cancel our rental. Sergio said we would have to come back in 30 minutes so he could drive to get the money. when I came back they refunded all but $70, the cost of 1 day rental. I said that was fine but we would like to have a vehicle to use for the rest of a 1 day rental. they advised we couldn't have a vehicle even though we paid for 1 day, yet only used the jeep a few hours. there equipment is in horrible condition! Do not rent from these crooks!
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Rodney B
亚利桑那图森202 条分享
I went to Coz in September 2020. Flew in from Tucson on AA. Both flights had the middle seats blocked off. In September, I checked the CZM website, and only 3 flights/day were coming and going.....2 from Mexico City, and one from Dallas. This was the 3rd trip in a year and a half, and stayed at the Casa Del Mar hotel, and used Ernesto's scooters each trip. Sergio is a most pleasant and competent rental agent. I have to admit, this last trip, I was up at the Chedraui, on the Transversaal rd, what a great store!.....We are all wearing masks, and some local approached me, knew my name, he was wearing his mask, I did not know who it was! I just nodded, and talked a bit.....the next day, it dawned on me that it was Sergio! He always wears a bandanna on his head,except for that day, and I did not know he was bald, or shaved his head....! Good people. I got the nicest email a couple of days after returning my rental. Basically, they thanked me for renting from them, that in a bottomed out economy, my 5 day rental of a scooter helped them out, got them through another lousy week....As I sat on the pool deck, across the street, at the Casa del Mar, the cruise ship piers sat empty for the time I was there.......Av Melgar was pretty deserted, another eerie sight. Driving around the island was really peaceful.....but kind of scary....What do you do if nobody else comes behind you....I hope to return in late 2021.
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angela s
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We reserved this jeep with $10 via paypal per the instructions we received from our email conversations. They told us all they needed was a deposit and exact time of arrival. I replied with 10 am Thursday March 5th and got the response "perfect" after I paid the deposit.
The website says it is a short 5-7 min walk. it was at least 15-20 minute walk. We got there and was informed they had no more jeeps. They did make a call to another vendor that was 5 minutes closer to the port (CHAC was thier name) and got us set up in another jeep at another company for $30 more than we had reserved to pay at Ernestos. We had no problems with that rental experience there at the other company
Upon returning, I contacted Ernestos about the return of our deposit and he first responded with yes, sure, just send the email address on my paypal account-which I did with no response. Several days later, I reached out again to follow up on why it hadn't been refunded. The response: Sorry it was already deposited in the bank and we cannot refund via paypal...but would you have any friends or family coming to Cozumel this week and we will give to them?...WTH ! We are all on travel ban now . It was only $10 but the over we were very disappointed and will look up CHAC next time we are back
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Stay far, far away from these people. They don't deliver on what they promise. Cars are junk! We rented two convertibles while waiting to take the ferry to Cozumel. When we arrived at Rentadora Golondrina, we were given 1 convertible that looked as if it would fall apart at any moment and then a small, 4 door hard top sedan that was in just as bad shape. Do not rental from this place!
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We are Not RENTADORA GOLONDRINA. You are reviewing the wrong place. We are located on the waterfront across the street from Park Royal Hotel. We only have Jeeps.
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内布拉斯加州林肯45 条分享
We rented a Jeep from Ernesto’s Rental last week and the experience was excellent! Our cruise ship docked at the furthest port so we had to take a taxi to pick up the Jeep. We reserved online and were given a $10 discount making the price $60. Sergio checked us in quickly, gave us directions and suggestions and we were on our way. The Jeep was a little on the used side but it got us around just fine. All of their jeeps are manual transmissions, so be prepared. When we turned the vehicle in, Sergio gave us a ride back to our port. Great experience, great service!
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