The Walled Garden at Mells
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The Walled Garden at Mells

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Peter B
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It is disappointing to have to leave this review as I have always loved the place and it was a particular favourite if my wife during her long illness.
A friend and I went to the garden yesterday having decided to walk the dogs in Mells. We arrived at a couple of minutes to 4 and waited while another customer was served. As my turn came, my watch showed exactly 4 o’clock which I knew was the last time for ordering pizza. I asked if it would still be ok to order and was told no, in a pretty surly manner to be honest. There was nothing friendly about the attitude of any of the four staff behind the counter and no attempt to see if they could just ‘squeeze us in’.
As a business dependent on its customers and hopefully focused on them, I found this upsetting and difficult to understand. Over the last five years my family have been good customers of the Walled Garden, buying many plants and having many meals in the lovely garden. My friend , who had not been before, and who was expecting great things from what I had said, was incredulous and will certainly not be coming back. For my part, I was bitterly disappointed by the attitude of the staff….the garden is quite beautiful, as ever……but I shalln’t be returning anytime soon I’m afraid.
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HI Peter Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry we disappointed you on this visit. We have always appreciated how much our regular customers have supported us. Sunny weekends are really busy in the garden and this Sunday was particularly so and it was exceptionally hot. The garden is lovely in the late afternoon and many people would love it if we could stay open longer hours. However, we are limited by our lease restrictions, wanting to be a good neighbours in a small village and, especially on tough days when its hot and busy, I have to put the welfare of my staff first. Running a wood fired pizza oven in 30 degree heat is not for the faint hearted. Squeezing one person in past the end of service often means squeezing in several other people and it never ends and I always disappoint someone. Clean down takes an additional hour to an hour and half past end of service so my staff have been working in those exceptionally hot circumstances for over 7.5 hrs. I will certainly take on board that we can deliver the bad news in a more cheerful way but I can't change the message I am afraid
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Exeter47 条分享
2022年7月 • 好友
A very special place tucked away in a beautiful Somerset village. Easy to park even when busy. Cheerful and efficient staff even when the pressure's on, e.g. sunny Sunday at start of school hols. Food choices are simple and limited but delicious, high quality and amazing value especially the pizzas. Cake is very good. Only downside to lunch is lack of licence so lemonade it is!
And the plants! Great quality, not your typical big business garden centre stuff and unbelievable value for money.
The garden itself is relatively small but beyond pretty and set in incomparable countryside. Everything rambles and flows and delights and surprises, tables and benches dotted about. Loads of space and privacy...and a decent loo. What more could anyone want?
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Willcox fam
1 条分享
2022年7月 • 好友
Intoxicating aroma of wildflowers, invites you into the cafe and soothes your minds. Many interesting plants and shrubs from an older time.
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英国达灵顿244 条分享
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
What a great place to visit.
Fantastic amount of plants for sale at reasonable prices and all in excellent condition.
The gardens are very well stacked and l liked the way they are allowed to run a little wild.
The staff are all friendly and very helpful.
If you are in the area this is a must visit place.
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英国伦敦30 条分享
We were a bit late, around 4.30, the place closes at 5. We had brownie & ice cream, which were yummy. Nice people. Lovely ambience :)
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Jack P
英国Wimborne Minster19 条分享
This is something of a hidden gem, tucked in behind the many historic buildings and walls of Mells, with only a small handwritten sign on the main road. Stepping into the garden though is a delight. Though small, it is beautifully quaint, a lot of effort has clearly gone into making it what it is - an oasis of calm.

We really enjoyed our visit, the food was lovely, reasonably priced for this type of independent attraction. I had the chicken and mushroom sausage roll, which was lovely. It was a very hot day, and the shade was a bit limited, but we did enjoy strolling around the garden and managed to find a free table overlooking the terrace. Everyone was very friendly.

My only two minor complaints - and they are minor - the service was slow, perhaps another member of staff on the bar to speed things along, and also some of the tables seemed in poor condition - ours was wobbling dangerously. However, I am having to work hard to find bad things to say; we still thoroughly enjoyed our visit and we will be back.
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Pat B
36 条分享
We stumbled on this place by accident having visited the church just up the road. What a fabulous find. Loads of tables scattered round a sunny, traditional cottage garden, where plants have mostly been left to "do their own thing" rather than being "managed" to within an inch of their lives!

Lovely cakes and coffee (nothing fancy, just lemon drizzle and coffee & walnut cakes for us, and the coffee was filter or nothing, but actually really good nevertheless). There are a few tables in a greenhouse with a splendid vine growing in it just in case the weather isn't great. We didn't try the pizza but judging by the queue building up at 12.00 it must have been good - it certainly looked it!

The plants for sale looked healthy and were a very good price too ... a proper "nursery", rather than a garden centre. I managed to resist their charms, but only just!

Even though it's half an hour's drive from home we will definitely be going there again
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1 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
A lovely garden oasis hidden away in Mells! Small but packed full of colourful plants amongst the paths...a great choice of seating areas to relax and enjoy the views with drinks and snacks. A fantastic selection of plants for sale too. Really enjoyed a sunny couple of hours here!
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Clapham, London221 条分享
I understand one or two negative reviews regarding particular points ... but come on guys ... this is a rare and wonderful little establishment which deserves only positive comments. Lovely location in marvellous Mells ... nice plant offer ... really tasty pizza's delivered promptly ... and yes, there is a toilet in the graden, it's tucked away to the left behind the cafe ... and when you go there you'll find several nice tables overlooking the adjacent fields ... they are a bit hidden away so do have a look if the more obvious tables are all taken. Really worth a visit.
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James S
英国巴斯85 条分享
I visited on a lovely sunny day with my wife. Mells is a special place and the walled garden is a peaceful garden, with cafe and nursery. It's a small but beautiful garden, with lots of little places to explore.
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