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Gage Park(汉密尔顿)



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We almost skipped this Doors Open Hamilton attraction because parking was brutal. Considering the size of Gage Park, the parking lot was disproportionately small. To further complicate the situation, there was an Eid festival on the park grounds during our visit. It was a miracle we found a parking spot after 30 mins of circling around.

We entered the building and walked straight to the welcome desk at the end of the hallway and were told we could see both the tropical greenhouse (on our left) and the nursery (down the hall on the right) where new plants are grown before being replanted at various local green spaces by end-May. The greenhouse seemed packed so we decided to see the plant nursery first where there were significantly fewer visitors. Rows and rows of bedding plants and foliage filled the enormous room.

Inside the tropical greenhouse, the temperature was surprisingly comfortable--not as hot and humid as I originally imagined. It is not a huge place, but it has a good assortment of tropical plants of varying shapes and sizes. I liked that the plants are clearly labelled--complete with scientific name and place of origin. Some even have interesting information displayed beside them. Must-see features of the greenhouse include: the waterfalls and the turtle pond, the koi pond and the see-thru bridge-walkway at the other end, and the buttonquail birds scurrying in the underbrush. Really glad we didn't skip Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse as it turned out to be the highlight of our Doors Open Hamilton day.
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加拿大汉密尔顿21 条分享
A beutifull park with fountains and great agriculture. it also has major events. played he regularily as a child and still visit
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Have visited this place many times , even as a child, many years ago. We often meet friends here for a walk and talk, even having a bring your own lunch meet and greet. Lovely surroundings, great children's playground. There are lots of fountains , and that brings back memories of me wading in the fountain pools, when I was a little fella. The City of Hamilton Green Houses are in the park as is a new Tropical Green House that you can go into. There are lots of benches for a relaxing sit down. When Covid is over, they will be starting up many concerts and festivals that they were famous for before the pandemic. There is a band shell too. Lots to see and do at Gage Park.
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Alex R
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regardless of the season Gage Park is a great Canadian place to walk/bike/jog/dog walk/bird watching/garden viewing
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the festivals they hold there every year are great love the concerts that they often have during summer months guess not this year tho
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Our visitors accessed Gage Park by City bus and I later joined them. They enjoyed the grounds throughly.
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Sarah M
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This park is a must see for a picnic, a long walk, or one of many festivals that take place in this amazing city. The stone fountains and greenhouses were part of my childhood, and are now a place I love to take my own family. The smell of chrysanthemums always takes me back to the mum show, and the festival of friends is always a great time. Picnics under shady trees, fun in the waterpark, a visit to the children's museum, and afternoons at the pride festival are only a handful of reasons to visit this beautiful greenspace. A must do.
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Kim K
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2019年10月 • 好友
Gage Park is very old and is a welcome sight in that area of town. Here for the 99th year is the Mum show in the new building. This building is much nicer than the old one and as usual the Mum Show is fun. Every year it's a different theme. This year the theme is bugs. This is a small venue. It doesn't take more than an hour to go through but they have a few vendors, demonstrations,
activities for kids and a little snack bar. Go earlier than later as it gets busier as the day goes on. This is an annual event for me. I look forward to it every year. Free parking and the lot is almost at the entrance. Very reasonable entry fees.
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2019年9月 • 独自旅游
Gage Park is a really lovely place - it has a great splash pad for kids, flowerbeds, architectural features, paths, and large grassy areas. I'd totally recommend a stop by! There's a beautiful tropical greenhouse as well with plants from around the world.
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2019年8月 • 家庭
We met some friends here and the kids enjoyed the park and the splash pad. I really liked the tropical greenhouse.
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