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2022年6月 • 家庭
After a visit to Granville Island, carry on walking around to Vanier park, some stunning views across the bay, acouplw of museums to visit one with a fountain crab, splendid
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False Creek Ferry has a stop here. This was our first visit to Vanier Park and we thoroughly enjoyed the long-view into the open water, where the container ships, etc. sit, waiting for their turn to get into Coal Harbor. The water gets more choppy here, as we left False Creek. That was a sure sign that the body of water was, indeed, heading out to the open waters.

The cross-water views of the West End neighborhood and Sunset Beach offer a distinctly different perspective (only available from this vantage point). There are nice paths to walk through grassy hills; one leg of the path ends at the memorial to Elsje De Ridder Armstrong for her exemplary service to the community at large.

On one side of the path lies Kitsilano Beach & Dog Park. It looks across the open English Bay channel to Second Beach and English Bay Beach. There are a couple of museums on Kitsilano (maritime and Vancouver) and a Space Center. It was far too nice outside to spend time in a museum so we walked the grounds, stopping to look at the submersible diving ship and taking in the sights.

There actually is a large community saltwater heated pool at the opposite end of Kitsilano Beach; it is appropriately called Kitsilano Pool. There is another pool in the Second Beach area called Second Beach Pool. Both are really, really large and both are located on the water so it could be easy to confuse the two.
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Established in 1967, and named after Governor General Georges Vanier, Vanier Park is ideally situated along the waterfront in beautiful Kitsilano. As such, the park, which clocks in at a decent 16.95 hectares, is adorned with unparalleled views of downtown Vancouver and also contains a number of beautiful pathways, tranquil ponds and unique public art to complement the natural green setting. In addition, Vanier Park is also home to the Museum of Vancouver, HR MacMillan Space Centre, Maritime Museum and Vancouver City Archives; thus, unlike most public parks in this city, Vanier becomes a destination in itself rather than a mere appendage to an itinerary.

The history of Vanier Park – or at least the ground on which it sits – is also rather colourful. The site was once home to the Squamish village of Senakw (painted by Emily Carr), which is notable for being the birthplace of Chief Khatsahlano (Kitsilano’s namesake). Come the early 20th century, the Province deemed the Squamish to be a nuisance and displaced them in 1913 – colonialism at its best. The land was subsequently sold to the Federal Government in 1928 and played host to the RCAF. After nearly 40 years, the land was finally turned over to the Vancouver Parks Board and, well, Vanier Park was born!

Now this park, with its colourful history, is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. And who can blame them? It really is one of the more noteworthy public spaces in the city. While it definitely isn’t “the most famous and biggest of Vancouver’s public parks,” to quote an earlier review, Vanier is certainly one of the more well-known – and for good reason. I mean, it was even mentioned in Lonely Planet and CN Traveler! That’s definite clout right there!

Anyway, if you’re strolling along the Seawall, or visiting one of the museums nearby, do take a few moments to enjoy this park, its greenspace and the interesting public art pieces.
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Michael M
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2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This park is an adventure in exploring the fabulous green space of Vanier Park with multiple other opportunities—visiting the Museum of Vancouver, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, The Vancouver Maritime Museum , the Bard On The Beach Shakespeare Festival and use of the public boat ramp all adjacent within the Vanier Park area..now to the outstanding green space that the visitors can participate in—watching kite flying, experience waterfront marine boat activities, many photographic opportunities of the North Shore Mountains,Downtown Vancouver , and participating in viewing The Gate To The Northwest Passage sculpture to commemorate Captain George Vancouver arrival to Burrard Inlet in 1792 from the many stunningly visual perspectives...Oh and might I add that Granville Island is just a short stroll or bike ride away..yes you cannot do all this in just one visit..
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2021年2月 • 独自旅游
Vanier Park is the most famous and biggest of Vancouver’s public parks.
It hosts the Shakespearian theatre festival, Bard On The Beach, which has run over the summers since 1990 — but for the last one in 2020,
which was canceled because of the pandemic —; the Children’s Festival, and the building in which the Planetarium is located; has an adjacent BMX park and has easy access to Granville Island.
Lots to be famous for.
With much canceled with Covid 19 it still provides a wonderful place to visit and take in the stunning views across the inlet to downtown and across to the mountains.
These February sunny and crisp days are perfect for view-gazing from this wonderful park.
Posted by S Fuller
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Wer nicht mit dem Auto unterwegs ist, fährt mit dem Bus 50 zur Station South False Creek.
Von dort aus führt ein Fuß- und Radweg am Granville
Island Pier entlang unter der Burrard Bridge hindurch am Rande der English Bay zum Vanier Park.
Der Park beeindruckt durch seine weiten Wiesenflächen, die mit Baumgruppen besetzt sind und durch die schöne Sicht auf die Bay mit dem Hintergrund der Skyline und dem gegenüberliegenden Stanley Park.
Der Park beherbergt das Museum of Vancouver und das Vancouver Maritime Museum.
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Brian K
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Took in a visit to Vanier Park, we were there to visit the Bard on the Beach and went on a quick walk around the water ledge. This park has so many sights and a beautiful place to watch the sunset.
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Titilin R
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El parque esta muy cuidado, muy tranquilo y una bella vista de la ciudad. Habia poca gente, imagino que por haber sido un día lluvioso. Allí se ubican tres museos, el Museo de la Marina, Museo de Vancouver y el Museo Espacial. Así que vale la pena un solo viaje para ver 4 sitios turísticos. Tiene un puerto para el ferry que lo traslada a otros sitios de la ciudad.
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Chris D
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2019年5月 • 独自旅游
I can't believe I haven't walked this beautiful scenic area before. Between Vanier Park to the east, and Kits Park to the west, this park has some great views of Vancouver's west end. Gravel walking trails, and close proximity to the Planetarium, Archives, and Maritime Museum. Some interesting art as well.
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