Bank Bar

Bank Bar(塔吉格)

1-2 小时


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Elena Ciocan
罗马尼亚蒂米什瓦拉1,725 条分享
It was my only hidden bar, so I may be biased, but it was an amazing experience. The entrance through the 7-11 store, the atmosphere, the drinks, all is perfect. Check the door handles at the bathroom :)
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新加坡新加坡41,727 条分享
This is another of the great hidden bars of Manila. This one has its entrance inside a mini-mart. But once you're through there you arrive in a fairly happening bar. Decent list of cocktails to choose from. Friendly service. We were lucky to get a table as we didn't have a reservation, but fortunately they let us use a table as the reservation hadn't yet arrived. Worth another visit.
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56 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
A dress code is fair enough, how you go about enforcing it is another matter! The doorman wasn't sure about our footwear so went to fetch a member of staff from inside to check, and the look of utter disgust i received before being turned away was laughable to say we probably had more money on our feet than he earned in a month. Couldn't help but sense this is the running theme in pretentious, plastic BGC... No style, no substance.
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Nick Haddy
菲律宾马尼拉43 条分享
This is my new favourite bar. Hidden away in a convenience store, finding it and getting into is an experience in itself. Once you draw back the curtain though, you find an amazing little oasis in BGC. I absolutely love this bar. The staff are so friendly and so helpful. The drinks are amazing, and their happy hour is fantastic! Its not a massive bar, which is good. Upon researching this bar, subsequently everything about why this bar was built is what i look for in a bar now. Comfy seats, great drinks selection, cracker cocktails, delicious food, table service and music not too loud so you can actually hold a conversation yet good music selection also. Top work to the owners. This is definitely my new local...
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2 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
For me this is the best bar upon entering the bar you will be welcome warmly by the staff. The cocktails and mocktails made by their bartender Mark Anthony exceed our expectations.
Special mention to CLOYD ROBIN our server who take care of us with his OPULENT service made our visit
A truly memorable one
Thank you CLoYD and Mark anthony
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Elvin Hubert
菲律宾18 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
Yo guys! This place is Dope AF! Not my first time to visit, but I just remember I havent made a TripAdvisor review yet. Sooo... here it goes...

It’s not your ordinary bar. (Well it’s a speakeasy) the entrance is unusual, you go through a 7-Eleven, and then 2 gentlemen will greet you and open a “back door” then you’ll pass by a trippy storage room. (Dark room with red backlights, complete with canned goods, cup noodles and even banana ketchup hahaha) look for a black curtain (don’t try to push it. The first time I went there I find myself pushing a staff) just gently swipe the left part of the curtain and you will find yourself in a... just go there. Hahaha!

Fave bar snack: try chicken skin, salted prawns, and their pizza.

Fave cocktail: hmmm... just look for Yuric or Kevin. They make the best whiskey sour and negroni. They also make a dope ass cocktail I dunno what it is but they are using smoking chips to ad flavor in your drink.

Also! They have a smoking area!!! No need to go out and look for an effin’ smoking area. Hahaha!

Don’t forget to tip the bartenders and Jackie. She’s the lady in the powder room. Best customer service everrr...
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立陶宛维尔纽斯2,636 条分享
2019年5月 • 好友
Just behind the hotdog shop, the usual for Manila speakeasy bar. Old fashioned is good. Music could be more loungy.
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Maricris G
17 条分享
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
If you wanted real cocktail experience this is the place to be. Bryan our bartender did a great job with our drinks. The ambience, music, staff is superb. 💯% recommend it 😊🍸🍻🍹
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菲律宾马尼拉大都会区24 条分享
2019年3月 • 独自旅游
Hidden in a 7-eleven store. Great environment, cocktails, house music. Indoor smoking room which is a rarity. Good place to start your pre-drinks. Impress your guest. Pricey. Limited seats. Overall, love it.
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Anita P
2 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
Had friends visiting from the UK so thought we'd take them here for their last night. Got there and they stopped my female friend stating it was because she was wearing "slippers", in fact she had sandals on... so I went in and saw people wearing flip flops... only difference between us was the colour of our skin... you decided if you want to give your business to a racist establishment!
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