Historical Chinatown Tours
Historical Chinatown Tours
文化游览 • 历史与古迹游览 • 徒步游览 • 私人游览 • 美食游览
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Lisa F
Arlington, United States14 条分享
This tour is absolutely wonderful! It started with historical background of Chinatown, then a walking/talking tour of the neighborhood capped off with a delicious dim sum lunch. Judy Lam Maxwell is a super knowledgeable tour guide who has completed extensive research on Vancouver's Chinatown community. The shop owners know her and invited us into their tea shop, mahjong"parlor," and grocery store. She's familiar with and passionate about sharing the history of the various family associations and points out historic features of the old buildings, their storefront signs, and how the neighborhood has evolved during the past decades. She is eager to answer questions and encourages you to ask anything. If you spot something down and alley and want to explore, then she's more than happy to head that way and fill you in on the historic background of wherever you want to pea that catches your eye. She is also eager to answer non-Chinatown questions about Vancouver. Oh, and take some of her restaurant recommendations in the city because you'll be glad that you did! (I took this tour with a traveling companion during a mid-week in March 2023.)
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C Chen
1 条分享
我在中国的前同事在春节的时间来到温哥华参加会议。我的前同这是第一次来到温哥华,对很多环境尤其是关于历史很感兴趣,但因为那段时间我工作确实很忙,所以没有太多时间去陪他。我为了让他在温哥华过的充实一些,在网上查看攻略的时候。发现了Historical Chinatown Tours,并且与Judy Lam进行了联系。Judy非常热情的接待了我的同事,在特定的Tours中,不仅给我的朋友介绍了vancouver的历史,更是以在温哥华华裔后代的身份讲述了Chinatown的故事。Judy熟悉Chinatown的每一条接到,可以说每个角落的故事她都可以清晰的叙述。
在我的同事与Judy的tours 与包饺子的过程中,给我的同事留下了美好的温哥华之旅。他已经回到了中国,但他嘱咐我一定要告诉Judy给了他一个完美的温哥华的春节之旅,虽然他没有与家人一切度过,但是Judy给了一个温暖的春节。

My former colleague in China came to Vancouver for a conference during Chinese New Year time. My ex-colleague this was his first time in Vancouver and was interested in the environment of the city especially about the history, but I didn't have much time to spend with him because I was really busy at work during that time. In order to make his stay in Vancouver more fulfilling, I was checking out online guides. Judy received my colleague with great enthusiasm and not only introduced my friend to the history of Vancouver during the specific Tours, but also told the story of Chinatown as a descendant of Chinese in Vancouver. Judy is familiar with every corner of Chinatown and can say that she can tell the story of every corner clearly.
Twenty years ago, I came to Vancouver as an international student. Being from China, I didn't really get to know Chinatown as it once was, and I feel a bit ashamed about that. I have to thank my colleagues for coming here and having such a great opportunity to learn about history.
After Judy's enthusiastic Tours, my colleagues joined Judy's dumpling making class. Judy is a master dumpling maker who knows every step of making dumplings, and it was important for everyone to learn and participate. The dumplings Judy made had a traditional way, but also covered a new styles.
My colleague had a wonderful trip to Vancouver with Judy during his tours and dumpling making. He has already returned to China, but he asked me to make sure to tell Judy that she gave him a perfect Chinese New Year trip to Vancouver, although he did not spend everything with his family, Judy gave him a warm Chinese New Year.
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Janet N
1 条分享
A great tour of Vancouver's Chinatown by local guide and historian, Judy Lam Maxwell. As a history buff myself, I learned about places I would have overlooked on my own. Social, educational and fun. I highly recommend!
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新墨西哥阿尔伯克基22 条分享
On a freezing cold and snowy day, two of us took the walking tour with the history of Chinatown and a delicious dim sum lunch. We appreciated Judy accommodating us even in that weather. We particularly enjoyed randomly running into and interacting with folks in Chinatown - loved the tea shop, met elders enthusiastically playing mah-jongg, watched high school kids learning Chinese drumming, and heard some of the history of the oldest Chinese family associations. We love old buildings full of history too. Obviously everyone in the community knows who July is and that makes it even more fun.
One way to tell a great tour/tour guide is when it's over you are interested in learning more and doing a deeper dive into the history of the Chinese in Vancouver.
Highly recommend, thank you!
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佛罗里达27 条分享
2022年11月 • 独自旅游
Judy is an excellent tour guide! She has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Chinatown and Vancouver. I had such a fun day experiencing the hidden gems of Chinatown. We were able to view many of the clan society clubs including views from a balcony. We visited a second generation tea shop and sampled their tea. We looked at the unique architecture of Chinatown and ended the tour with an exceptional meal of dim sum. Judy was an entertaining and knowledgeable guide. She went out of her way to give me additional advice on things to do, places to go and great dining experiences for the rest of my trip. Her recommendations are spot on. The tour is highly recommended!
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佛罗里达德拉海滩31 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
Having Dim sun—very different choices than the norm. Great learning experience. The entire walk around Chinatown was wonderful. Having been there before, I can say we definitely learned and saw so much more. Judy is a fountain of information. We learned so much about the Chinese immigration process.

My only disappointment is we could not stay through the evening where we could have also booked her dumpling class. Maybe another time.

We went with our 13yo granddaughter. She loved it. Ate foods she would not normally eat and thoroughly enjoyed the excursion.
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Doreen W
1 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
I grew up going to Chinatown every weekend with my parents when I was a little girl. I have moved away since and wanted to show Chinatown’s history to my children in a way I could never explain. Judy was great in her knowledge of Chinatown and showing inside the different society buildings that I never knew existed. My children found it interesting. I would highly recommend. We also finished our tour with dumpling making, which was fun and very tasty. A nice way to end the day.
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Lynn M
夏威夷火山1 条分享
2022年8月 • 好友
My sister and I took a dumpling class with Judy Lam Maxwell via zoom. I have never been in a zoom cooking class before. Judy did a wonderful job explaining the process and was with us every step of the way. We had fun and made great dumplings. I highly recommend Judy’s class!
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Maya B
1 条分享
I booked a Dumpling Masterclass to celebrate mine and my boyfriend’s third anniversary, and we were both absolutely blown away by the experience! It was educational, engaging, and delicious. Not only did we get to learn a bit about transnational Chinese migration and Chinatowns all over the world, but Judy wove in a bit of her family history and stories about local shops/stores which made the experience so much more personal and special.

It was really nice to walk around Chinatown and learn about the clan associations and meeting different shop owners and chefs. We were greeted so warmly (and once even with a free sample!). It was clear Judy is very well-known and loved in the neighbourhood.

The venue was warm, well-lit, clean, and super nice aesthetically. The ingredients were very fresh, and Judy is an awesome teacher. She gave us clear directions and made great conversation, but also gave my boyfriend and I space/time to ourselves to fold our dumplings and laugh together, which we really appreciated. I’m sure it goes without saying, but the dumplings (and all the dipping sauces) were fantastic.

Judy has a warm, outgoing personality and a great sense of humour. She went above and beyond, making it a super special night that we’ll never forget!
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Ainsley A
加拿大里士满1 条分享
My partner and I had a wonderful tour with Judy. She was very accommodating when I made a payment for a tour, but for some reason she did not receive the payment due to the the third party that deals with the payments. She was able to coordinate a time to do the tour despite everything, which was really appreciated. The tour could not have been any better because it was really great to learn about Chinatown while being able to see all the historical buildings that are really hidden in plain sight due to the vagrancy issues in that area. Making dumplings with Judy was so fun and informative. Also, the dumplings were soo good! I would recommend everyone to give this tour a try.
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