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Longest Outdoor Swimming Pool in North America
The outdoor heated saltwater swimming pool has been a staple of Kitsilano since 1931. At 137 meters in length, it is recognized as being the longest outdoor pool in North America. Indeed, it is quite the sight to see. Because the pool is heated and features a handsome white bottom, the water is almost turquoise in colour, giving it a tropical vibe. Combine this with the lovely views of English Bay and Vancouver’s skyline and it is little wonder Lonely Planet declared the Kits Pool “one of the best dips in town.”

As I ambled about the Kitsilano neighborhood, I couldn’t help but be drawn to this pool. With its attractive mix of physical sport, recreation and amenities (nearby café), it truly is a treasure of Vancouver. I was pleased to see people enjoying it, all while obeying the necessary COVID protocols, of course.

Speaking of the protocols, I should note that, in the current climate, the Kits Pool is run a little differently than usual. Reservations are now strongly recommended, though there are limited drop-in spaces available; swimmers are asked to respect the physical distancing requirements; and there are new limits to swim time: 90 minutes for casual swimmers and 45 minutes for those wishing to swim laps. The change rooms are also closed, though washrooms remain open. Some may view this as an inconvenience, but if it helps to keep a staple of Kitsilano open, then I’m all for it.

While I like the Kits Pool – as a symbol of Vancouver – I’ve always found it kind of funny that we have an artificial pool mere steps away from the ocean and Kitsilano Beach. I suppose some prefer the sanitized swimming experience over the more organic one to be had in the Pacific? On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about mud sharks or jellyfish here ;)
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Long-awaited Opening Of The Wondrous Vancouver Kitsilano Pool Announced
2020年7月 • 独自旅游
Nothing marks the beginning of the summer season in Vancouver like the opening of its Kitsilano Pool.
This year, of course, it is different.
Perched between land & ocean, it is there for all to see, giving a flavor to the neighborhood with its opening, exciting swimmers & non-swimmers alike, as well as
welcomed by eateries close by, such as the wonderful Kibune Sushi, The Boathouse,The Local & Nook, which see a nice uptick in business with its opening each May on Victoria Day long-weekend.
This year with the pandemic its long-awaited opening will be July 13.
Things will be quite different this year, of course.
For one, swimmers will have to arrive “swim-ready”, as the change rooms with its showers, will not be open but the washrooms will still be available.
The pool is only accepting non-contact payment so no cash or passes.
To ensure safety & social distancing, admission for lap swimmers will be on a 45 min basis & 90 min for others. Reservations can be done online or on a drop-in basis.
Lanes have also been made larger.
So a Brave New World at this venerable Kitsilano institution, but given its spectacular location & its glorious long lengths one can swim alongside the ocean, not much can spoil the experience of visiting this magnificent pool.
I have been swimming at Kits pool since 1988, shortly after arriving here as an immigrant. My then teenage & champion swimmer son joined me there as a regular lap swimmer until we moved to UBC to do our respective degrees at the opposite ends of the titular spectrum, swimming there until we returned to Kits.
My two grandchildren love to swim at the pool when they come for visits, so we are now three generations in.
I have also taken visiting friends to swim at Kits & all have been impressed.
An enthusiastic & committed life/long swimmer, I have swum around the world in many great places but the Kits pool remains top of the list.
Posted by S Fuller
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Kits Pool: Canada’s Longest Pool in a Stunning Location,
2019年9月 • 独自旅游
It was some years back when I was at the wonderful Kits Pool with my granddaughter & grandson when my granddaughter, an avid & enthusiastic swimmer & only about five years then, surveyed the pool, located as it is partly on the beach, & pronounced it the best pool in the whole world,
And she is likely right.
Also an avid & enthusiastic traveler, she had travelled fairly widely for a five-year-old by then but, of course, not the whole world but with that cute comment, she seemed to intuit that it could not get much better than this.
There are not many pools one can swim laps in while metaphorically racing the boats in the ocean traveling alongside one.
About 2/3 of the pool is taken up with lap lanes, with the rest left for children & others to play, exercise or practice their stokes in.
My grandchildren just love the pool, eager to come each summer to swim in this pool’s magnificence, as have I since we moved to Kits Point in 1988, shortly after immigrating to Canada.
In most of the years I bought a season pass. The season runs from Victoria Day weekend in May to Labour Day weekend in September, something, sadly not likely to happen this summer.
While a PhD student at U.B.C.I was then able to get a free pass for both its indoor & outdoor, & I may have skipped a few years swimming at Kits, as we lived right on campus, but I returned to it enthusiastically when we came back to live in Kits.
My son, too, is not only an avid & enthusiastic swimmer but also a champion swimmer to boot, swimming for the Canadian Dolphins during his high school years.
The team practiced at the Aquatic Centre across the Burrard Bridge & he swam at U.B.C as well as he was a student, too, doing a B.Sc.for four years.
Watching him at Kits Pool with his kids, it seems Kits, too, is his favorite.
I have loved swimming since a young girl, & have swum in many pools around the world. There are some other contenders for the best pool in the world: The pool on the roof of The Peninsular Hotel on 5th Ave in NYC; Venice Beach in Miami; Seapoint Pool in Cape Town also perched, like Kits, close to the ocean.
Some other natural beaches at the ocean’’s edge in Sydney, OZ are special but I have blocked their names because of shark attacks in so much of Australia’s waters.
They are wonderful beaches around the world but Kit’s Pool is there in the front with these other swimming places.
My granddaughter knows!
Posted by S Fuller
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One of the Best Outdoor pools in the World
Enjoy the breathtaking views and people that are swimming in this huge outdoor pool. Great option for sun tanners too.
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Large Saltwater Pool on Beach.
The pool is very large and right on the beach. It also has a stage at the front of the pool. It is very picturesque and in a great location
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Great pool!
Kitsilano Pool is amazing place to swim. It is huge! I love it. Other facilities are not that great such as food, drinks and changing rooms but it is still worth it to go! While I was living in Vancouver, that was my favorite place in summer.
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Owen R
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Massive pool - great in summer
This pool is huge and has plenty of room to cool off in summer. Do laps, join a class or simply float around.
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If you like to swim this is the place to be!
An amazing spot to enjoy a swim. The location is fantastic, close to the ocean so you can have a beautiful view during your swim. The facilities are public and very clean. Also the pool is large for a great workout.
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Bob B
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Huge Pool
This pool is so big! The water is clean and doesn't have the strong chlorine smell since it has fresh sea water in it too.
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