Playspace indoor play and party centre

Playspace indoor play and party centre(布里斯托尔)

Playspace indoor play and party centre

Playspace indoor play and party centre
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Hampshire, UK36 条分享
No longer at this address and website takes you to a different company with a completely different address so didn’t get to visit. Disappointing
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2 条分享
I have spent many years in play space as a child hanging out with my friends. All my old memories consist of fun times racing down slides and running around on the provided play equipment (as well as attending at least 100 parties including some of my own) I remember playing superhero games with my friends (before I knew what superheroes were) and my now 11 year old brother falling asleep in his pram in the corner of the facility (despite all the noise) As well as this, the food is AMAZING! It may seem simple but the warm taste of the play space beans of toast still lingers in my mouth just thinking about it to this day (years after my last visit). I also recommend the Mac and Cheese.

I would have rated play space 5 stars but unfortunately I had to mark it down due to a moment that happened there that scared me for life. Play space keeps people so busy that mothers don’t watch there children with a careful eye (which probably isn’t helped by the seating arrangements). When I was 4, I saw this teenager knock this young child over. Being the nice person I am I went to pick this young boy up (as he was crying like mad) and bring him to his mother. When I got there, the boy blamed everything on me and this mother screamed at me.... this was my first experience being told off this badly and I still remember the fear this experience made me feel to this day ; 10 years later.
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Rebecca B
英国布里斯托尔282 条分享
I came here with my 15 month old to meet some fellow mum friends for a play date.

Unfortunately I was late due to the very poor parking situation. There is a handful of spaces outside the front, which were full, and the surrounding roads are chokka with cars so pretty much all on street parking was taken (workers parking here in the week I believe). I tried to follow signposts to a car park but these were very unclear, so I ended up in the car park round the back (TCA?), rang Playspace to check that was correct but they said not, and that I should try elsewhere. Eventually I found my way to the entrance of the pay and display car park. Unfortunately the ticket machine was then out of action!! So I parked and then had to walk to the machine down the road, outside the gym, whilst carrying my son about. It’s 50p for 3 hours so not extortionate, it was more the inconvenience of having to carry my son around so far from the building.

Eventually I made it to playspace, 20 mins after I arrived in the area.

There was no one at the entrance when I arrived, and it took a minute or two for someone to appear after I rang the bell.

The actual play area for the toddlers was ok, but nothing special. Certainly not the array of toys that you get at Jump in Cribbs Causeway. Some of them were a little bit grubby too.

When me and my friends went to leave, we were stood for quite awhile at the entrance as no member of staff was on the desk again to let us out. The bell didn’t seem to be working, so I had to go into the desk area and ring the bell on the front of it, which did seem to produce someone shortly after!

All in all a pretty disappointing visit. Customer service needs improving - there should be someone ready to let people in and out at the very least, and signs to the carpark need improving. The arrow on the front of the building is not clear as to whether to take the road just to the left of the building or whether to continue along the road you’re on - not helped by cars mounted on pavements either side of the roads all around there. Will be going back to Jump in future...

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英国诺威奇23 条分享
Our 21 month old twins loved their visit! The under 4 section is perfect and they loved the slide.
Food was brilliant and well priced, big portions.
Wish this was closer to home, we would be regular visitors!
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14 条分享
Came here with a 2 year old and crawling baby. This place is absolutely dirty. Bits of crisps and food in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Wouldn’t recommend coming here.
We were just here as I needed to entertain the two children whilst hubby made a work call in the car.
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Anna A
13 条分享
The worst place I have ever been. We arrived and ordered food. My husband ordered coffee that wasn't drinkable and was so overfilled he spilled it twice on the way to the table. It's a big hazard when you have kids running around! Girl that served just laughed seeing this and didn't offer to help or anything. Initially he forgot to bring drinks with him. We got approached by staff member that came to our table to let us know that they out of burgers that we ordered at the same time she said that he forgot drinks - she could bring it with her?? I asked for salad as the side to my jacket potato but there was no dressing or seasoning. I went to the counter to ask for some dressing. They got very confrontational and almost aggressive. Foreign lady didn't seem to understand condiments. First she brought me ramekin full of vinegar (this took 5 min) I asked for something else and sat at the table. I got it another 5 min later then I got what I think was ranch. They were very confused and didn't even know what condiments they have in their kitchen! No communication about cutlery. Place is staffed by young people witch not much work ethic or understanding of customer service.
Not much space too move around, too many tables in dining area, high chairs dirty. Food was edible, nothing special. We got home and the same evening my one year old was throwing up and had sore tummy all night. I suspect it's not a food but cleanliness of high chairs, tables and everything kids touch. Will never return and do not recommend if u want to have anything from the cafe. This place cost me over £30 for the whole visit, sleepless night and very unhappy baby. Stay away!
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英国布里斯托尔576 条分享
Great place, nearby parking, reasonable entry fee, areas segregated between toddlers & younger children, nice enough food
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Aysia Stephens
英国布里斯托尔50 条分享
My daughter. Nelly-May absolutely loves this place! She'd be happy to come here everyday. Took out a monthly pass and works out so much cheaper. I've also put a deposit down for my daughters 3rd birthday which isn't until March 2017. There are themed parties through the year such as; Disney parties and Halloween parties.
The toddler area and baby area is segregated from the older children's play area which is great as it can get busy. There is a daily activity for toddlers one in morning one in the afternoon. The Menu is not bad but like everywhere can work out pricey if you have more than one child. Overall a great place to bring your toddler and older child.
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英国布里斯托尔24 条分享
We took our three grandchildren on a rainy Saturday afternoon so had to que for about fifteen minutes. The children had a fabulous time playing for nearly two hours. When we got in we were escorted to a free table which was a nice touch. I observed the staff while relaxing with a cup of tea and they all worked extremely hard and were attentive to the children making sure the big ones did not go on the toddlers area for example. We will definitely come again next time they come to stay.
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Bristol53 条分享
Great place for little little ones and big ones too! There is a baby area,a toddler area for under 4's, an area with lots of chunky cars for little ones to push around as well as ride on toys! There is a huge softplay area with a wave slide,football area,ballpit, name it and they got it!

They serve lots of homemade food such as soup,sarnies,pannis,pasta dishes,pizzas,salads,jacket potatos,etc. I had the tuna jacket potato which was massive and gorgeous in taste!

Somewhere we will be coming back to again and again!
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