Port Mann Bridge

Port Mann Bridge(素里)

Port Mann Bridge
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Dickenson Family
加拿大Kemptville828 条分享
Large Bridge
Large suspension bridge that connects GVA to the Fraser Valley. Really beautiful bridge with great views as you are crossing it.
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加拿大奇利瓦克419 条分享
maintain your speed
No fee to cross with easy access from both east and west Highway #1. HOV lane is available for 2 or more passengers
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Clint Scollon
加拿大兰里市3 条分享
It is beautiful to look at from afar, BUT not while you are crossing.
I do not know all of the technical details, however I can say I connects all points west with all points east of the Fraser River - Surrey, North Delta, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, etc, etc and vice versa . Basically, it now is a very beautiful master piece of engineering, that provides a very fast way to commute (except for rush hours, but that can not be helped) to all parts east of the Fraser River and vice versa.
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加拿大维多利亚12,049 条分享
Connecting Greater Vancouver to the Fraser Valley and Beyond
The current Port Mann Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, was officially opened to vehicle traffic in September of 2012, replacing the original steel arch bridge of the same name (built in 1964). While the bridge is, in many respects, an architectural marvel, it is also fairly standard in design. Think about the Alex Fraser Bridge, for example, and you’ll know what I mean. Cable-stayed bridges may look impressive upon first blush, but as one starts seeing more and more of them . . . they kind of lose their luster. That’s why I’m kind of disappointed to see that this listing was created at the tail end of 2015, well after the original Port Mann Bridge had been decommissioned and de-constructed. It, unlike the current bridge, actually had a modicum of heritage value but that narrative is virtually absent from this page.

As noted, the original Port Mann Bridge was built in 1964; thus, as far as heritage bridges go, it was quite young when it was withdrawn from use in late 2012. On the one hand, I can understand why it was replaced – to address growing traffic congestion – but, on the other hand, I still struggle with why the bridge wasn’t maintained and a “sister” bridge constructed alongside it as was once proposed. It would’ve been more cost effective AND the Greater Vancouver Area could’ve maintained a bit of variety in terms of bridge types. Well, governments going to be governments, I guess. On the plus side, it was still (mostly) standing during its “golden anniversary year” in 2014. Seeing the original Port Mann Bridge – the longest steel arch bridge in Canada – alongside its contemporary replacement was indeed quite the sight to behold.

The new Port Mann Bridge basically doubled capacity with 10 lanes across versus the 5 lanes of the original bridge. In that respect, it’s incredibly functional and accomplishes its goal of reducing congestion, which is certainly nice from a practical perspective (I can recall sitting on the old bridge for up to an hour at times during the so-called “rush hour”). Of course, that’s not to say it wasn’t without its kinks. During its first winter, the cables on the bridge had a tendency to drop significant “ice bombs” on the cars below, but that has since been addressed. Additionally, when the bridge first opened, it was a toll bridge; however, thanks to a change in government, the tolls were removed as of 1 September 2017, so yay!

As far as the current Port Mann Bridge actually being a “thing to do” on TripAdvisor (let alone the #8 activity in Surrey), I kind of chuckle at that. It’s not a heritage bridge (unlike, say, Lions Gate), nor is it really a beacon of light for tourists. It is, quite matter-of-factly, a structure with a very specific job. It’s size is impressive, sure, but if one wants to admire a synthesis of history and architecture, then the previously mentioned Lions Gate is worthwhile as is the Pattullo Bridge.
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Rod K
加拿大温哥华7 条分享
great ice bombs in the winter!
Its like a real live video game as you try to traverse your way from one end of the bridge to the other without getting whacked!
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Carrie R
加拿大萨蒙阿姆156 条分享
Love looking up while crossing this bridge
This bridge is fascinating to the eye, as a passenger look up as you cross, it gives one the illusion that it is suspended in the air.
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13 条分享
2019年6月 • 家庭
Easy access to Coquitlam from Guildford surrey
Lots of lane
No tolls anymore
Well visible road exit signs
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Mike O
华盛顿埃德蒙兹305 条分享
Wonderfull Bridge
a wonderful bridge with great view of the Frazier river but it can get very windy and you need to drive it with caution.
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Had a soctors appointment in New Westminster @9am.
2019年10月 • 商务型
It took me half an hour to get to my appointment due to rush hour traffic. I was travelling alone so not able to use HOV lane. On weekends it usually only takes me 15 minutes. So I try to avoid booking appointments during rush hours.
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加拿大温哥华11,245 条分享
Getting Busier!
Travel this bridge every day and have noticed that the volume of vehicles is increasing. Main issues for me is that drivers are not being always being safe when changing lanes. One incident causes major traffic delays.
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