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Will Work for Plane Tickets
Palo Alto, CA49 条分享
Trash everywhere -- I have really never seen so much plastic in one place, polluted water under the cenotes and into the ocean because no landfill or sewage treatment capacity, horrible traffic, and the general rip-off-ness of everything is really annoying. Don't forget the san scourge of the seagrass that stinks and gives you headaches from the gasses it emits as it decays.

The reef is in poor condition and declining quickly due to climate change and selfish tourists that cannot go one day without spraying reef-toxic sunscreen all over their bodies before getting in the water. It is a disgrace, we can all do better than this.

This place was probably great 15 years ago (looking at you as well Sayulita) until we all went there and ruined it with our to-go cups. Go elsewhere, really anywhere else, until this place can get its act together. Do a 3-minute Google search on Tulum, which I should have done before I agrees to go.

The faux eco-ness it supposedly embodies is a farce. Just go to San Diego and save yourself the heartache, it is probably cheaper anyway.
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Heather R
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I echo the latest reviews. The roads are bad and crowded, the food is way too expensive, and the cabs will absolutely rob you. It’s also unsafe. We saw a handful of people get robbed. We walked for six miles to try to get to the beach just to relax but you can’t get close without going through a beach club. Even the hotels are cheaply and hastily made and you can tell it’s just a money grab. It is so sad. Honestly don’t waste your time here.
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Marleen v
荷兰埃因霍温3 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
If we could give zero stars, we definitely would. Let’s begin with the kilometers long street where you don’t see any beach at all, just clubs, hotels and closed gates. If you would like to go to the beach you have to pay so much or you need to walk trough a hotel. Besides that, everything is super expensive and there is continuous noise. There is nothing special, it’s not beautiful and all the pictures you see are made up for Instagram. It’s so called “boho” but it’s just the opposite of that. If you’re just here to make some beautiful instagram pictures you should definitely go, but if you want to have fun and enjoy the beach you should go somewhere else.
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vivianne B
1 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Dont go to Tulum if you are not prepared to spend big money. You dont find 2 euro cervezas here, but beers start at 6, at night the taxis ask 55 dollars for a 9 minute drive and so on. On average, the dish prices are more expensive than in Europe. In every nicer restaurant you also pay 6 euro's for water AND there is guys offering you coke on the way to the bathroom everywhere. Also most things have an entree fee or minimum spend. These can also get up to 125 dollars.

Architecture here is amazing, the town is worth a visit but dont expect it to offer affordable luxery. Stay 2 nights and splurge or go to holbox and enjoy a more laid back vibe.
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Alexandria, Virginia202 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
The sad irony of yet another once pristine tourist area is that greed and complete lack of management by the Mexican government have made this place a pathetic mess.

Still trying to cling to its bohemian roots, you can get vegan food and almond milk, but no backpackers can afford these outrageous prices, and the claim of eco-tourist hotels is a complete fail: due to lack of infrastructure planning for this industry, there is not enough power, so every energy hungry hotel runs a diesel generator 24/7. No rules on LEED building standards: so no insulation, no solar water heating, no photocells in sight. Litter is EVERYWHERE. So, book your yoga vacation and never leave the bubble of your overpriced compound, and you might stay with the delusion that your vacation had low impact. But every morning, massive tanker trucks are pumping the raw sewage out of your hotel, and probably dumping it in the jungle somewhere, contaminating ground water. Your hotel gets a delivery of potable water daily because the groundwater is not safe. Global warming (everyone’s fault, not just Mexican tourists) has caused a huge increase in Sargassum Weed rafts in the Caribbean, which the trade winds blow to the Tulum beaches. Despite a massive effort with workers shoveling the weed from the beaches and taking it away in dump trucks every day, the beach in April is UNSWIMMABLE by all but the most committed swimmers willing to wade through 100 meters of thick weeds to get to open water. Parking here costs $400MXD ($20 USD) daily, the same as airport parking in most US cities! I resent some exorbitant cost that we are charged for something every day. Just yesterday, a bike rental was $20 USD each. Such a disappointment to be fleeced every day for a really poorly managed area with a smelly weed covered beach and a miles long street of hotels and bars that is filled with trash, pollution, and generator noise. But you can get an almond latte, so it is all okay, right?
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Brett M
2 条分享
Beautiful place but be prepared to be threatened by staff running the show. We followed a group of people to a ruin that was NOT marked as "prohibited" and were confronted by a little angry uneducated Mexican boy (20 something) who thought he was a man by kicking us all out of the place with threats of jail and a 50,000 fine. He verbally abused the women yelling and screaming profanities and threatening to throw them in jail to be abused. Quite the spectacle!! They need better signage for what is permitted. We were utterly confused at why we were being kicked out. Maybe they're more interested in collecting expensive entry fees only to make room for more people to kick out. The Exit gate seemed to be active. Who knows, but I won't be back.
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391 条分享
2022年3月 • 好友
Mükemmel bir sahil…uzun bir plajı var maya harabelerinden başlayıp oteller bölgesine kadar uzuyor yalnız araç kiralama şart ücretli otoparklar var plaja ücretsiz giriş yerleri de var
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Andrea W
加拿大Nepean49 条分享
I was in Tulum in Dec 2019 for the first time and overall found it expensive but charming and the beaches beautiful. I also loved that there are so many plant based options everywhere, so I returned March 2022 and it is a nightmare!! It is one big construction site. The seaweed is out of control and you cannot swim. The beach clubs still want to charge you $100USD to stay there even though they are virtually empty. We went to the pubic beach and still wanted to experience the ocean so we walked through the seaweed. We are staying in a air bnb in Aldea Zama which is lovely but the construction noise is insane and wakes you up around 7:30 am. Garbage EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you walk you see a TON of garbage, which I didn’t see in 2019. Restaurants are generally a rip off. We were charged $10 USD one place for a ‘Tulum beer’. We didn’t ask for price beforehand because most Mexican beer is 35-50 pesos. The hotel zone is a complete disaster with construction. We cycled everywhere but the pollution is out of control. The pollution was so bad that the back of my throat hurt so much from the vehicle exhaust that I thought I had covid, I felt so sick by the end of the day. I feel bad for the locals, they are truly being taken advantage of. For the prices you pay, customer service and quality of food does not match. If you want to be ECO, do not go to Tulum. I feel just by being here I am a big part of the problem.
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1 条分享
2022年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Used to be amazing but the traffic, the vast amounts of people, the high prices… yuck.
We drove down to do a day trip. After not being there for 15 years I couldn’t believe they still had a one lane road. We couldn’t find parking, so we had to pay 10usd. Mind you, they don’t really allow parking on the side of the road without payment. We were hoping to have a drink by the beach..nope, not without paying some hotel 70usd for a 9-5 pass. What a joke Tulum has become. Drinks are expensive and you can’t even go there without practically giving them your wallet. Wasn’t even fun or cool anymore. Forget bar hopping, unless you want to pay an entrance fee. The drink prices were abnormally high as well, with no view of the ocean, no thank you. Tulum was the Biggest disappointment of our trip. Don’t waste your time or money. That place sucks now…
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Kari S
威斯康星密尔沃基171 条分享
AVOID!!! We love traveling through many parts of Mexico, espcially the beach towns and the rural areas. Tulum is a PIT. It's disgusting. Actual sewage in the streets, everyone is our for a buck, which is NOT my experience throughout this country. Every store and restaurant looks the same...moody, dark, expensive, and not worth it. DO NOT BRING KIDS. Our kids have travelled to some crazy places, nothing as disappointing as Tulum. It's gross. It's unsafe. A waste of our time and money. Drive a few more hours to Bacalar and have the trip of a lifetime.
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