Parish Wharf Swimming Pool
Parish Wharf Swimming Pool
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Jordan F
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2024年2月 • 家庭
Really poor service from the staff. Made my daughter and her friends upset at her 10th birthday party as we used a room to sing happy birthday and hand out some cake. Member of staff told us off and said not to return. Highly unprofessional
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Sarah R
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2023年8月 • 家庭
I attended a session in the baby pool with my partner and 2year old son on Sunday 6th of August 2023.

The next day on Monday 7th they both became unwell with high temperatures, this is most likely due to my partner and son putting there heads in the water, now realising how dirty the pool must have been.

the water temperature was very cold, I noticed there were brown particles floating in one of the jacuzzi’s which wasn’t working at the time.

I wish now I had read the reviews before hand.

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Took our little one to this pool, charged full price for 40 mins and the big blue slide was closed, the water shoots/sprays were not working and you can no longer switch between pools. As it is an extremely small place it doesn't really leave a lot.

The hygiene of the pool was gross, it was mouldy, slimy and quite filthy. The changing room floor was really, really filthy, honesty I could wait to get my child home and showered! The toilets in reception were also filthy, I felt physically ill on entering as the smell was unbelievable. Not one inch of the place looked like it had been cleaned in months.

Its such a shame but we will not be visiting again.
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Rich F
英国布里斯托尔3 条分享
My wife booked the "family fun leisure pool". A 55 min session on Saturday morning cost £14.20 for 2 adults and 1 child (4yo). Just to be clear this gives you access to a couple of graduated shallow pools (max70cm deep) with two short water slides (kids only). And there are two "spa" jacuzzi areas, which dont have any jacuzzi function. They are just underwater seating areas.

Now, I get that public pools sometimes have a few rogue hairs or plasters lying around but this was the most disgusting pool I have ever been to. There was evidence that the pool hadn't been cleaned prior to opening that morning, and plenty of evidence to suggest that it hadn't had a deep clean in a very long time. There was mould on the walls. Green algae in the shower area. The changing area was REALLY filthy. Bottom of the pool felt slimy and greasy. There was sand and rocks in the "spa" bits. The changing area smells of stale urine. Everything was broken or tired. One bin had an unidentified brown sludge on the handle. On top of that, the receptionist was abrupt with my wife when we arrived and the teenage lifeguards looked like they wanted to be anywhere but at that pool. All in all i couldn't wait to get out. If i hadn't minded disappointing my son I would have turned around as soon as i walked in.
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Jay Day
1 条分享
2021年9月 • 家庭
Terrible experience here yesterday with my disabled daughter and 8 year old child. Staff extremely unaccommodating of disability and very short if questioned on it. No suitable changing area and refused to reserve us a family changing room just in case another family wanted it in the meantime. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want special treatment and I’m more than happy to wait my turn where this is appropriate. A member of staff tried to tell us we could use their disabled room and “other disabled people use it”. This is not suitable for my daughter. We need a changing bed. In 2021 this should be provided - perhaps lockdown should’ve been used to improve facilities!? The family rooms are plenty big enough for this. Once we finally reached the poolside, I wheeled my daughter up to the pool side and she got in with my assistance. At this point, the lifeguard called over to me to move her wheelchair. How was I expected to do this? Was it really too much on his part to just attract my attention and indicate that he was just going to park in elsewhere?

Despite no other children using them, my just eight year old wasn’t allowed to use the slides causing disappointment for him too.

On leaving the pool, I got back to my daughter’s wheelchair accessible vehicle to find I’d been issued with a parking ticket. This is a FREE car park and in my rush to get in, I’d parked in a disabled spot and forgotten to put the blue badge up. The car is CLEARLY marked as a disability vehicle and after our experience in the centre, this just topped off a shockingly bad experience. NEVER AGAIN.
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Jaydene J
英国布里斯托尔17 条分享
2021年7月 • 家庭
Took my two young children here in a leisure pool session to be informed by a life guard that my 8yo couldn’t use the slides but my 6yo can, (the sign states up to 8yrs which I interpreted as 8 included) he then followed me around the pool asking me to watch my children… baring in mind I’m watching the younger one on the slide, I physically don’t have eyes in the back of my head, I asked to see a manager who started to argue with me about the policy and refused a refund! (It doesn’t state this on the website and I’ve never had an issue previously)

I was then asked to leave the pool… which I refused so he shut the whole pool down! I was told I would be issued a refund as this was 15 minutes into the session (with two very upset children) to then be told they won’t! Disgusting behaviour from 4 men whilst I’m a single women alone with two young children! I will NEVER use this place again.
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Tina J
英国Weston-in-Gordano29 条分享
As the pool has had so much trouble keeping the water warm, there have been less customers. The knock on effect is the pool area is cleaner as the staff are freer. However the pools are still too cold for children and elderly. The boilers need to be fixed as the management said it would be however this doesn't appear to have been done yet again. Very disappointing
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35 条分享
2019年9月 • 独自旅游
Visited last week where was informed there is no water to have showers or even the toilet. To add insult still proceeded to charge everyone full price and offer little in the way of apology.
Changing rooms also felt dirty and could do with regular cleaning or increased so good standards met.
Let’s hope it’s improved this week or I shall be going else where
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Rich S
Clevedon, England, United Kingdom6 条分享
2019年9月 • 家庭
Visiting with a baby - first issue, the baby changing stations have been removed - so you have to change baby on the floor, or perhaps risk balancing them on the narrow bench.
Second issue, baby pool was cold.
Third issue, to get into the main pool you cross a bridge and use the steps (ideal when carrying a baby) but the bridge is closed and you’re forced to descend into the pool via the traditional rail - why have nice easy access steps for them to be blocked off?
I’m sure this was a lovely pool in its day - just feeling very tired and run down now.
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Adam G
英国Weston-in-Gordano4 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
Oh my goodness that was a horrible experience today. My little girl and I didn’t know where to put our feet, there was so much hair, dirt and other disgusting stuff on the floor. Get a mop and some bleach and sort it out Parish!!

Not going back there any time soon and a great shame as I would prefer to stay local.....
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