Bald Hills

Bald Hills(贾斯珀)

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Lost in Adventure
英国兰开夏郡7 条分享
A challenging hike for those who want to take the shortcut, very steep incline for 1.3km (ish) but well worth the uphill push.

We initially opted to take the slightly longer route and had to turn back due to a large male grizzly bear snacking away at the side of the trail!

What an amazing sight and the views from the top were incredible! well worth a hike and one of my favourites in Jasper!
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英国温德米尔11 条分享
Maligne Lake is definitely not to be missed, it is so beautiful it takes your breath away. We took a Maligne Lake Cruise which stopped at Spirit Island, the photography opportunities were fantastic. We had a great team on our boat, Meg the captain and Flo the guide, who were funny, very informative and only made the trip even more magical.
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加拿大温尼伯3,244 条分享
I hiked this trail on July 26, 2021, and did 12 km (didn’t finish the entire loop but made it to the first summit). It was super challenging but also so rewarding.

The trail starts off along an old fire road gaining gradual elevation through the forest. This part is kind of boring but it gets better. At the junction (2.7 km mark), I continued to the left for the steeper but shorter route. You can also keep going along the fire road for a more gradual but longer climb. The steeper route was definitely challenging and a big push at times! It began to open up to lovely views of the mountains near the top.

From there, the trail climbs above the tree line and begins to wind its way up to ascend the bald hills in an exposed rocky area. There were amazing panoramic views of the forest, lake and mountains! At the junction for the summit loop, I took the trail to the right.

At the top of the bald hills, the trail leads through a flatter and wide open terrain with another climb up to the first summit, where I ended up turning around. You can continue from here to complete a loop and hit the other two summits. The views from the top of bald hills and the summit were spectacular and so breathtaking! On the hike down, I took the fire road for a more gradual decline. The 12 km loop took me 4 hours to complete. I started the trail at 8:30 am and was the first and only one for most of the hike up, which was amazing.
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Ron S
加拿大卡尔加里33 条分享
Very nice hike to peak overlooking beautiful Maligne Lake. A bit of a climb through the trees to start but then it opens up as you reach the tree line. Easy hike up to summit, but be prepared for some wind. We took our time coming back and chose the easy route down- a logging road but still had some nice views.
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加拿大本那比58 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Great hike, took about 3 hours, very windy and cold at the top so bring layers! We went the steeper short cut way and was totally doable if you have a good level of fitness or just take it a bit slower.
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Sue A
南卡罗来纳格林维尔24 条分享
Beautiful and serine water in Jasper. Loved all the lakes there. I will definitely go back again. Everyone should visit at least once.
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澳大利亚悉尼238 条分享
This area is just stunning every turn it's more beautiful, we did a boat on lake which is not cheap but worth going, as it's so peaceful and remote well worth going , obviously weather conditions change in winter so you may not be able to drive there we went October.
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Daria Z
挪威Dokka132 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Det var svært tungt å komme opp denne løypa, spesielt med snø. Men det gikk og vi brukte ikke mer en halvannen time opp til utkikkspunktet (det er 1,5 km lenger til selve toppen). Vi gikk snøruta, som er litt lenger enn den originale, men etter å ha snakket med de som gikk sommerveien var dette et godt valg. Det var fantastisk utsikt både opp og ned vinterruta, mange hadde gått i snøen før oss også. På grunn av været gikk vi ikke de siste 1,5 km, og sa oss fornøyd med utkikkspunktet. Men det var nydelig!
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加拿大奥克维尔833 条分享
We spent a week in Jasper and Banff, and this was the first place we visited. The hike takes about 5-6 hours; we started at 8 am and got back to the base after 1 pm. The first part of the hike is initially uninteresting as you're just walking along a road below the tree line. However, once you can see Lake Maligne from the first view point, things get a lot more scenic.

Early in the day, we saw the mist hanging over the lake, which gradually dissipated as the day went by, with the view being clear around midday. As you approach the top, the dirt road gives way to shale (if you take the right fork) or a meadow (if you take the left fork) with ground squirrels and chipmunks abound. Both meet up at the top, where you can get really amazing views of the valley, some of the hills are indeed barren, while some are covered in trees.

If you only have a single day in Jasper, do the Edith Cavell trail, but if you have at least two days, I'd highly recommend the Bald Hills too.
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Jackie W
英国581 条分享
Lots of well marked trails, wonderful wildlife, suggest well worth the trip we saw lots of wildlife on our drive up and from Maigne Lake.
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