Princetown Wetlands Boardwalk

Princetown Wetlands Boardwalk

Princetown Wetlands Boardwalk

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Arkunsana K
泰国曼谷13 条分享
ชอบ สวย สงบ เดินทางง่าย ถ่ายรูปออกมาสวย ชอบสะพานไม้ ชอบน้ำ เป็นอีกหนึ่งทางผ่านเส้น Great ocean road ใครชอบอะไรแบบนี้แนะนำให้แวะ
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melbourne6,373 条分享
I had no idea this wetland boardwalk existed until I stumbled upon it. I'd turned off at Princetown on the off chance that the General Store and Cafe was open and serving sausage rolls or something similar. It wasn't open, and neither was the tavern cum take away food establishment opposite, but there was a lookout and a public toilet nearby so, when opportunity knocked, I answered.

The Princetown Wetlands Boardwalk is relatively easy to find even if it's not well signposted. Princetown is a little village on the Great Ocean Road, between Gibson's Steps and, hmm, well, not much that has landmark status except for Melba Gully and Lavers Hill. (It's actually roughly between Moonlight Head and Gibson's Steps, but Moonlight Head, whose listing I'm still waiting for TA to accept, is, itself, tucked away from view.) Just follow Old Post Office road, which is one of the few roads intersecting The Great Ocean Road, and when you get to the turning bay and the General Store find a place to park and hop out. There's a viewing platform and information plaque just next to the public toilet block near the General Store. From there you can see the boardwalk and the wetlands below.

A gravel path winds from the lookout through a glade of trees down the boardwalk. I startled about half a dozen birds who took to the trees. I could hear some of them as I passed through but I couldn't see them and had no chance of identifying them. Just past the trees the path ends and the wetlands and the boardwalk starts.

There are more plaques at the beginning of the boardwalk. I read about the flora and fauna, and also about the history and pre-history of the area. I walked the boards, listening and watching, and smelling, but listening and watching more. I crossed the little bridge and read the plaque on the other side. The boardwalk continues on but I didn't. I wasn't in a rush, yet the clock was ticking. It was after midday, I hadn't had lunch yet and Gibson's Steps, the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and those other world famous Great Ocean Road attractions still lay ahead of me. It had been the Winter Solstice only a couple of days before and I wanted to reach Port Campbell before it got dark.

On the way back across the bridge a took a few moments to examine the plaque mounted on the timber in the middle. The plaque was a ruler that one could use to measure fish, and it indicated the minimum legal length of fish taken, and how to measure them. I don't think all of those fish can be caught from the bridge and I expect the same plaques can be found all over Victoria at popular fishing spots.

I kept my eyes peeled on the way back, and my ears tuned but I didn't see any sign of the wetlands hawk nor hear any sound of frogs. I didn't see any swamp rats either, but I'd seen one the day before at the Aire River West campground and would see another a few days later at the Otway Fly. Right back when I first arrived I did see a bloke and his dog that I'd seen earlier that morning at Castle Cove. I think they were local to the region. He seemed to spend a lot of his time talking on the phone. (Well, to be fair, probably about 8 of the 10 minutes he'd been in my field of view he'd spent on the phone.)
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Gerco T
9 条分享
Vroeg in de morgen een wandeling gemaakt en dat betekent van de rust en de het gezang van de vogels. Met een beetje geluk kom je ook kangoeroes en koala's tegen. Een prachtig wandeling
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科罗拉多海兰兹兰奇1,128 条分享
Great place to break up the long drive to the Apostles.
We thought we would see some kangaroos - we didn't, but it is a beautiful natural place to take a short walk.
But, the Tavern in Princetown was not a good place for lunch.
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Steven W
加利福尼亚沙加缅度1,244 条分享
This is an easy and fairly short well-maintained boardwalk through some wetlands. You can sometimes spot wild kangaroos in the distance. We didn't see any, but did see lots of birds. A couple of signs provide information about the area. Worth a short visit to check it out.
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俄罗斯叶卡捷琳堡64,096 条分享
Nice place for a peaceful walk to enjoy the nature, and sounds of wildlife and the wind through the grass, of the wetlands.
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泰国曼谷147 条分享
Great place to picnic and camping. I love walking on boardwalks.

Unique and worthwhile to spend time there!!
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Erik B
加拿大维多利亚315 条分享
This is a hidden gem if you are camping or RVing--very understated but the location backs on the Wetlands--follow the road along the river and you will eventually come to the river mouth that is carved through the cliffs--another place worthy of the Great Ocean Road sites--just very few people other than locals.
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David N
澳大利亚布里斯班1,324 条分享
The boardwalk added to our experience of this beautiful part of the australian coastline. Was very windy when we were there but still enjoyable
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Mike B
英国切尔滕纳姆199 条分享
Well maintained boardwalk from princetown to link with Great Ocean Walk. Views of kangaroos over the other side of the wetland and v atmospheric with mist in early spring morning. Recommend you pack some lunch and continue to 12 apostles on foot is a well maintained path of around 6km to beach steps and 7km to visitor centre.
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