Phra Maha Chedi CHai Mongkol
Phra Maha Chedi CHai Mongkol
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Gert D
比利时布鲁塞尔33 条分享
Dit is één van de meest impressionante tempels in Zuid-Oost Azië. Ver afgelegen van de stad, midden in de jungle, op een heuvel gebouwd. Prachtig zicht over de bergen van de provincie Roi Et. Roi Et betekent letterlijk 101 en deze tempel heeft hoogte en breedte dimensies die 101 meter zijn. Spectaculaire zalen waarin duizenden kunnen samenkomen. Vol met Boeddha standbeelden en prachtige decoratie, zowel het plafond als de vloeren. Dan volgt na 5 etages klimmen, een wenteltrap van wel 50 meter hoog naar de stupa waar een prachtig beeld van Boeddha staat. Het titanenwerk onder instructie van 1 enkele monnik, welke de voltooing niet heeft meegemaakt.
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泰国曼谷3,423 条分享
I'm not sure why Trip Advisor also has a listing for "Wat Pha Nam Yoi -- Isaan Buddhist Park" for this same temple complex, but it underscores the confusion over the name and location of this place. It's good to read the reviews under each of the listings. And, important to be careful in plotting your course to travel here, as it can be very confusing! Most local people will know the place by the name Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol.

In any case, a visit is well worth the effort to travel to this relatively remote area and overcome the errors of Google map and others. It is a truly spectacular place that you won't regret visiting. Are aren't enough superlatives to do the place justice!

Prepare to climb a lot of steps (nearly 300) if you plan to go to the top of the temple. The views from the temple mount are fabulous and the temple itself is stupendous.
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Steven S
泰国芭堤雅565 条分享
I've visited quite a few temples around Thailand and this one would definitely be in my top 5. Everything from the size of the temple area (think football stadium), the statuary, the fountains, the overall detail, the man hours, the manicured gardens, it is all absolutely stunning. When I first walked in I just stood there for a few moments gobsmacked. Located around 70kms NE of Roi Et it was worth every baht I paid Mr Lek's limousine taxi service to take me there. We stopped off for a bite to eat on the way back.
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泰国也梭吞府214 条分享
An exhibit about the life & practices of the Venerable Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta Mahathera (1870-1949) was on display during our visit – Friday 30 Oct 20.

An excerpt from his story. “He was a Thai Bhikkhu (Monk) of the Theravada Sect, Dhammayut Order, who together with his teacher, was responsible for the revival of & propagation of the forest ascetic tradition or Kammatthana tradition that has now spread throughout Thailand & to several countries abroad.”

I suggest that you allow for a 2-3 hour visit as there is much to see in this huge complex. Additionally for those with an interest in Buddhism & Wat architecture, gird yourself with as much knowledge of the complex beforehand.
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瑞士苏黎世341 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Tolle Tempelanlage auf 5 Stöcken. Lange und gut erhaltene Ringmauer, die auch begehbar ist. Der Anfahrtsweg lohnt sich, man hat gute Sicht auf das Land. Innenräume des Tempels sind grosszügig gestaltet, teilweise auch prunkvoll. Genügend Besuchszeit einplanen, sicher mehr als 1 Stunde!
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saint leu la foret695 条分享
2019年12月 • 好友
Perdu...loin de tout mais pourtant il vaut le detour. Ce temple est immense et meme si une partie n'est pas encore finie. L'architecture et l'intérieur sont impressionnants. Le projet est certainement trop ambitieux car certains éléments semblent mal vieillir. Largement compensé par la qualité des finitions intérieures en particulier les plafonds.
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Ingvi Mar
冰岛雷克雅未克370 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful place to visit, great view over the hills and valley from the top if the weather is good and the sky is clear.
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泰国曼谷3,110 条分享
2018年7月 • 商务型
Some sources call the complex “Isaan Buddhist Park”. No Thai person seems to know that name nor have they ever heard it. I was unable to find out where this title came from. So don’t bother asking Thai people for “Isaan Buddhist Park”, just say the full name or simply “Chedi Mongkol” – and everybody knows what you mean.

Please don’t ask me for instructions on how to get there. A local friend from Roi-et drove me all the way. The location is approximately 90 kilometres North of Roi-et town. There is no village nearby. The chedi is in the middle of nowhere, so to say. I don’t think you can go there by public transport. You have to go by group tour or hire someone to drive you there. If you decide to drive by yourself, get directions from google maps first.
Surprisingly enough, there was a large Tesco Lotus in one of the villages on the way, just in case.

Shortly before arrival you pass many restaurants. They all sell the same: Grilled chicken and grilled fish, the one with the thick crust of salt – very delicious!

Upon arrival you can see that the chedi is in the hills of a jungle area. From the parking lot you can either walk five minutes or take the small tractor-train to reach the entrance. The train is free of charge and so was the entrance to the chedi. Avoid Buddhist holidays if you can. There were not many people during my visit, but I’ve been told that it can get very crowded on certain days.

The structure is big, I mean really huge. On one sign it is said that the foundation of the building is 101 metres in diameter and the total height is 101 metres as well, referring to the name of the province you are in (Roi-et means “one hundred-one”). The garden surrounding the chedi is well maintained and the photo opportunities are seemingly endless.

When you enter the chedi, you’ll find yourself in a gigantic hall that is nearly empty. In the middle of the room are the Buddha images. This area is relatively small in comparison to the rest of the hall. The next two floors look basically the same: Huge empty space with a Buddha worship corner.

I am still puzzled over the fact that there is such a huge, well maintained place in Thailand, rivalling Bangkok’s Grand Palace in size and I never heard of it before.

A visit can be easily combined with visiting Nam Tok Soda, a waterfall not too far away. From there you can actually see Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol protruding out of the dense jungle.

Another place to add to your trip is the nearby “Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area”, which does not have the status of a national park, but is treated like one and it is under the authority of the Thai National Park administration. It is just 10 kilometres away.
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John Angus
马耳他马耳他岛78 条分享
2018年3月 • 好友
Almost overwhelming. A bit off the main road, but absolutely worth a visit.
Use some hours on a day with no rain.
Be prepared for steep stair walking.
Take along water.
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Khon Kaen Thailandia411 条分享
2018年4月 • 好友
Ci sono appena stato. È stato un giro piacevole perché la zona è molto tranquilla e quando arrivi sei ammagliato dalla dimensione del tempio! Era sabato e non vi era molta gente!
Il chedi e molto venerato nella provincia di Roi Et perché le reliquie del Buddha sono contenute nella parte sono cinque piani, vi e pure una ascensore.
Vi sono molti Buddha dorati tutto intorno . È molto elegante dipinto di bianco e decorato in oro! Visita consigliata se si è in zona!
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