Sky High Wilderness Ranch Day Tours

Sky High Wilderness Ranch Day Tours

Sky High Wilderness Ranch Day Tours
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南卡罗来纳查尔斯顿5 条分享
This was really great!! My mom and I were traveling through Whitehorse and wanted to try this. We had very limited experience and skills but our incredible guide had us comfortable very quickly. The ranch and the scenery are incredible; I also really enjoyed bonding with the animals. The staffs authenticity and passion are very evident without needing to be spoken. I would go again; just a great outfit, great people doing what they love and sharing a small taste of it with us.
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加拿大埃德蒙顿259 条分享
2022年3月 • 商务型
What a ranch! We visited Sky High to do some dog sledding, which you must do while you’re out in Whitehorse. When you arrive on site they have everything organized for your group to get you out on the trails. You can see that they have rustic lodges for rent and hundreds of happy dogs running the trail. They partner with another on site who offers yurts, snowmobiles and fishing. Sky high staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We were able to sit around and talk with someone who participated in the Yukon Quest dog sledding race while enjoying a bison sausage and a warm beverage around a fire. This is definitely an experience to be had while in Whitehorse.
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新西兰基督城9 条分享
I had the pleasure of 4 wonderful days of dog-sledding at the Sky High Wilderness Ranch during their last week of the season before they were forced to close due to the COVID-19 crisis. I came to the ranch expecting to learn a little bit about mushing, have a bit of fun, and enjoy some beautiful scenery. What I came away with was so much more than that...

On this epic adventure I made friends with 5 of the friendliest and most hard-working dogs I've ever known (Melina, Dopey, Zia, Thunder and Yang). I had a great time getting to know the Sky High guides and also my fellow travellers. I found a deep sense of peace and contentment in being immersed in the beautiful Yukon wilderness. It is a very still and calm place during winter, perfect for reflection and escaping all the noise of the modern world for a while. I also found myself thriving on the physical challenge of learning how to drive a sled and work as a team with the dogs. I usually have trouble sleeping, but am happy to report I slept like a log for 8 hours every night of my stay at the ranch!

During your time at Sky High you stay in a rustic log cabin (the Lodge) that is heated by a truly massive wood-fired stove. You have propane gas lamps in every room for light, cold running water in the kitchen, the wood stove for heating water, a manual fill solar shower in the bathroom for washing, and a gas powered refrigerator and oven - but that is it for modern conveniences. No cell reception, no electricity, and best of all no light pollution or traffic noise. No need for an alarm clock, as you'll definitely know when it is breakfast time at the kennels! It is a comfortable and cosy place to get away from the world and experience a different style of life from a much simpler time. Did I mention there is also a wood-fired sauna for helping relax those tired muscles after a long day of sledding?

If you go for a multi-day tour at Sky High you need to make sure you love dogs, are moderately fit, don't mind hard work or getting your hands dirty, and most of all are prepared to learn - a lot. You start on the first day with learning the basic parts of the sled and how to set-up your dog team. You are shown how to fetch your dogs, harness them, get them attached to the sled, and how to take off, corner, and slow down safely. It's a lot of information to process at once, but after a few days it will become your new normal. Once you've been out for your first run of about an hour, you learn how to unharness your team, feed them, and then get them back to their individual kennels. The guides are all excellent teachers and will make sure you are well looked after through every part of the process.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. All the staff at Sky High truly love the dogs and what they do, and their enthusiasm is highly contagious! After your first day, the guides will gradually take you on more challenging trails (usually 3-4 hours sledding time with a few short breaks) as the conditions and your improving skills allow. You don't need to go sledding every day if you are finding it more challenging than expected, but I highly recommend that you do. You'll be shocked at how much your skills improve over such a short time if you keep at it!

As far as what to bring goes: stick to the Sky High recommended packing list, but I'd also add a pair of comfy clothes to change into once you're back at the cabin. They have all the heavy winter gear you'll ever need available for rent, so don't worry if you're not kitted out for a mid-winter Yukon expedition. If you have a GoPro or something similar, grab as much footage while sledding as you can. You'll be concentrating heavily on driving your team a lot of the time, so don't expect to have hands free to take photos or videos very often. Your guide will make sure to stop and take photos of you and your team on a couple of occasions, but if you're like me and have an iPhone, be prepared for it to die unexpectedly in the cold. It doesn’t cause any lasting damage, and your phone will recover once it’s back in the warm cabin, but it can be a bit frustrating when trying to take photos outside! I hear Samsung phones do much better in the cold, but have not tested this myself. The Sky High staff have access to a solar panel system, so they can recharge phones and cameras overnight if necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring a power bank if your device is particularly power hungry.

I absolutely loved my time at Sky High and cannot recommend the experience enough. The staff are incredibly friendly and do an exceptional job of looking after you and making sure you get the most out of your stay with them. I will definitely be going back again once the current crisis resolves itself. My thoughts are with all the people (and of course the dogs) at Sky High, best wishes from New Zealand. Kia kaha, Kia māia, Kia manawanui....
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So glad you had fun on your adventure with us James! It is unfortunate it was cut short - BUT we want you healthy and well enough to come back! Thank you for the great description of the tour - i think this is one of the most detailed reviews we have ever had and a good introduction to what guests will experience. We strive to give our guests the real deal when it comes to a Yukon lifestyle and it appears that we have achieved it - what a great feeling! Keep safe, stay home and please keep in touch!
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Kiera G
2 条分享
I thoroughly enjoyed my half day dog sledding experience. The guides were very welcoming, knowledgeable, informative and made sure you felt comfortable before heading out. They also lend warm, protective clothing to anyone who needs it to ensure you have the best time possible. We stopped a few times along the way to take photos and spend time with the dogs. It was an amazing, bucket list experience.
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So glad that you enjoyed your tour with us! Hope you had safe travels home and that we will see you again at sky High!
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Colette P
加拿大里士满129 条分享
We did the 2 hour dog sled adventure, WOW that was a blast.. Our guide was very informative about the dogs and their way of life, we stopped a couple times to let the dogs rest and take photos. The dogs seem to be well taken care of and just love to run. At the end of the trail when they unharness the dogs you get to visit with all the other 150 sled dogs. You are also treated to a hot dog cook out and marshmallow roast on an open fire. I would highly recommend this tour to add to your bucket list..
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Hi Colette, We are happy you enjoyed your Sky High's Husky Rush tour! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us :-) We look forward to having you again in the future!
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澳大利亚阿米代尔8 条分享
My 12 year old son and I have always wanted to dog sled so to the Yukon we headed. We chose Sky High Wilderness Ranch because we wanted more than just a couple of hours - we wanted to be a part of the dogs’ life. I won’t lie, our 4 days was challenging and physically demanding but all so worth it. Learning to harness our dogs, feeding our dogs and then enjoying their power and excitement as they took us through the most magnificently beautiful countryside will remain in my heart forever. It was also lovely to escape phone service and to live the simple life where heat is provided by a wood fire, lighting is gas, water is boiled on a stove, there is no dishwasher and the washroom is outside. The hospitality was amazing, you were a part of the Sky High Wilderness Ranch family and they showed how important you were. Receiving our Diploma of Mushing was certainly a highlight. Our guide Kristina was absolutely dedicated to all our needs. Go and experience this wonderous place.
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So glad that you enjoyed your tour with us! Hope to have you back again one day:-)
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Kelly B
加拿大惠斯勒2 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
My daughter and I had a fabulous time dogsledding at SkyHigh. I had some trepidation about going as the temperature in Whitehorse was -43C. They assured me we would be warm enough and that we would be well taken care of. They lived up to their word! We were picked up from our hotel and arrived at the ranch about 20 minutes later. We were given boots, a jacket, pants and gloves to wear to ensure we had the proper gear. We had some time to get to know and interact with the dogs before getting instructions on what to do. We had an exhilarating 2 hours driving our own dogsled across the lake and then weaving through the forest and up and down trails. So much fun! We said goodbye to our dogs and then spent some time in the cosy yurt drinking hot chocolate by the fire. The dogs were well taken care of and our guides were fantastic! We will be back for another adventure with Sky High.
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Hi Kelly, We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note I hope you back with us in the future Cheers
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5 条分享
Our family of 5 just returned from the 7 Day Husky Adventure at Sky High Wilderness Ranch. This was a stunning and wondrous experience that exceeded our expectations. It is difficult to fully describe what it is like be on a dog sled in the Yukon wilderness, but it can be said that this is exhilarating, fully engaging your attention. There’s the brisk cold, the mountains surrounding you, the dog team working their hearts out to pull you and the sled, the bends in the trail that require you to change your balance on the sled runners, the distance to sled in front of you to be aware of – the distractions of the modern world really do fall away.

If you choose one of the multiday experiences, you’ll find that this is not the place for those who want to have all the preparation for being on the dog sled done for them. Your guide will teach you to deal with every aspect of the sled and the dogs, which means that you’ll be bringing your energetic dogs from their homes in the kennel to your sleds, putting on their harnesses, attaching them to the gangline…. And reversing the process at the end of the day, feeding them, getting them settled back in their homes. This is truly a learning experience. The guides are superlative teachers and mushers, and are natural leaders.

You must be prepared to live off the grid (no wifi, no electricity; a way to experience life as it was once lived), you will need to be in very good physical shape (driving the sled on hilly trails, making turns without flipping over, helping the dogs on steep hills by getting off the runners and running alongside the sled or even pushing it), you should love (or at least like) dogs, you should be prepared to adapt to whatever weather and conditions present you with.

Come with an open mind, come prepared to work hard. If you do, you’ll find yourself in love with the Yukon, and you’ll find yourself connected to your dogs in a deep way. All 5 of us were very sad to leave our beloved dogs and this unique place at the end of our amazing and fabulous and vital experience.

The Austin Family
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Thank you so much for your review! We loved having you with us and i know the dogs loved it too! It's funny how living the lifestyle and being "off grid" changes your perspective and quiets your soul. I have heard over and over again that it is truly life changing! Hope to have you back again with us one day! Take care; Trudy & the gang!
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Susana G
西班牙马拉加9 条分享
Hicimos el tour de trineo con perros - Lauren, nuestra guia, era estupenda. Muy amable, simpatica y paciente. Los perros son preciosos, muy bien cuidados y felices. El tour es maravilloso, vistas increibles y muy divertido. Hay que estar en forma y tener equilibrio!
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Hi Susana, Thanks for the awesome review, We are glad you enjoyed your tour . And we really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Come back and see us soon. Cheers!
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Carli M
加拿大246 条分享
My mother and I did a 2 hr horseback riding tour. The horses were well cared for; well-fed, well-groom and well-behaved. The ride was organized and the leader was friendly and chatty with the group (we had another couple as part of our group). She made sure to stop at good locations to take photos of everyone on their horses. The scenery was excellent. For those who might be wanting a bit of speed (trotting or cantering) there is not much options (at least on the route we took), so don't be thinking you will get a lot, especially if you have beginners in your group. As is reasonable. The trail is tight because of the underbrush (be darn sure you are wearing pants) and narrow and not great footing that the horses manage beautifully. I would not have concerns about taking beginners or children on this trip.
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Thank you for your review! SO glad you enjoyed your tour! Our guides are here for the lifestyle and Kristina enjoys showing our visitors the views from her new home. Yes pants are definitely a must for our trail rides- we use wilderness trails and take pride in keeping the landscapes as natural as possible. Our rides are more about getting to the best view points rather than speed or showmanship - and when you see that view it is breathtaking! Hope to have you with us again one day!
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