Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk
Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk


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Amy T
英国南希尔兹31 条分享
2023年8月 • 商务型
I completed the Yorkshire Three-Peaks Challenge with 25 colleagues for charity last weekend.

It was a fantastic experience, although I wasn't saying that by the time we passed the viaduct on our way to the third mountain of the day!

We started with Ingleborough, moving on the Pen-Y-Ghent, and finishing with Whernside. Each had its own quirks but the 10 mile walk between the last two felt never ending and is where my feet started to feel the effects of the day.

I found Ingleborough to be the easier of the three, but that could have been because it was first! The ascent of Pen-Y-Ghent was hard work, but I enjoyed the more hands on section after constantly walking up steps, and the sense of achievement once I reached the summit made it worth while. Finishing with the descent of Whernside was especially hard going, as its quite steep and jarring on the hips and knees, but it was eased out with the few miles it took to get back to the starting point.

All in all I found the Yorkshire Three-Peaks to be quite the challenge, which I swore I'd never do again, but (following a full night's sleep) I'd definitely like to tackle this again and try to beat my finishing time!
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John C
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2023年7月 • 好友
We did it as a group for macmillan and what a fantastic experience.. takes lots of food and and drink it's a LONG day but incredibly rewarding... strangely the 5 mile walk back from Ingleborough to Horton was one of hardest bits it goes on FOREVER ! Due to intense fatigue my friend lost it with 200 yards to go to the finish line he thought he was near whernside and had another 8 mile walk home because he thought he has passed a shop that looked familiar earlier in the day
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Emma Lucas
英国赫尔河畔金斯顿132 条分享
2023年7月 • 好友
We completed the three peaks challenge as a group of 8 colleagues raising money for charity.

We started the day at 6am, first tackling Ingleborough, and going in an anti clockwise direction.

A member of our team had previously done the challenge and had spoken about the Ingleborough scrambling so we decided to tackle this one first!

The rain and the wind that day were really challenging, and it had been raining non stop the night before. I personally found the scrambling quite a tough mental challenge and difficult, being 5’1, hanging onto rocks on my hands and knees in gusts of wind and rain wasn’t the best start, but we all made it!! We weren’t treated to a view and in fact couldn’t see a thing up there. We lost direction in the fog, accidentally coming down the way we’d just come up before turning around and walking back.

The second peak was Pen Y Ghent which was challenging because of the none stop incline. There were no flat sections whatsoever and my heart rate was going nuts! At the top of the mountain it again was a bit scary - right on the edge and huge gusts throwing you about, I would highly recommend you take poles as they were a literally life saver!!!! I found the stairs on the decline a challenge as did another member of our group who had started with a knee complaint.

I LOVED the walk in between Pen Y Ghent and Whernside - beautiful scenery, although it was wet and windy I didn’t care - that bit was my highlight.

Finally we tackled whernside and the sun started to shine! I loved the first couple of miles, there’s a gorgeous waterfall and a river. But then we got to more steep slippy rocks and I was having to really give myself some pep talks. Stopping and admiring the view and seeing what we’d achieved already really helped push me up!

The decline took forever and I was so thankful for my walking poles.

Overall - a true challenge of mind and body. I would perhaps do pen y Ghent again but I’d be looking to do it on a day when there weren’t wind warnings!
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Jacqui S
英国Sherburn in Elmet14 条分享
2023年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We started at Horton-In-Ribblesdale from the main car park (£5.50 for the day - contactless accepted) toilet facilities were clean.
I had downloaded the official app (£2.49 I think) and this helped us to head off in the right direction. Once we were on the main path, the sign post were great.
Pen y Gent was tough but nothing like what I was expecting. A little scrambling up certain parts with good paths and grassland.
The walk onwards to Whernside is a long one but incredibly enjoyable with stunning countryside. At points the signage becomes sporadic and the official app was used to guide us and confirm we were on the right route.
The Ribblehead Viaduct marks the next assent up Whernside. This is a longer walk and you head up steadily, for roughly 4 miles, on a constant climb. The views both on the way up and down are incredible.
Again, we used the app on the odd occasion to guide us to the final and, I thought, the most challenging peak - Ingleborough. The initial walk up, like the others, had a steady incline. Then, you spot the final climb - yes climb. It zigzags a path up the side of the mountain , where all you can do is scramble up, taking a rest on route as needed. The exhilaration when I reached the top was most definitely the most intense at the top of this peak. A combination of it being the hardest and the final peak all thrown in together.
There is then a long walk back to Horton-In-Ribblesdale along gorgeous countryside.
My watch clocked the whole walk at 24.8 miles. We climbed 5015ft in total and completed this strenuous challenge in 9hrs 39 mins.
We had plenty of water, crisps, sandwiches, malt loaf, chocolate biscuits and mixed nuts with us and we enjoyed a coffee at the Ribblehead Viaduct.
I wore runners trail shoes and my partner wore walking boots - both were perfect.
It’s now two days since we completed this incredible route and my legs are most definitely letting me know about it. Was it all worth it? Absolutely! An incredible challenge through the best county in the world - what’s not to love?
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Brian Hurst
英国Kibworth Beauchamp4 条分享
2022年10月 • 独自旅游
The Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge was challenging enough for me. Prepare yourself, keep one eye on the weather and off you go!
Would definitely recommend a guided group if it’s your first time or going solo.
Check out a company called Maximum Adventure.
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Angela L
英国曼彻斯特16 条分享
2022年9月 • 好友
We did this in a group of 8 , it's important to find your own pace . Left at 6am , all finished within the 12 hours. The weather was dry which helped . Take plenty of water . I used protein water from my protein website as well as protein shake with macca powder in it. Also the saltstick fast chews lemon and lime flavour . £14.99 for 60 fron Holland and Barrett was definitely needed. My husband normally gets bad cramp but didn't with these . We also had had a bag of mixed salted nuts and mango . A couple of boiled eggs . But my favourite tip that I read and took was cheese and beetroot sandwiches cut up. After each mountain that was my treat. For the ladies that usually need the toilet alot. I was surprised that I didn't feel the need to go until after the 2nd mountain , there's walls to go behind or wait till you get to the farm where you can fill up with water and buy snacks and use the loo. It's a lovely scenic walk but there are steep parts with steps that go on for miles . Train well and fill up with carbs the night before . Another tip , keep your toe nails short . Take plasters for blisters , dont wear brand new shoes , make sure they are worn in and comfortable for a 25 mile walk/climb. Continue to fill up the day after with protein and carbs to refill the calories you have lost. Enjoy the accomplishment.
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英国伦敦29 条分享
2022年6月 • 好友
An incredibly difficult hike, but well worth it once you're done. The scenery was amazing, the day i had was sunny and dry, which helps a lot. But whatever the conditions, just coming out the other end feels fabulous.

I've done a vlog on youtube for this hike if interested in watching on a channel called "thetexasranger"
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英国利兹975 条分享
2022年8月 • 好友
This was the most challenging thing I have ever done, more challenging than my first half marathon earlier in the year or competing a 15 hour bar crawl. I'm a keen walker but did no specific training for this, and I was absolutely exhausted by the end. A shell of a woman, but I was so glad I did it as the sense of achievement at the end is like nothing else.
We started just after 7am and finished just before 9pm, with quite a few stops in between. I definitely wouldn't recommend starting any later than 7.
The first one was very steep but didn't take long, there's then a 10 mile walk from the first to the second, but I really enjoyed this part as I was still full of energy and we didn't see anyone for miles, it was so scenic and peaceful. We stopped at the viaduct for some food and began the long, long walk up Whernside which seemed to take forever. It wasn't at all steep but it was just so long! Walking down Whernside was really tough on the knees and my friend did have a couple of falls.
The walk to and up the final one was so tough. But the worst part was walking back from Ingleborough - this took us nearly three hours! We were in so much pain!
I would recommend lots of water, although there is a barn you can fill up water in between the second and third, and I also used the stream at Ingleborough. We ate snacks throughout the day rather than bringing a big lunch to eat all in one.
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Vicky H
英国Sarratt5 条分享
amazing day, very hard work through all different weathers. felt very proud when we finally finished.
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James C
3 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
I read the reviews before I did this challenge as I was worried because I did zero training and me and my mates organised to do it, I was going to pull out but there were some people saying they did it with no trading at all like myself, my advice is start at about 7am don’t give up and you will finish it, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it was amazing, take plenty to food, 2/4 litres of water and hiking sticks help, take a couple of spare pairs of socks, I changed mine when having a break and aired my feet off, we only stopped three times for about 20 mins for food and stopped a couple of mins here and there on the really hard bits and did it in 10 hours, it’s some achievement to finish it and a few pints after we’re the best I’ve ever tasted 😂 don’t underestimate this walk it’s brutal on the legs and feet take some ibuprofen with you as well but go and do it it’s class.
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