Portchester Castle
Portchester Castle
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jacqui sheehan
英国Eaton Socon17 条分享
2023年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful setting and very dog friendly. Free unless you wish to visit the turret. Take a picnic or use the church tea room.
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Benjamin Moye
英国诺威奇318 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I'm not local but have been to this castle a few times - it has to be one of my favourites in the world. The site has so many layers of history still present to explore and the information provided is extensive.
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英国St Leonards-on-Sea125 条分享
2022年11月 • 独自旅游
With an extensive vista across a vast estuary and a formidable keep, this castle has been well preserved by English Heritage. Do take the audio guide, which brings the castle to life. Small shop and no cafe or toilet facilities within the site is only a small bug bear.
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英国法纳姆978 条分享
So glad we found this on the map and called by to see. Parking by the castle was not expensive and cost us £3. I think many people park for free in the village just before the castle. Anyway, the castle itself is in brilliant condition and really worth a visit. We walked all around the inside of the grounds and also the outer wall area. The open space within the castle walls is so vast that many people were able to allow pets and children to run around play football and just relax and enjoy themselves. There is a great little tea area/picnic for all to enjoy. The main keep you will have to pay a nominal charge to go in and see but the views from the top are terrific. A real piece of History which all should make the effort to see.
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Peter R
英国达特福德1,084 条分享
The site is operated by English Heritage so members get in free. There are two carparks but on the day we went, which was a bank holiday, cars were queueing to park in both carparks so we found off road parking in a nearby trading estate. There is also a free audio guide for the site which is worth having, and tells the history of the site from a guard’s and prisoner of wars viewpoint. Once inside the castle the main structure still standing is the tower which has a number of levels from the ground floor theatre to the roof top views across Portsmouth, Gosport and beyond. Outside of the castle are extensive grounds good for picnics etc.
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比利时Lille565 条分享
Portchester castle started as a roman coastal fortification erected by Carausius around 285 AD.

The medieval stone castle inside the roman shell is first mentioned in 1153 and was probably built by William Pont de l’Arche around 1120.

In 1396 two palatial wings are added to the fortress for king Richard II.

Between 1665 and 1819 the castle serves as a prison for foreign soldiers.


Visitors can discover Portchester castle with the help of an excellent guidebook. There is also a free audio guide focusing on the life of prisoners of war.

The layout of the palace of Richard II can still be visualized in remarkable detail. I felt I really got a glimpse of his life within this edifice.

The keep has a fine reception room with a well. You can climb all the way to the battlements from where you enjoy fine views of the surrounding area.

It is also worthwhile to make a tour of the roman walls and learn more about the gates.

The presence of the sea and the small number of tourists give Portchester castle an aura of calm and make it a fine picknick spot.
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Helen J
英国West Sussex479 条分享
The castle is a English Heritage property. If you aren’t fussed about going into the castle itself, you can walk around the outside for free. You will often encounter groups having picnics here.

There are two car parks. The smaller used to be free (or so I thought) but when we visited last week it was chargeable. The second car park is on the other side of the road. It costs the same to park there (we checked) and is altogether more spacious. You’ll find that car park on the left as you approach the castle.

The castle has a number of ‘rooms’. The main element is a tower. You can climb up. There’s a small museum/number of exhibits. We were greeted by an enthusiastic guide who was lovely, but a little tricky to shake off.

Views across the harbour are always worth a few minutes of your time (and Portchester provides an olde worlde view from the tower). Toilets are in the main car park (not the best!) and the regular ice cream van provides an excellent soft scoop.

If you are visiting Portsmouth too, look out for the view of this castle when travelling down the M275.
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英国爱丁堡470 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
First time visiting the castle and we enjoyed very much.
The history is amazing from the roman times up to now. Most part of the castle are ruins but the entrance, the walls and main part "The Keep" are very well preserve and maintained. Incredible views from the top of the Keep.
St Mary's Church ground is great with a coffee shop too.
Massive ground between the walls.
As we are members of history Scotland we had free access to the castle though English Heritage. Although the entrance price is about £10 for an adult which is alright as well worth it for at least 2 hours visit to the castle.
There is a big green area at the car park, good for a picnic.
Highly recommend
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Ann C
田纳西纳什维尔3,012 条分享
We were pleasantly surprised with our stop at Portchester castle as it is well preserved. Its location is lovely/view from the top is impressive!
You can walk around the castle for free, and if your on a budget, it will not disappoint. We did find that entering is well worth paying the admission fee of 9/10£ (10 with donation/9 without).

Paid parking right outside the castle. A public restroom is located at the parking area, no soap or toilet paper at the time of our visit.
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Rory Daysh
丹麦兰讷斯26 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
We didn't go in, we just had a great walk around the grounds. Lovely place. I've seen my share of castles and this was a bit different, but worth a look.
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