Cooily y Ree

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I'd seen the large sign on the unclassified road opposite Tynwald and went to investigate...

Cooil y Ree translates as 'Nook of the King' and was opened in 2001. According to one of the websites I found it is a 'parkland area which was developed with the history of the Isle of Man in mind, from its culture through to its future. The walk through the park includes art, features and plantings all linked to the island’s changing culture.”

Apparently "The park will be further developed with the placement of art, features and plantings to represent the changing culture over time", but I think they have forgotten about this...

The small viewing area by the sign is supposed to represent the first Millenium because if you turn round, you can see Tynwald (and St John''s Church). Actually most people may not do this and assume the viewpoint is looking down at the vegetation in an overgrown glen.

A wheelchair friendly path drops down to the bottom of the glen where there is a large open area with grass and what is referred to as the "avenue of Time' (a long tree lined avenue). This is supposed to form an extension to the line of poles linking Tynwald and St John's Church.

The vegetation on either side of this is supposed to represent the thickets which were gradually cleared during the Celtic and Viking era. They have now reverted to natural scrubland...

At the end of the Avenue of time is Millennium Point (???) and the Circle of Infinity. I'm not sure what this is and didn't manage to find it , although I must admit I didn't try very hard.

The 'Art bit' seems to be the splendid Wallaby which is part of the Wallabies gone Wild Trail designed to raise awareness and funds for the Isle of Man hospice.

I passed a Walking for Health group as I dropped down the ramped trail w3ho were very amused when I asked how long the walk would take as there was no information on the display board. I was told 5 minutes. They weren't far out either!

Forget about the culture bit and just enjoy this as a very short walk. Access is either by the ramped access opposite Tynwald or from steps by the bus stop opposite the inn. The western entrance is a couple of hundred yards down the A1.
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Steve M
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2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
A couple of useful information boards just across from Tynwald Hill explain what these gardens are supposed to be. Unfortunately, either there is still a lot of work still to do, or they have been neglected. Hopefully it's the former and in a few years time they will be judged as a real beauty spot.
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Julie P
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2018年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Disappointing gardens just beyond Tynwald Hill. We entered from the slope opposite the hill and walked down into the garden via a winding slope. The map promised zoned areas of planting but when we got to the boardwalk soon realised that not much time has been spent on maintaining it so large areas are overgrown and no longer planted as intended. The only thing is that the avenue of trees sill exists - from the end you can look back and just see the top of the flagpole of Tynwald Hill.

There are three carvings of what look like a throne and Excalibur's sword near the steps leading back to the main entrance.
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2017年8月 • 夫妻情侣
A sunken garden adjacent to Tynwald Hill. Appears much overlooked as regards patronage. It is very peaceful and has a calming feel. Benches to sit and contemplate.
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2015年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Only a small park, but considering the location adjacent to Tynwald Hill it should attract attention. It is a lovely spot; very quiet, but there are no benches to sit and enjoy the tranquillity. We would have stayed for longer if we could have sat down.
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