Mundy Park

Mundy Park(高贵林市)

自行车路径 • 公园 • 徒步路径
1-2 小时

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monica s
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Diverse landscape
This park is amazing with a diversity of plants and animals and two lovely lakes, Just be sure to follow maps as you could get lost with how big this forest really is, there is so much to see you wont be bored
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Frank H
加拿大匹特草原89 条分享
forest in the city
What to say? Old growth forest, small lakes, trail system with excellent drainage so that it never gets muddy, even with all the rain we have here. Dog friendly areas and trail times.
Whenever I walk or jog through the park, I'm reminded that the most relaxing colour is green.
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Mai L
加拿大高贵林市2 条分享
Nature in the midst of Coquitlam
Unlike Queen Elizeabeth Park in Vancouver, this is a pretty good size park for NATURE LOVER in the midst of Coquitlam City. It has two good size lakes in there, wooded trails as well as paved trails. There is a dog off leash park and most trails are off leash before 10 am. You can walk your dogs, snowshoe in cold winter, bike and simply enjoy some fresh air. it is bounded by swimming pool,Como lake village, children's playground and residential areas.
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加拿大高贵林市7 条分享
A beautiful park with acres of undiscovered beauty
2020年3月 • 家庭
Beautiful trails and a lovely place for both dogs and young kids! Mundy park is a serene and quiet forest with a breath taking hidden lake! Perfect for families, couples or a stroll alone Mundy park is the best in town!
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Eleanor H
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walk on the wild side
This emerald jem is in my neighbourhood and I never get tired of the beauty within. With two small lakes and numerous trails, there's always a different experience each time I walk the park. The trails are mapped well and the average walk is an hour around the Perimeter Trail.
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9 条分享
Walk in the woods
A wonderful wooded walk however the dog owners don’t always leash their dogs so I would not recommend this park. I have been jumped by muddy dogs but not bitten. I don’t walk there anymore for that same reason.
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加拿大高贵林市4 条分享
Perfect for a fast trail run
2019年10月 • 独自旅游
A nice, shaded and relatively flat loop, I frequent this park for my runs, all year round. Dogs are allowed off-leashed in the morning till 10am and there are a lot of dogs during that time. The trails are extremely well groomed, mostly gravel. There are several smaller trails that are less busy which make for a nice quiet walk/run, most of these trails join back to the main trail (Perimeter Trail). There are many sign postings showing where you are on the map. Be sure to visit the two lakes, Lost Lake & Mundy Lake) that are just steps away from the main trail.
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Gord C
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Dog park
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Best place in Coquitlam to take your dog off leash before 10am. Could use more garbage cans and benches to sit down and enjoy the park.
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Vivienne G
加拿大温哥华34 条分享
Great forest walk
Enjoyable spot for walking the trails and watching turtles on the two lakes. Very leafy and shady in summer, but a bit dark and damp in winter. Catch it in the snow for a beautiful experience. For the kids there’s a playground and picnic area and outdoor pool.
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Jane S
华盛顿奥林匹亚361 条分享
High commendations
2019年8月 • 好友
Never before have I seen trails so clearly and creatively marked - trails for those not wanting dogs around, for those choosing to walk their dogs on a leash and other trails for dogs off leash. Breathtaking walk thru ancient forest feel, immaculately groomed all with amazing floral plantings, a spot for picnics, swimming, game of old timers playing baseball, a play area for tots, summer camps for kids operated by the Y and clean wash rooms. I felt 15 years drop from my shoulders at the end of a day spent here. Limited parking.
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