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Mactaquac TreeGo

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What a fun experience!!!
2021年9月 • 家庭
Mes filles de 7 et 9 ans ont vraiment adorées ça. Beau parcour. Instructeur dynamique vraiment attentionné aux enfants qui leur a bien expliqué. Petit point négatif: service anglophone et ça malgré la majorité des enfants francophones.
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Ferne G
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Room for improvement
My husband and I and two friends recently did the course although we did get off to a shaky start. It poured rain during our orientation along with thunder which usually means lightning as well and we were all told to head back to the office and wait for awhile until it maybe would stop raining as it was a safety issue with thunder and lightning. It was suggested we come back later in the day or the next day; both impossible times for us; the afternoon we had plans and the next morning we were to check out of Mactaquac campground so we requested a refund which was flatly refused because of their 24 hour cancellation policy. This rain storm was a surprise to everyone as it was not in the forecast and due to safety issues, we felt we should have been able to get a refund, especially since we live out of province and couldn't come back later to use a voucher which was offered. The staff did make calls and a manager came over to talk to us but we were given no refund so had to wait around and hope the rain would stop sometime soon. I understand policies and how there need to be some in place but we found this one to be very arbitrary and unreasonable in light of safety.
The experience on the TreeGo was good but I noticed the guide sitting on the ground constantly on his phone whenever I looked down....a bit disappointing considering everything was soaked and slippery and I would've thought he'd be a bit more attentive.
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Olivia H
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High recommendation
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Amazing time, it was my boyfriend’s first time doing this and at first he was not sure about doing it but when we started climbing and zip-lining he enjoyed himself! We had a blast!
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Elsie Keeler
加拿大New Brunswick1 条分享
This was great fun!
This was great fun! I had done this course when I was a middle schooler and loved it. My husband and I went back and did it today (both of us are in our 20s). It was such a fun date. I would say the price is worth it for the adventure. The course took us about 2 hrs. to do but we did move along. If you have a fear of heights or if you are more cautious then it would probably take more like 3 hours. The guides were wonderful and we had a great time all in all. I would recommend taking a small backpack with water and snacks. You can also pay the guides $2 per bottle to bring you cold bottles of water at the halfway point.
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Fredericton, New Brunswick4 条分享
Obstacle rope course
I took my granddaughter here and we had a blast. I think our guides were Drew and Darren. I’m 59 and my granddaughter is 12, we both completed the course in just over 3 hours. It was a real workout. Throughout the first 3/4 of the course Drew kept checking on us to see how we where making out. He had to leave about 1/2 an hour before we finished and left Darren to look after us. About 3 or 4 obstacles before the end my granddaughter was really struggling on one in particular, she managed to get through it and we finished. It would have been nice to have had Darren below to encourage her from the ground, we never seen Darren after Drew left. When we finished, we returned to the office to return our equipment to find that it was all locked up, no one around. It would have been nice to have someone see how we made out. Also my granddaughter had cut her thumb on the course and we wanted to get a band-aid. It would have been 5 stars except that I didn’t feel as though we were looked after towards the end.
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David N
加拿大弗雷德里克顿5 条分享
Fantastic, Fun and Challenging!
Great time! Lots of fun with kids. Great exercise. Really nice course and would highly recommend it to all.
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Liane V
加拿大弗雷德里克顿1 条分享
Excellent excursion
2021年7月 • 家庭
Great kids experience. Our guide, Dominic was amazing! Kids get to try everything in a very safe way
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Kris M
加拿大卡尔加里1 条分享
A must do if visiting the capital region.
2021年7月 • 家庭
I have completed a few of these in other provinces and this is one of the better and lengthier courses. Mactaquac Provincial park is a beautiful part of the St. John River.

Guide Erin was top-notch.
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John J
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Great for a date
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Great experience, professional staff, and challenging course - the weather was lovely and would highly recommend to anyone with a basic level of fitness
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Sweet Adventures
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Fun & challenging
2020年10月 • 好友
It was really fun and challenging 😃. Each level had almost 10 to 15 tasks which kept getting more difficult one after the other with some minor and fun tasks in between.
More upper muscles power needed; it did push me to my limits and I realized I could do much more than I thought.
It took us almost 3h to complete whole 4 levels.
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