Silverdale Adventure Park

Silverdale Adventure Park

Silverdale Adventure Park
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上午10:00 - 下午5:00
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Daniella W
Auckland, New Zealand6 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
A nice place with good rides but the unlimited luge, bungy and zip line is not worth the money as the lines are so long you can only get a couple goes at best and it wasn’t even that busy the day we went. Bungy only operates during certain hours so that’s not guaranteed. We waited an hour for bungy and another hour for zip line. Arrived at 12pm left at 5pm and only got to do 3 luges, 1 bungy and 1 zip line. And no shade where you have to queue.
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2 条分享
2022年1月 • 家庭
Poorly managed and very limited rides. Even though I booked through bookme, we still paid $50 for 2 adults and 2 children and honestly it's not even worth paying 10 $. The cosmo kids zone or whatever it is, I've seen carnivals held in backyards that are bigger. There are 3 and a small playground that kids can finish in 10 minutes total. The 4d cinema is a joke, the virtual reality chairs in timezone is 100 times better for a fraction of the cost. I almost laughed when the poor lady told us to alert her if our kids got scared.

As others have mentioned, no Weight restrictions are mentioned in the website, we waited 20 minutes for zipline only to discover my 9 year old was too light to ride on. A little warning before would have been nice. The luge is the only thing worth doing in this park..And on that note, our 9 year old who is autistic had difficulty on the luge,it was his first time riding. I've been to rotorua gondola where they were extremely understanding. One of the staff members here yelled at my son in the rudest way possible that he needs to apply the brakes. What the hell, what gives him a right to yell at anyone- I explained he was autistic and he doesn't always understand but the guy just doubled down and was arrogant. Please train your staff to be more understanding and patient with special needs children. Totally ruined our entire day.
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Merryn P
1 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
Absolute shambles of a place. Only half the rides are open at any one time and there are weight restrictions that mean only half the family can actually ride anything. The staff here are all just kids who look like they hate their lives and have no idea what customer service is. Heaps of kids crashing into each other on the luge, queue pushing on everything inc the bus with no management from staff.

The 7D (!?) cinema resembles something I could have made in my garden shed. It was a 5 min 3D movie on a shakey seat. Only had 6 seats too.

Cafe had run out of ice cream which meant no smoothies, shakes or frappes. No license manager on site which meant to alcohol could be served this time I defo needed a wine!

Food is below average and overpriced too.

On the plus side, the luge and the zip line are fun. And with some proper management it could be a good place.
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Peake Family
1 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
The staff need training on how to manage queues and keep tables clean for customers. It was total chaos with kids pushing in on bus queues and rides, a minimum 50% of the tables required cleaning, and limited food due to shortage of stock. Weight restrictions not listed on site meaning kids were too lite for half the rides. The staff really need some guidance on how to operate this place.
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38 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
Our teenagers did like it, but the unlimited pass which includes zip line, bungy and luge for $65 isn’t worth it. We chose this over Snow Planet and should have opted for the latter choice. The staff are young and friendly. But even though we came on a day where it was not busy it was an hour to get on the zip line. There is only the two and you have to wait in the hot sun. The girls really enjoyed the bungy.

We have been on the luge in both Rotorua and Queens town and this one is maybe a 1/4 of that size but still fun. We are tourist from a smaller city so we don’t have these activities and didn’t want to do the crowds of Rainbow Ends... in the end everyone enjoyed theirselves but I think it was worth half the price... as better activities in the Auckland area for cheaper price.
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新西兰奥克兰1 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
An amazing day for kids and parents. And a birthday party celebration that is hard to beat. Well prized, lots to do to keep the kids entertained but also allowing the inner child in parents to just have some fun with the kids. It takes all the stress out of birthday parties.
It's as easy as book and turn up. Take your own cake or arrange as part of catering. We just celebrated a 9th birthday. It was the third party at this venue, a variety of party rooms, and it doesn't get easier than that, especially for working moms. The staff interaction and awareness is phenomenal. The food was well liked by the children and the adult platters were delicious as well.
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The staff were really nice and helpful. They let my kids have 7 turns on the cinema ride and changed the show each time to keep it interesting. We got the Unlimited Pass #1 on a really good deal with BookMe. It was a great day out.
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新西兰奥克兰中心地区24 条分享
This was pretty terrible. Website does not show a minimum weight for the zipline, we had a very excited 9 year old, for whom we purchased the tickets specifically to include the zipline, only to find out once there that there is also a minimum weight. Vertical bungy also has a min weight. Ticket was expensive (even with a Grabone deal); it a waste of money. The luge had kids crashing into us, and the 7D cinema has ridiculously narrow limited operating hours - shuts for lunch? Park opens at 10am, the main rides (including the luge) open only at 11am? Tubing only opens at 12??
Would NEVER go here again.
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Richelle E
新西兰奥克兰中心地区14 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
All 7 12 year old girls had a blast. 5 hours of rides and they could have kept going. Excellent service, fabulous coffee and cafe food. The only bummer was the rocket ride wasn’t open due to the apparent wind but it wasn’t really windy so it didn’t make sense.
It was well worth the price and would definitely return
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意大利Appia SS 71 条分享
bought family pass for $159 thinking it was for unlimited rides,but it wasnt,three of the rides werent open,faulty they say,the rides that were open took too long to wait,the luge was the only ride that kept us going,very disappointing,staff did not look like they wanted to work,too exspensive for such little amount of rides that were open,diffinitely not worth the money i spent $220,should hav gone to rainbowsend for that price.staff not helpful.never going back there again.
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