Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area

Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area(皮克顿)

Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area

Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area

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Steven G
加拿大贝尔维尔6 条分享
Best place to chilllllllll
I love the respect other visitors show as they give you space as you relax on the rocks and not invasive
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Drew B
1 条分享
Point Petre
2021年1月 • 独自旅游
Absolutely beautiful. PEC has been my home for many years and point petre has been the place where i can get away from civilization and clear my mind. This past year was absoutley disgusting tho. The amount of people camping, leaving garbage, spray painting rocks, BALLOONS everywhere!!. I have also recently come across illegal hunting there as well. too bad that this place has been ruined by disrespectful people. There are talks about finally making it protected conservation land so hopefully they block it off. When it warms up a bit more im headed there with an industrial power washer to clean up the spray paint. Please keep this wonderful place clean.
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加拿大渥太华15 条分享
Kind of quiet when it's not bird migrating season!
Nice area, hiking trails closed due to COVID, probably great to visit during spring and fall bird migration season.
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加拿大Trenton170 条分享
Great Local Outing!
2019年7月 • 家庭
We were staying in the Sandbanks area and we decided to do a little exploring. After having read the many reviews on Trip Advisor, we visited Point Petre. We parked on the grassy area at the end of the road, where the asphalt ends and the gravel begins. We walked down the first path. It was an easy and quick walk to Point Petre and some visitors had driven their cars in. We were happy to have left our vehicles at the road. The path is passable but it was muddy that day. We enjoyed the landscape and some family members did go into the water, though the water was very cold. We enjoyed looking for fossils and found many. It's a neat area with a rocky beach or you can walk further where there are slates of limestone in the water. This area, however, can be slippery. Bring your water shoes. If your looking for something off the beaten path to do in the area, I definitely recommend exploring Point Petre for a few hours!
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Randy M
加拿大安大略省46 条分享
Solitude, birds, crashing waves, hiking
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Point Petre is nice for a leisurely nature walk or picnic lunch along the shore. It is also good for bird watching in season. Its not really marked or signed and you have to have an explorers spirit, as there are no maps or information. The west facing side of Point Petre from the tip up northward approximately 1 km is suitable for hiking. There are several small dirt access roads to the shore. Proceed to drive slowly as some are only passable by 4WD vehicles. You can walk as the shore is only about a 200 meter walk. By road - travelling southward along Cty. Rd. 24 the shoreline is accessible starting about 300 meters south of Soup Harbour Rd., near address 1501 or the 60 km/hr road sign for about one kilometer all the way to the point. Swimming is possible but a bit dangerous and ill advised as the shore is quite rocky and rough waves. The south east shore of Point Petre also has several dirt access roads but are much longer to get to the shore, so you must drive. The condition of these roads are variable and some may not be passable with ordinary vehicles more remote and less traveled none the less - proceed carefully.
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Kimberleigh A
加拿大多伦多151 条分享
Beautiful spot
2019年1月 • 家庭
We love going to Point Petre, no matter what time of year, it's beautiful. Unfortunately, hunters have been going there and not picking up their shot gun shells. It's sad to see all the garbage all over the beach. My kids decided to reuse the shells to make a beach Christmas tree was the best thing to do...
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Diana P
加拿大布兰普敦40 条分享
Probably the BEST birding hotspot in Ontario. Extraordinary time during fall migration. Easy to locate and lots of parking. Very helpful guides and shuttle to the southernmost tip of Canada! Take the kids and go on a fantastic hike!
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4 条分享
Abuse of area destroying Point Petre
I have visited this area most of my life. Over the past several years the abuse by self centred visitors has destroyed the very attraction that has drawn people to the location. This is a Wildlife Conservation Area, not a free alternative for camping at the Sandbanks Provincial Park. Visiting Point Petre after the last two long weekends, bags of and loose garbage have been left strewn on the beaches and human "skat" and T.P. has been left in the nearby undergrowth. Although a fire ban was on for open fires, multiple campfire pits were located across the expanse of the beach. It is posted NO CAMPING but on weekends you see multiple tents pitched on the beaches and in the trailheads. No washroom facilities. No emergency contacts in event of fire or injury. Trip advisor has not done any favours to this gem of Prince Edward County by not indicating in the location title that this is a NO camping area . The abuse of the area is eventually going to lead to it being shut off from the public or in a wildfire caused by unattended campfires left to smolder until a strong wind picks up. Point Petre is a beautiful wild and natural site, but now you have to look past the trash.
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加拿大多伦多27 条分享
Not the easiest to access and helps to have 4WD but worth it. Amazing beach and rock formations. Didn't chance a swim because of the undertow warnings but the water is tempting and crystal clear!
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加拿大多伦多13 条分享
Secluded Rock Beach worth the trip!
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We came here on a Saturday of a long weekend and it was deserted! It's a rock beach with plenty of hiking. We really enjoyed the fact that it was a bit secluded and away from the crowds. It reminded me of the East Coast beaches. Unfortunately, there isn't a designated parking area so we parked on a small patch of grass along with some other cars. If we had more time and it wasn't so hot, we would have stayed longer.
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