Caesars Windsor Casino
Caesars Windsor Casino
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加拿大汉密尔顿83 条分享
Things will have to get better if they want people back to the hotel and casino.
The service must get better and restaurants must start opening on better hours and staff must be brought back for better service.

Spent two nights there in September and only could eat in the legends but had to wait a long time to get in.

Will only go back if the service gets better.
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Sal R
1 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Hotel rooms are clean, concert hall doesn't have a bad seat, but the main buffet is still closed making the remaining restaurants almost impossible to get in before or after a concert, casino needs to brung people back to work the wait staff is over worked causing huge line ups at the restaurants.
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Donald C
加拿大Saint Thomas15 条分享
Directions for parking are inadequate and confusing. Once we discovered where the Valet parking was located, things improved somewhat. The room was spacious and nicely appointed with a good sized flat screen TV. However, the price of the movies for in-room viewing at $25.00 was outrageous.
The selection of restaurants were extremely limited despite the many e-mails from Caesars listing a multiple selection to choose from with a diverse variety of menu items.....not true!! Only Legends was open for dinner with a 40-minute standing in line wait for seating unless you wanted to take your chances at Johnny Rockets or Tim's. By the way, the restaurant(s) is located about a 1/2 mile from the Lobby so track clothing and sneakers should be considered. Some of the menu items (soft shell crab, etc.) at Legends were not available since they were so busy on Saturday and had not re-stocked. The beer was okay and so was the sandwich. So much for a birthday celebration dinner!
The beds were comfortable along with good quality bedding and a variety of pillows to select from. Next morning was disturbing since both my wife and I used the bathroom for showers and regular bathroom duties only to find several dirty toe nail/finder nail clippings on the counter and in the sink....yuck! We passed on attempting to find a place for breakfast as it would be too far away and likely not open. Tim's we can find anywhere. Checked out and happy to be gone with a bad feeling about the cleanliness.
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Sandra A
加拿大圣约翰4 条分享
Not totally thrilled about our stay. Super long walk from parking as we couldn't find the valet entrance. Had to walk through Casino to get to registration. I have a very bad knee that prevents me from walking long distances.
No where to eat due to covid and NO options offered. Room was ok, spacious bathroom. Some paint peeling in areas and King bed was so, so. Not uncomfortable, but not the best I've slept in. Might stay again if I have money to burn, but might not.
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Robert P
加拿大Bowmanville56 条分享
You know... I've visited a lot of Ontario casinos and this one isn't bad but then again it's it's not great either. Having visited several times in 2021 alone this review is definitely based on a combined assessment of visits and of course only represents my personal opinion.
It's clean, has a friendly staff, good selection of both new and old slots, the rooms are adequate but not amazing, it's just lacking, ya know...
The comps are coming in yet there's limited dining available, no Laurel Lounge either and when it is open it's only 3 days a week, what's up with that? There's nowhere to just take a break and relax between visits to the floor. I play hard to earn the right to the lounges and this is the first casino I've frequented where they're not open daily. I understand covid has changed things however the Laurel Lounge was open only 3 days per week prior to covid where other casinos had theirs open every single day.
The gaming is over two floors serviced with escalators, one of which scares the hell out of many due to it's height. There is a poorly functioning elevator many can't even find that also comes with long wait times to travel just one floor.
Signage is a huge problem also both inside the casino but even worse outside including the parking garage. The vast majority of people have no idea how to find the parking garage let alone where to park once inside. Upon leaving the garage and into the casino or hotel is also just a crap shoot for most and I'm constantly asked for help or guidance by others that are lost or confused.
There's just so much more that needs to be addressed before this casino can get top reviews. As much as I'd love to give a 4 or 5 rating with all due respect it deserves a 3.
Fallsview in Niagara offers up a much nicer mini vacation experience overall.
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加拿大汉密尔顿32 条分享
I’m used to the house winning…that’s all part of the game…but when the house wins and wins and wins…without even a little attempt at throwing a few $ towards me…
I know I’m going to Lise, but I look at it as time spent on entertainment…like going to the movies, or a jays game…you pay your $, and have some fun for a little bit, then you go home…but the night we were tiger, there were no bones thrown to us….Lisa’s after loss…just okayed slots…not looking to pay off the mortgage, just to have some fun
I don’t mind spending $, even larger amounts, as long as I feel I’m getting value for test $
We never felt that here…we felt ripped off right from the get go…
Like I said, no little wins here to whet your beak, to think, hey, this is fun,,let’s keep playing…
No, it was loss and loss and loss…and if a win did actually occur…it took $ 1.50 bet to win .35 cents…it was insulting…
We weren’t big time gamblers like I said, just some slots for fun…but we both felt ripped off…
We left tge floor early, and called it a night as we both felt ripped off…
I’m not a huge gambler, but to playbst Niagara fallsview, that place seems like a payout heaven compared to Windsor…
Even the 1 restaurant open, at 730 pm, the other, a semi cafeteria set up, looked almost empty, Johnny rockets our only choice…no sides with anything..want a hotdog or hamburger, and maybe some fries…nope…fries extra… !
Just added to the feeling of no value for $ spent…a bad feeling…
This was our first trip to Caesar’s Windsor, and it will be our last…
From poor logistics in moving around, to three quarters of the place closed..I know covid, but all these places have since reopened, just not last was a disappointing experience…
Will stay with fallsview,….where at least you can occasionally win some small $, and eat st a good restaurant…
2 thumbs down
: (
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7 条分享
We went to the buffet restaurant as we had done 3 years ago. What a difference on the down side. Food was blah at best, no taste what so ever, even with salt put on it. Some of the food tasted old. The silverware needed to be cleaned better. When we said something to management, it was like “oh well.”
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英国布里斯托尔124 条分享
2020年3月 • 好友
We thought it would be a fun evening to visit the Casino as never been to one before.
How wrong can you be.
Absolutely no help to explain the set up and how you go about playing the various games.
We struggled with a few things until deciding to leave as no clear idea what we were doing.
A trick missed I feel
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Thank you for your review, I’m sorry your visit did not exceed your expectations. It is common for us to receive high praise on our level of customer service, but we sincerely regret if this was not your experience. Your comments will be shared with our management team in hopes that we can avoid a situation like this in the future. Feel free to ask any of our staffs for assistance with games and they would be happy to assist you with questions. We hope to be able to welcome you again. Dave S. Total Service Coordinator Caesars Windsor
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Grace T
加拿大伦敦41 条分享
2020年3月 • 家庭
Waited 45 minutes for a table. Was called to inform that one was available. The service was excellent. Leaders kept continually checking on us to make sure everything was OK. The portions are very large, service was quick and efficient. Had the linguine Del mare , was delicious. All the pastas come with focaccia bruschetta, And a mixed green salad as an app, unbeknownst to us!
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Troy6 条分享
Love the scenery of Caesars Windsor; I cannot wait until my fiancee gets her enhanced license so we can go again! There's so much to do there! And they do have free parking!
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